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New schools in Al Ain, Ajman, Fujairah, RAK, Sharjah, UAQ

Monday 22 December 2014 (UAE)   
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List of new schools in UAE


School Name Emirate/Town Open   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School Fees Reviews
Abdullah Bin Zubair Private School   Al Ain   September 2012   +971-3-7680551   primary  Arabic, UK NC, IB 10,800-16,200   
Ajman Academy School   Ajman   September 2012   +971-6-7314444   K-12  Arabic, UK IB, IBPYP 30,000-57,000  AAS reviews 
Al Ahlam Indian Private School   Ajman   April 2012   +971-6-7487800     Indian CBSE   
Al Dana Nursery Ajman   Ajman   April 2013      nursery  Arabic, US 16,000-23,000   
Al Marah English Nursery   Sharjah   2013   +971-6-5668645   nursery  Arabic, English 8,000-12,000  AMEN reviews 
Al Panda Nursery RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   September 2012      nursery    
Al Tefl Al Nasheet Nursery   Sharjah   April 2013   +971-6-5212251   nursery  Arabic   
Aldar Academies Primary School Al Ain   Al Ain   September 2011   planned   primary  UK   
Alia International Private School Al Ain   Al Ain   2012   +971-3-7848992   K-12  Arabic, US MOE   
Ambassador School Sharjah   Sharjah   proposed   proposed     Indian   
American School Ajman   Ajman   September 2006   planned   primary  US  ASA reviews 
American School Fujairah   Fujairah   planned   planned   K-12  US   
American School of Creative Science   Sharjah   September 2013   +971-6-5055000   K-12  Arabic, MOE, US KG1-G4 19,500-28,600   
American University of Sharjah School   Sharjah   September 2013      K-12  Arabic/US IB   
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School Sharjah   Sharjah   September 2011   proposed     Indian CBSE   
Bluebells Nursery Ajman   Ajman   September 2012   +971-6-7420006   nursery  Indian   
Brighton College Al Ain UAE   Al Ain   September 2013   planned   K-12  UK GCSE, A-Level 47,530-61,640   
Brilliant International Private School   Sharjah   September 2012   +971-6-5442420     Indian/UK Cambridge, EYFS, IGCSE 11,000-17,000   
British Prep Nursery Al Ain   Al Ain   September 2011   planned   nursery  UK Early Years Foundation Stage   
British Rose Nursery Al Nekhailat   Sharjah   September 2013   +971-6-5241494   nursery  UK EYFS  BRNAN reviews 
De La Salle Montessori Nursery RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   2012   +971-7-2437660   nursery  US, Philippines   
Delhi Private School Umm Al Quwain   Umm Al Quwain      proposed     Indian CBSE   
Delhi Public School Ajman   Ajman      planned?     Indian CBSE   
Delhi Public School Fujairah   Fujairah      planned?     Indian CBSE   
Delhi Public School RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   planned   proposed     Indian CBSE  DPSR reviews 
EduFun Nursery Al Ain   Al Ain   January 2013   +971-3-7612686   nursery  UK EYFS  ENAA reviews 
Elite Music Institute Al Ain   Al Ain   September 2014        Music school 2,500-15,300  EMIAA reviews 
GD Goenka Private School Sharjah   Sharjah   September 2013   +971-6-5677372     Indian, KG-Grade 4 CBSE, GDGPS (G D GPS) 12,000-14,000   
GEMS Westminster School RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   September 2013   +971-7-2035999   K-10  UK NC 10,000-16,000   
GEMS Westminster School Sharjah   Sharjah   September 2012   +971-6-5426323   K-12  Arabic, UK IGCSE, AS, A-Level 12,000-18,000   
Habitat Private School Ajman   Ajman   April 2014   +971-6-7315151   K-12  Indian CBSE   
Headstart Nursery Al Ain   Al Ain   September 2013   +971-3-7374677   nursery  British EYFS, 3 mths to 4 years   
Joori Kids Nursery Ajman   Ajman   January 2014      nursery  Arabic   
Kids Academy Al Ain   Al Ain   September 2014   planned   nursery  UK Early Years Foundation Stage EYFS   
Little Treasures Nursery RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   September 2013      nursery    
