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Sharjah school finder

Tuesday 03 May 2016 (UAE)   

List of private and international schools in Sharjah

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School name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
Al Amana Private School   +971-6-5676783   K-10  Arabic, UK IGCSE 7,250-10,500   
Al Ansar International School   +971-6-5459441   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE 10,750-19,150   
Al Maarifa Private School   +971-6-5014444   K-12  Arabic, UK, US UAE, SAT, IGCSE, A-level 5,000-19,300   
Al Mawahib British Private School   +971-6-5670077   primary  Arabic/UAE 10,000-17,000   
Al Rushed American School   +971-6-5358000   K-10  Arabic, US 9,000-15,000  ARAS reviews 
American Community School Sharjah   +971-6-5227583   K-12  US IB 32,000-53,000  ACSS reviews 
American School of Creative Science   +971-6-5055000   K-12  Arabic, MOE, US KG1-G4 19,500-28,600   
Australian International School Sharjah   +971-6-5589967   K-12  Australian IB, Queensland 30,000-54,000  AISS reviews 
Brilliant International Private School   +971-6-5442420     Indian/UK Cambridge, EYFS, IGCSE 11,000-17,000   
Dawha School Sharjah   +971-6-5226500   K-12  Arabic / US SAT, TOEFL 12,000-18,000  DSS reviews 
Delhi Private School Sharjah   +971-6-5345352   K-12  Indian CBSE 8,630-11,530  DPSS reviews 
Emirates National School Sharjah   +971-6-5242252   K-12  Indian CBSE 3,200-6,400  ENSS reviews 
French School Sharjah   +971-6-5673430   primary  French 18,700-22,500  FSS reviews 
GEMS Millennium School Sharjah   +971-6-5358176   primary  Indian CBSE 8,800-11,550   
GEMS Westminster School Sharjah   +971-6-5426323   K-12  Arabic, UK IGCSE, AS, A-Level 12,000-18,000   
German School Sharjah   +971-6-5676014   K-10  German 17,500-33,000  GSS reviews 
Gulf Asian English School   +971-6-5340000   K-12  Indian CBSE 4,200-6,600  GAES reviews 
Ibn Seena English School   +971-6-5582071   K-12  Indian/UK A-level, O-level 5,320-10,384  ISES reviews 
International School of Creative Science   +971-6-5344444   K-12  Arabic, UK MOE, NC, IGCSE, AS, A Level 18,000-35,500  ISCS reviews 
Iqra School Sharjah   +971-6-5351166   K-12  UAE, US 10,200-21,000   
Leaders Private School   +971-6-5225560   K-10  Indian CBSE 6,000-9,250   
New Filipino Private School   +971-6-5661331   K-10  Philippines USTET, UPCAT 3,100-5,300  NFPS reviews 
OOEHS Sharjah Boys   +971-6-5355227   K-12  Indian CBSE 6,050-9,680  OSB reviews 
Our Own English High School Sharjah   +971-6-5386486   K-12  Indian CBSE 5,324-10,648  OOEHSS reviews 
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School Sharjah   +971-6-5670700     Pakistan FBISE 2,700-5,000  PISSS reviews 
Radiant School   +971-6-5663128   K-10  Indian CBSE 2,300-2,500  RS reviews 
Sama American Private School   +971-6-5242222   K-10  Arabic, UAE, US US National Curriculum 10,800-21,000   
Scholars International Academy   +971-6-5355033   primary  UK 18,810-26,160  SIA reviews 
School of Knowledge Sharjah   +971-6-5249797   primary  Indian / UK 6,240-7,450  SKS reviews 
Sharjah American International School   +971-6-5380000   K-12  Arabic, US AP, SAT 13,000-33,000  SAIS reviews 
Sharjah British International School   +971-6-5347722   K-12  Arabic, UAE, UK IGCSE, A-levels 15,400-30,190   
Sharjah English School   +971-6-5589304   K-12  UK GCSE, AS, A-Level 25,000-70,000  SES reviews 
Sharjah Indian School   +971-6-5670560   K-12  Indian CBSE, ICBSE 3,530-5,860  SIS reviews 
Taryam American Private School   +971-6-5216000     Arabic, US 15,450-22,000  TAPS reviews 
The Indian Academy Sharjah   +971-6-5549786   K-10  Indian CBSE 9,000-11,000  TIAS reviews 
Victoria English School   +971-6-5227770   K-12  UK A-level, IGCSE 14,830-31,500  VES reviews 
Victoria International School Sharjah   +971-6-5771999   K-12  Australian VCE 27,000-57,000  VISS reviews 
Wesgreen International School   +971-6-5346333   K-12  UAE/UK A-level, IGCSE 14,550-36,050   
Notes about this directory and list of Sharjah schools
  • To add a school in Sharjah to this list, start a new topic in the Sharjah schools forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • Kalba, Khorfakkan, and Dibba schools are not included - select Fujairah to find them.
  • School name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "American" schools follow a UAE or other national curriculum.
  • Sort by tel number to group schools in the same geographical area (first 2 or 3 digits after country and city code indicate area).
  • School finder and directory list includes Sharjah schools, colleges and villa schools which offer expatriate curriculums - English (including American, Australian, British, UK, USA), French, German, Indian, Russian, Pakistan, and private UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) curriculum, and Arab schools where Arabic or English is the medium of instruction.
Schools in Sharjah with fee increases 2013-2014 to 2014-2015
  • American School of Creative Science - Grade 4 only.
  • International School of Creative Science
  • Sharjah British International School fees increased 1%-10% (AED 14,500-30,000 for 2013-2014 to AED 15,400-30,190 for 2014-2015).
New schools in Sharjah opening date unknown
  • Meritorious Pakistani School Sharjah - comment from CEO of Meritorious Schools Network in Karachi, Pakistan, reported 23 Oct 2013 (GN), no further information found or supplied. Unknown how likely it is there really will be a Meritorious school in Sharjah.
  • New World Private American School Sharjah - opening date September 2013?
  • Sama American International School Sharjah - open September 2012? Not confirmed. Sama Private School is an Arabic school with instruction in English, based on a UAE and USA program. It is not really an American or an international school, meaning it is more popular with Arab nationality students than American or non-Arab nationalities.
New schools in Sharjah 2017
  • CMI Group Indian School Sharjah (name might not be correct), Amled school opened in Dubai April 2015 and announcement said CMI plans to open more schools in the UAE including one in Sharjah in 2017.
  • GEMS Indian CBSE school expected to open in Apr 2017. Name and location not given.
New schools in Sharjah 2016
  • [Update, no name] Philippine curriculum school in Al Azra school zone? Building looks complete, or nearly in March 2016. But no information other than it will be a Philippine curriculum school "opening soon". No contact information, website, email provided or found.
New schools in Sharjah opening 2015
  • [Update] Indian school operated by Paradigm Pioneers Group. Announced in September 2014 in a press release about the opening of the new Paradigm Group British school in Ajman, with the chairman of the group saying the school would open in 2015 (ref KT 15 Sep 2015).
  • Emirates National School Sharjah - branch of ENS Group in Abu Dhabi, not related to The Emirates National School, a CBSE Indian school already established in Sharjah. Opening date planned for September 2015.
New schools in Sharjah opening date in 2014
  • *Taryam American Private School - opening September 2014 or earlier? In Al Azra school zone - check if same campus as Al Kamal School?
  • *The Indian Academy Sharjah - opening date announced in February 2014 as April 2014.
New schools in Sharjah open in 2013
New schools in Sharjah open in 2012
  • [Check] Al Rushed American Private School - open March or September 2012, or March 2013? Different information given.
Sharjah schools to be updated
  • Emirates National School in Sharjah - fee structure not supplied, location map not confirmed.
Schools in Sharjah added, updated, closed, deleted
  • Al Ahliya Private Schools Sharjah - branches in Al Yarmook, Al Ghubaiba, and Dibba (Fujairah). AAPS Fujairah branch page name updated, new page added for AAPS Sharjah (21 Feb 2014).
  • Modern Egyptian Private School - was a villa school, closed in 2007?
  • Montessori Private School - closed?
Villa schools in Sharjah closed

