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University College of Mother and Family Sciences

Thursday 22 February 2018 (UAE)   

University College of Mother and Family Sciences in Ajman

University name University College of Mother and Family Sciences
Director's name Dr Nizar Al Ani (Director)
Executive body or owner
Date founded
Number of students (approx)
Number of staff (approx)
Type of institute university, Ministry of Higher Education license
University location / area (no map)
Postal address PO Box 1999, Ajman, UAE
Telephone +971-6-7414741
Fax +971-6-7414746
Email admission@ucmother.ac.ae
Website www.ucmother.ac.ae
Curriculum UAE
Qualifications BA
University fees 25,000 dhs per year (2010-2011)
Lecturer salary range
Student satisfaction rating
4 stars from 5 votes.    
Parent satisfaction rating
3 stars from 1 vote.    
Lecturer job satisfaction rating
(by lecturers, not about lecturers)
Not Rated from 0 votes.    

University College of Mother and Family Sciences admissions, reviews, notes

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University College of Mother and Family Sciences (UCMFS, UCOMFS) degrees, programs, and courses
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Motherhood and Family Sciences, accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education as of June 2008.
  • BA in Maternity and Family Science, specialisations in Family Counseling or Women's Rights and Interests. New for 2013-2014.
  • Diploma of Arts in Maternity and Family Sciences. New for 2013-2014.
  • Contact details, postal address, fees information, website, email address, location map, number and nationality of students and faculty, instructor or teacher pay scale, date established, not supplied. Please send information updates to education@dubaifaqs.com.
  • Also called or referred to as University College for Mother and Family Science, or Mother University Ajman?
28 December 2013
  • Website domain available at www.ucmother.ac.ae found for UCMFS but not clear if it really is an official website or some sort of spam for a web design company - most pages are blank or have content related to web design, nothing found related to UCMFS except for confusing contact details.
  • Tel number +971-6-741 4741 and fax number +971-6-741 4746 seem to be the correct ones for the university. Website also lists telephone +971-6-7480636, fax +971-6-7436255, and a hotline number (not toll-free though) as +971-600-532228 (or 0600-532228 in UAE). None of those numbers confirmed as actually being for the university, and the hotline number is for Osler Moving Scaffolding Factory LLC in Ajman. Email address given as info@ucmother.ae.ae, unknown if valid.
  • Postal address unclear. Website says PO Box 6880, Ajman. UAE Yellow Pages says PO Box 17778, Ajman. UAE CAA still says PO Box 1999 in Al Ain, not Ajman (same as June 2008 information). UAE CAA also still has head of university or contact person as Dr Abdullah Abbas Ahmad, mobile +971-50-6230023, and fax +971-3-7611684 (Al Ain area code, not Ajman), which seems out of date, although the CAA says "Data Reporting Year Period: 2012-2013" for the university information.
  • Location is Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, Nakheel, Ajman, opposite Ajman Kempinski Hotel, according to the UAE Yellow Pages and other sources. Or in Al Zowra (Al Zahra?) area?
  • All students are female (unknown if male students are permitted anyway), majority are Emirati (61%), most of the remainder are GCC or other Arab students (30%) (CAA information, date unknown).
14 October 2013 - new programs announced for the Mother and Family Science University
  • New degree courses and diploma programs announced for 2013-2014 academic year (Ajman classified advertisement):
  • BA in Maternity and Family Science, and Diploma of Arts in Maternity and Family Sciences. Both specialising in "Year", unknown what that means.
  • BA in Maternity and Family Science with specialisation in Family Counseling or Women's Rights and Interests.
  • New courses not accredited according to CAA information.
  • Contact details provided as tel +971-6-7414741, fax +971-6-7414746, email admission@ucmother.ac.ae, website www.ucmother.ac.ae.
26 September 2010
  • According to a report in The National, the University College for Mothering and Family Science, is a new university in Ajman, and is offering a new 4 year degree program in how to be a good mommy ... is the first university in the world to offer a bachelor's degree in the "mothering profession," so now we're not sure what the KT report from 2 years ago was about.
  • The university director, Dr Nizar Al Ani, was reported as saying "Motherhood is a profession which needs to be studied. This is specifically important in our society because of the high speed of change: nowadays, how to be a good mother is not merely passed from mother to daughter." It's difficult to tell if Dr Al Ani and the report in The National were just trying to be funny, or expected to be taken seriously. Dr Al Ani is a man by the way so it would be interesting to know where he learnt about the mothering profession, unless he has done the BA degree in mothering himself already. His comments seem to imply that it would have been inappropriate for his mother to pass mothering skills on to him given that he was a son, not a daughter.
  • Dr Al Ani made it quite clear where he thinks a woman's place is, saying "If a woman can find a balance between her family and job, she might be able to work. But her priority should be the family"
  • He also said "On average, there is a minimum of two maids per household in the UAE. This dependency is dangerous, and we need to raise awareness among women on such matters by preparing and educating them. By preparing women with the right tools to create a healthy family, we will overcome such problems." Finding a figure for the number of households in the UAE is not easy but we'd estimate 1-1.5 million. Dr Al Ani therefore seems to think there are 2-3 million maids in the UAE (dangerous ones too), a rather implausible sounding figure given that the population of the UAE is likely to be somewhere between 5-7 million as of September 2010.
  • A somewhat different point of view was provided by Dr Rima Sabban, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Zayed University, who said "If I were to provide a critical review of this initiative, I'd say it confines the role of the woman to purely taking care of the house and bringing up children, it also makes the family and its failure her sole responsibility. ... Family is a joint institution and responsibility for it lies with both men and women. If we want to send the right message, we need create a family science discourse that is directed at both the husband and the wife." Quite.
  • The mothering degree program covers 3 sections:
    1. Civic, Islamic, and legal rights for women, including in their role as a mother.
    2. Courses about how to run a household, including cooking, grooming, home decoration, personal fitness.
    3. How to raise children.
  • Reportedly 25 mothers (or mothers-in-waiting?) have signed up. Course capacity of 120.
  • Website and other details not supplied or found. CAA portal still has June 2008 information, along with PO Box 1999, Al Ain as a postal address (but Al Ain is not a city in the emirate of Ajman, it's in the Abu Dhabi emirate).
  • Courses or degrees on how to be a good daddy not supplied or found either.
10 June 2008
  • University College of Mother and Family Sciences (UCMFS?) in Ajman received accreditation from the Commission of Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) in the UAE, reported by the Khaleej Times 09 June 2008.
  • UCMFS offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Motherhood and Family Sciences.
  • No website found. CAA lists contact person as Dr Abdullah Abbas Ahmad, and mobile phone +971-50-6230023.
  • Fax number from CAA website is +971-3-7611684 but area code 03 is for Al Ain, not Ajman. If it is an Ajman number, then with the correct area code it should be 06-761 1684 but confirmation not found or supplied.
  • Also called University College for Mothering and Family Science?
Last update 28 December 2013
General comments - might not apply to University College of Mother and Family Sciences
  • Fees, facilities, education quality varies widely. Allow extra fees for visa, transport, accommodation.
  • Salaries, accommodation, other benefits for lecturer jobs vary substantially. Check contracts carefully for medical, housing, flight allowances, etc.
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