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List of airports in Dubai and UAE

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Airports in Dubai and the UAE

List of all Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other UAE airports, aerodromes, and airfields with IATA and ICAO (CCCC) codes, locations, information.


List of Dubai airports








Airport name IATA code ICAO code  AIRAC  Location Capacity www Notes
Al Maktoum International Airport1 DWC OMDW   Dubai World Central     Commercial
Dubai Creek SPB ?DCG     Dubai Creek     Seawings
Dubai International Airport DXB OMDB 2009-06 Al Garhoud, Deira     Commercial
Jebel Ali International Airport2 JXB OMJA*2 2012-09 Jebel Ali     See DWC
Jebel Ali Seaplane Base (SPB) ?DJH     ? 24°59'20 N, 055°01'26 E     Seawings
Minhad Military Airbase NHD OMDM 2009-06 secret (Dubailand, shhhh ...)     Military
Skydiving Dubai       Dubai Marina, Al Sufouh     Private
Etihad Airways bus stop in Dubai XNB     EY office, Sheikh Zayed Rd      

List of Abu Dhabi airports








Airport name IATA code ICAO code AIRAC Location Capacity www Notes
Abu Dhabi city              
Abu Dhabi International Airport AUH OMAA 2017-12       Commercial
Al Bateen Executive Airport AZI OMAD 2017-12 Abu Dhabi Island      
Al Dhafra Air Base DHF OMAM 2017-12 Mussafah     Military
Yas Island SPB3 ?AYM OM103   ?24°27'52''N, 54°36'37''E     Seawings
Abu Dhabi emirate              
Al Ain International Airport AAN OMAL 2017-12 Al Ain city     Commercial
Arzanah Island Airport   OMAR* 2017-12 Arzanah Island      
Delma Airport (Dalma) ?ZDY OMDL* 2009-06       Domestic
Das Island Airport   OMAS* 2009-06       Private
Jebel Dhana Airport   OMAJ* 2009-06        
Sir Bani Yas Island Airport ?XSB OMBY* 2009-06 Sir Baniyas Island     Domestic
Zirku Island Airport   OMAZ* 2009-06        

List of UAE airports, other








Airport name IATA code ICAO code AIRAC Location Capacity www Notes
Emirates FIR (not an airport)   OMAE 2009-06        
Ajman emirate              
Ajman International Airport QAJ     Al Manamah     planned
Fujairah emirate              
Fujairah International Airport FJR OMFJ 2009-06       Commercial
Ras Al Khaimah emirate (RAK)              
Ras Al Khaimah International RKT OMRK 2009-06       Commercial
Al Jazeirah (Aviation Club, RAK)   OMRJ 2017-12 near Al Hamra Mall      
Al Saqr Airfield   OMRS* 2017-12 near Khouzam (Kuzam)      
Sharjah emirate              
Sharjah International Airport SHJ OMSJ 2009-06       Commercial
Umm Al Quwain emirate (UAQ)              
Umm Al Quwain Airport ?QIW OMUQ* 2009-06       Proposed

Unsorted entries

Airport name IATA code ICAO code AIRAC Location Capacity www Notes
ABK4   OMBK4 2017-12        
?Abu Al Abyad   ?OMBT          
?Abu Dhabi Northeast   ?OM11          
Al Hamra Airbase (aux)   OMAH* 2017-12       Military
Al Yasat   OMAY* 2017-12        
Asab airfield, closed?   OMAC* 2017-12        
Buhasa airfield, not used?   OMAB* 2017-12        
?Falaj Hazza (Falej Haaza)   ?OMZA          
?Futaysi   OMAF* 2009-06        
Liwa (AB, Air Base?)   OMLW* 2017-12 No information     Military
Qaffaya (?Al Qaffy?)   OMQF* 2009-06        
Qarnayn (?Quarmain?)   OMAQ* 2009-06        
Qusaiwera Air Base (Qasaweera)   OMQS* 2017-12       Military
?Ras Khumais (Khumays)   ?OMRM          
?Ras Sumeira Airport              
Safran Air Base   OMSM* 2009-06       Military
Sas Al Nakhl Air Base (Nakheel)   OMNK* 2009-06       Military
??Al Forsan Helipad   ??OMNK          
Sir Abu Nair (Bu Na'ir)   OMSN* 2009-06        
Sweihan   OMAW* 2017-12       Military
  1. Previous names for Al Maktoum International Airport were:
  2. JXB was a (possibly unofficial) 3 letter code for DWC when it was originally named Jebel Ali International Airport. OMJA was the ICAO code given for "Jebel Ali International". Reference: 10 Sep 2012 AFI OPMET DB Catalogue (page 58), also 29 Aug 2010 catalogue (page 48).
  3. Yas Island SPB is the channel between Yas Island and Abu Dhabi mainland.
  4. ABK listed in ICAO locator directory DOC 7910 with 4 letter code OMBK but no further information supplied or found regarding location or existence. Also in GCAA location list (AIP section Gen 2.4) but also with no further information.
  5. Unused.

Errors or unusual airport information

Most errors seem to originate from the page "", which has an IATA list dated 19 Dec 2006 with Bettina, DFA, XGD, Nadia Airport.

Airport notes

Al Hamra Airbase

Al Jazeirah (Al Jazira, Al Jazirah) (OMRJ)

Al Saqr Airfield (OMRS)

Arzanah Island Airport

Asab Airfield (OMAC)

Buhasa Airfield (Bu Hasa)

Das Island Airport

Jebel Ali International Airport (OMJA), renamed as Al Maktoum International Airport (OMDW)

Jebel Dhana Airport (Dhanna, Danna, Danah)

Qasawerah, Qasahriwah, Qasarsomethingwaht ...

Ras Al Khaimah International Airport (RAK) (Ras Al Khaymah)

Sas Al Nakhl Air Base (Sas Al Nakhil, Sas Al Nakheel)

Sir Bani Yas Island Airport (also Sir Baniyas Island)

Yas Island Airport or SPB (SeaPlane Base)

Zirku Island Airport (Zirku Airport)

Helipads, heliports, or helicopter landing pads

A comprehensive list not given. Many tall buildings have a helipad, there are also many ground locations with designated helicopter landing zones.

ICAO 4 letter codes

CCCC code is the same as ICAO 4 letter code?


Aviation and UAE acronyms, abbreviations, and definitions

References for aviation acronyms


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