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Al Ain communities districts

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Al Ain city communities, sectors, zones, areas, districts

Sectors, zones, areas, districts, suburbs, regions, communities in Al Ain.

List of Al Ain communities or districts:


Al Jimi

Schools and kindergartens in Al Jimi (ADEC school zone)

No private schools listed in ADEC school directory 2013-2014. Public schools are:

Nurseries in Al Jimi

Al Maqam

Kindergartens and nurseries in Al Maqam
Schools in Al Maqam

Al Muwaiji

Schools and kindergartens in Al Muwaiji not in Falaj Hazza school zone




Schools and kindergartens in Al Muwaiji (ADEC school zone), Falaj Hazza



Falaj Hazza, Falaj Haza

Other names or parts of Falaj Hazza?

Schools in Falaj Hazzaa but not in school zone

Maybe Umm Ayman School, Bin Khalid Al Nahyan School, and Mohammed Bin Khaled Generations School also (see below).

Kindergartens and nurseries in Falaj Hazza
Schools in Falaj Hazza School Zone and Al Muwaiji School Zone

First name is school name on site or building. Other names in brackets.

Along Khalid Bin Sultan St (147th) from 138th (Hazzza Bin Sultan St) to 9th(?) St (Al Muwaiji zone in ADEC directory)


  1. "Kids Paradise" (round building) - Emirates Private School KG section
  2. Emirates Private School Al Ain, EPS Al Ain (not related to Emirates National School Al Ain in Al Towayya district).
    1. EPS Al Ain administration and boys section?
    2. EPS Al Ain girls section
  3. Al Ain English Speaking School
  4. Global English School
  5. The Gulf Int'l Private Academy - Gulf Intl Pvt Academy, Gulf International Private Academy
    1. New campus (for girls?) across from older GIPA building.
  6. Al Ain Iranian Private School (AEZ, LS).
  7. Palestine Private Academy - Palestine Nursery School (LS), Palestine School and Kindergarten (GM).
  8. Pakistan Islamia School Al Ain, Pakistani Islamic Private School Al Ain - Pakistani Islamic Private School (AEZ), Pakistani Islamic School (GM), Pakistan Islamia School (LS), Pakistan Islamia Secondary School (LS).
  9. [vacant plot - or unused area part of Pakistan school?]
  10. Indian School (AEZ) - Indian School Al Ain (GM, LS), Indian School in Al Ain, Indian School of Al Ain, Al Ain Indian School.
  11. Our Own English High School
  12. Al Sanawbar School - Al Sanawbar Private School, Al Sanawbar Pvt School (LS)
  13. Universal Private School - Universal Pvt School (LS)
  14. Dar Al Uloom Private School, Falaj Hazza Branch - Dar Al Uloom Pvt School. Also a Dar Al Uloom in Abu Dhabi (Baniyas)?
  15. [vacant plot or unused area part of DAU school?]
Along Khalid Bin Sultan St (147th) from 9th(?) to 130th St (Zayed Al Awal St?) (Al Muwaiji zone in ADEC directory)


  1. *[check name] or Al Dhafra Pvt School Kindergarten
  2. Al Dhafra Private Schools-Al Ain (AEZ), Al Dhafra Pvt School (LS), Al Dhafra Private School (GM)
  3. Al Manahil Private School
  4. Darul Huda Islamic School
  5. *[trees]
  6. Baraaim Al Ain Private School (AEZ), Baraem Al Ain Pvt School (LS)
  7. *[check name or part of Baraem?]
  8. *[check]
  9. *[check - part of previous or empty plot?]
  10. *[check name?]
From 138th to 9th street adjacent and behind UAEU Falaj campus, along 10th st. Also 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th streets.

Magar Al Dhabi community (2), Falaj Hazza district (25). Along 10th SW>NE, 14th, along 12th NE>SW direction

falaj-hazza-school-zone-1-W, [see falaj-hazza-school-zone-2-SW for SW side of 16th St and SE of 12th St]

  1. [under construction 2013-2014] Emirates Falcon International School and Kindergarten.
  2. Emirates Falcon International Private School - Emirates Falcon Intl Private School (LS).
  3. Sunflower School, corner 10th and 16th, next to Liwa IS on 10th. Most of plot unused?
  4. Liwa International School, Liwa International Private School (AEZ), Liwa Private School (GM) - 15th st between 10th and 12th. AEZ location corner 10th and 15th and Sunflower on corner 12th and 15th but Sunflower on corner 10th and 16th.
  5. Zakher Private School - corner 10th and 15th, opposite corner from Liwa IS. ZPS British Division on 15th, ZPS Arabic Division on corner 10 and 15.
  6. Ain Al Khaleej Private School, corner 10th and 14th. Not Al Ain Khaleej School.
  7. New Indian Model School, on 14th st, next to Ain Al Khaleej School.
    *[check] Grace Valley Indian School, same location as NIMS according to AEZ. But on 16th St according to other info.
  8. [empty plot] corner 12th and 14th, or unused part of NIMS plot.
  9. [empty plot] corner 12th and 15th, opposite Liwa IS, behind NIMS.
  10. *Part of Liwa School, not Sunflower School (AEZ).
  11. Al Ittihad National Private School, corner 12th and 16th.
SW side of 16th St towards 31st St roundabout, and SE of 12th St, falaj-hazza-school-zone-2-SW
  1. *[Abu Dhabi University (LS)? Check]
  2. *[unknown]
  3. *[unknown]
  4. *[check] Grace Valley Indian School (GM). AEZ has it at NIMS site. Or is Mohammed Bin Khaled Al Nahyan Generations School if one figure change in GPS supplied.
  5. *[empty, unknown, or under construction]
  6. *Al Ettehad Private School (AEZ) - Pakistani curriculum school
  7. *[empty, unknown, or under construction]
  8. Um Ayman Bint Thaalaba School (AEZ), public girls school - Umm Ayman School (GM), Um Ayman Bint Thaalabah Primary School (LS), corner 16th and 31st?
  9. *Bin Khalid Al Nahyan School (LS) - in block 30, 31, 32, 1st streets?
  10. *Mohammed Bin Khaled Generations School (AEZ, LS) - private MOE curriculum school. In block 30, 31, 32, 1st streets? Is villa?
From 9th to 130th St between 11th and 13th streets (Falaj Hazza zone in ADEC directory), falaj-hazza-school-zone-3-NE
  1. Tawaam Model Private School (AEZ), Tawam Pvt Model School (LS)
  2. *[check] Al Safwa Private School (AEZ), First Lebanon School (LS)
  3. *[check] First Lebanon Private School (AEZ), Al Safwa Pvt School (LS), Lebanon First School (GM, removed?)
  4. [empty plot]
  5. Al Khalil International Private School (AEZ, GM)
  6. Manor Hall International School (AEZ, GM), Manor Hall Intl School (LS)
  7. Al Ain Juniors Private School (AEZ), Al Ain Juniors School (GM, LS)
  8. Al Awa'il Private School (AEZ), Al Awael Private School (LS)
  9. Al Adhwa Private School (AEZ)
  10. Al Andalus Private Academy (AEZ), Al Andalus Pvt Academy (LS)

School zones or districts in Al Ain (ADEC divisions)


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