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Dubai Time Zone

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

Dubai Time Zone - what's the time in Dubai now?

Current local Dubai time and date is 20:32 (PM) on Monday 18 February 2019

  • Press F5 or click Refresh to update the time.
  • Timezone for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all of the UAE is +4 hrs from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  • There is no Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time period in Dubai or the UAE.
Current time in Dubai and time in other major cities

Table not confirmed, still being updated. Check summer time. Items in italics might be incorrect.

GMT, UTC +1hr +2hrs +3hrs +4hrs +5hrs +6hrs +7hrs +8hrs +9hrs +10hrs +11hrs +12hrs +13hrs +14hrs
London Amsterdam Cairo Nairobi Moscow Karachi Almaty Bangkok Singapore Tokyo Sydney Vladivostok Auckland    
  Brussels Cape Town Riyadh Abu Dhabi   Dhaka Jakarta Hong Kong            
  Rome Istanbul       Yekaterinburg   Kuala Lumpur            
  Zurich Jerusalem           Manila            
GMT, UTC -1hr -2hrs -3hrs -4hrs -5hrs -6hrs -7hrs -8hrs -9hrs -10hrs -11hrs -12hrs    
London Azores Sao Paulo Buenos Aires Santiago New York Chicago Denver Los Angeles Anchorage Honolulu        
    Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo   Easter Is Dallas Calgary Las Vegas            
      Rio de Janeiro   Miami Galapagos Is   Vancouver            
  • The world is divided into 24 time zones (sort of), with hourly divisions between each zone, which makes it relatively easy to figure out the time in another country. Some countries and/or cities operate in a time zone out of sync with this system, with their clocks shifted + or - 30 mins, 45 mins, 15 mins, etc from the nearest time zone boundary. For example:
    • Tehran, Iran is +3h30m from GMT, or -30 min from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    • Kabul, Afghanistan is +4h30m from GMT, or +30 min from UAE.
    • India and Sri Lanka are +5h30m from GMT, or +1h30m from UAE.
    • Kathmandu, Nepal is +5h45m(!) from GMT, or +1h45m from UAE.
    • Yangon, Burma is +6h30m from GMT, or +2h30m from UAE.
    • Darwin, Australia is +9h30m from GMT, or +5h30m from UAE. Check, if summer time applies in Darwin. Note that most of the rest of Australia operates normally.
GMT -1hr -2hrs -3hrs -4hrs -5hrs -6hrs -7hrs -8hrs -9hrs -10hrs -11hrs -12hrs ... -20hrs
London   Cairo   Moscow         Tokyo Sydney   Auckland   Dubai
Differences between Dubai time zone and times in other major cities


Speaking Clock
  • To have someone tell you the time in Dubai, phone 140 (for English) and 141 (for Arabic) when in the UAE from landline or mobile phone.
Last update Saturday 22-Mar-2014
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