The Sharjah Education Zone and UAE Ministry of Education were ordering villa schools in Sharjah to close in 2007-2008?

Sharjah school zone in Al Azra (Al Ezra)

Near the border with Ajman emirate so possibly convenient for Ajman residents looking for a school.

  • Al Kamal American International School - check name, also one in Al Ramtha (Al Kamil American Private School?).
  • Al Resalah School of Science (GM)?
  • New Indian Model School Sharjah (NIMS) (GM)?
  • School of Knowledge (GM)?
  • Springdale Indian School (GM)?
  • Star Private School Sharjah (not the Star International School - is a different school, in the Al Muwailah school zone).
  • *Taryam American Private School - new in 2014, location not found ... maybe same place as Al Kamal School?
  • The Indian Academy Sharjah - new in 2014.
  • Victoria English School (GM)?
Nurseries and kindergartens in the Al Azra school zone
  • Little Scholars Nursery School
Sharjah school zone in Al Muweilah (Al Muwailah)

Near Sharjah University City and National Paints roundabout. Sometimes also called National Paints schools area.

  • *school adjacent Brilliant School and Creative Science School (GM)?
  • *school adjacent Delta English School and India International School (GM)? Is Scholars International Academy.
  • Al Rushed American Private School (GM).
  • Al Zuhoor Private School (Al Zuhour) (GM).
  • Brilliant International Private School (GM).
  • School of Creative Science (GM).
  • Delta English School (GM).
  • Delhi Private School (Delhi Public School) (GM)?
  • GEMS Millenium School Sharjah (GM)?
  • GEMS Westminster School Sharjah (GM).
  • Gulf Asian Indian School (GM).
  • India International School Sharjah (GM).
  • Iqraa International School (GM).
  • Our Own English High School Sharjah branch (GM).
  • Providence English Private School (GM).
  • Rosary School (Rosari School) (GM).
  • Ryan Star International School (different from the Star Private School in the Al Azra school zone).
  • Sharjah British School (GM).
  • Star International School - renamed as Ryan Star International School.
  • Wesgreen International School (GM)?

Schools searched for in Sharjah but not in Sharjah

The emirate of Ajman borders Sharjah so for some families, schools in Ajman might be in a convenient location.

  • Habitat School - is in Ajman Al Jurf (Al Jarf) area.
Last update Monday 14-Mar-2016
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