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Choueifat Schools

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Choueifat Schools

The International School of Choueifat, or SABIS School Network, is a school system that began in the town of Choueifat in Lebanon in the late 1800s, and later expanded throughout the Middle East and around the world with the first UAE Chouiefat school opening in Sharjah (in 1975?). The Choueifat, or SABIS Education System, is academically intensive and rigorous with frequent testing, and a fairly rigid syllabus. The advantage being that students and parents who change schools during the academic year should find continuity in the material being studied, at all levels and in all subjects. If you're unfamiliar with the SABIS system, do some research before sending your children to a Choueifat school, or accepting a teaching job (as you should with any school) as the system doesn't suit everyone.

List of Choueifat schools in the UAE - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other emirates

List of institutes and details
Institute name Emirate/Town   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School Fees Comments
Choueifat Abu Dhabi   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4461444   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 19,178-35,090  CAD comments 
Choueifat Al Ain   Al Ain   +971-3-7678444   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 20,000-35,000  CAA comments 
Choueifat Dubai   Dubai   +971-4-3999444   K-12  Choueifat, UK, US SABIS 19,800-38,000  CD comments 
Choueifat Dubai Green Community   Dubai   +971-4-8847884   K-12  Choueifat, UK, US SABIS 23,800-45,400   
Choueifat Khalifa City   Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5562555   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 20,000-35,300  CKC comments 
Choueifat Ras Al Khaimah   Ras Al Khaimah   +971-7-2353446   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 15,000-30,000  CRAK comments 
Choueifat Ruwais   Ruwais   +971-2-8762525     Choueifat SABIS  CR comments 
Choueifat Sharjah   Sharjah   +971-6-5582211   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 12,000-24,000  CS comments 
Choueifat Umm Al Quwain   Umm Al Quwain   +971-6-7665888   K-12  Choueifat SABIS  CUAQ comments 
Ruwais Private School   Ruwais   +971-2-8762525     Choueifat SABIS  RPS comments 
Chouiefat Schools and SABIS organization profile and contact details
Postal Address    
Location Lebanon Choueifat / SABIS founded in 1886
Telephone +971-4-3999444 Dubai Choueifat tel no.
Fax +971-4-3999045 Dubai Choueifat fax no.
SABIS and International School of Choueifat management and personnel
14 April 2012
01 September 2009
18 May 2007

All Choueifat International Schools in the UAE are listed in the UAE schools list as "Choueifat-Emirate" in each emirate where there is one (there isn't a Chouiefat International School in Ajman or Fujairah) ie

General comments applicable to all Choueifat schools are that they are academically rigorous with an intensive study schedule. Chouiefat homework policy means that students will normally have many hours of homework to do, and even primary school students sit exams at least every week. Teachers are given SABIS lesson plans to follow and are expected to adhere to the schedule. The theory underlying this philosophy is that it makes it possible for anyone to teach any given subject since the content is already provided and the teacher simply acts as a manager of learning. This theory is not popular with many teachers especially when it results in, for example, secondary trained teachers teaching primary school students. An advantage of this system (and a reason for its implementation) is that students who transfer from one Choueifat school to another will not have any disruption to their courses since they are all supposed to be synchronised across all Choueifat Schools internationally. The Choueifat system or SABIS system is not for everyone but it is fair to say that students usually end up with a good academic preparation for continuing their studies at college or university. Extra-curricular activities are often limited compared to other schools.

Choueifat / SABIS schools in the Middle East
Sabis Public Private Partnership government schools in the Middle East (in 2010?)
Choueifat / SABIS network schools in North America
Choueifat / SABIS network schools in Europe
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