Meritorious School Sharjah   Sharjah   planned   proposed     Pakistan Pakistani   
New World American Private School   Sharjah   September 2013   +971-6-5527443     Arabic, US   
Oasis International School   Al Ain   March 2012        Indian CBSE   
Pink and Blue Nursery RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   January 2012      nursery  Indian   
RAK Academy for the Gifted   Ras Al Khaimah   planned   planned       
Red Bus Nursery RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   February 2014      nursery  UK EYFS   
Sama American Private School   Sharjah   September 2012   +971-6-5242222   K-10  Arabic, UAE, US US National Curriculum 10,800-21,000   
Sunrise Nursery RAK   Ras Al Khaimah   September 2012   +971-7-2359919   nursery  Arabic   
Taryam American Private School   Sharjah   September 2014   +971-6-5216000     Arabic, US 15,450-22,000  TAPS reviews 
The First Academy Ajman   Ajman   September 2012   planned   K-12  Arabic/US  TFAA reviews 
The Indian Academy Sharjah   Sharjah   April 2014   +971-6-5549786   K-10  Indian CBSE 9,000-11,000  TIAS reviews 
The Royal Academy Ajman   Ajman   2012   +971-6-7494449   K-12  Indian CBSE  TRAA reviews 
United School of Fujairah   Fujairah   planned   planned   K-12  Arabic, UAE, US   
Zohour Al Mustaqbal Nursery   Sharjah   January 2014   +971-6-5230305   nursery  Arabic   
Notes about this directory and list of UAE schools
  • To add a school in UAE to this list, start a new topic in the UAE schools forum. Or send details to education@dubaifaqs.com.
  • Location column not printed to fit table in A4 portrait view. Tel area codes for each emirate: 02 Abu Dhabi, 04 Dubai, 06 Sharjah, Ajman, & UAQ, 07 RAK, 09 Fujairah & East Coast
  • School name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "American" schools follow a UAE or other national curriculum.
  • This list of new schools in UAE includes private schools open from 2012 to 2014 and schools planned for UAE.
  • Abu Dhabi city and Dubai not included on this page - see Abu Dhabi new schools or Dubai new schools.
New nurseries in the UAE updates needed or done
  • See nursery lists for Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, etc.
New schools in Ajman 2014-2015
  • Habitat Indian Private School Ajman - announced at press conference on 08 Oct 2013 in Dubai. Opening date April 2014? Press reports said management teamd would be Shamsu Zaman CT (Managing Director), CT Adil (Academic Director), Mujeebur Rahman (School Manager). An organic farm is planned as part of the school facilities (area 50,000 sq feet). Same management team that run the Ajman International Indian School will also run the Habitat Private School of Ajman (HPS, HPSA). Fees information, website, contact details, not supplied.
New schools in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)
  • See list of schools in Ras Al Khaimah.
New schools in Sharjah 2013-2014
  • G D Goenka School Sharjah, located in the Al Azra (Al Ezra) school zone, open September 2013 but academic year won't start until April 2013. Indian CBSE curriculum school.
  • New World Private American School Sharjah - opening date September 2013?
New schools in Umm Al Quwain (UAQ)
  • Elite Private American School - opening date 2010? Not confirmed.
New schools in the Western Region (Al Gharbia, Al Gharbiyah) of Abu Dhabi
  • Bright Riders School Madinat Zayed - a branch of the Bright Riders School in Abu Dhabi city - Mussafah MBZ City.
  • Emirates Scientific School Madinat Zayed - UAE MOE curriculum, tel 028870887, fax 028870886, PO Box 206, GPS coordinates 23.6597, 53.6990 (ADEC).
  • Glenelg School Ghayathi (Gayathi) - tel 024964400, PO Box 114124 (Abu Dhabi? Same as Glenelg School in Khalifa City A), American curriculum, level KG-Grade 12, GPS coordinates 23.9107, 52.7973 (ADEC).
  • Glenelg School Madinat Zayed - tel 024964500, PO Box 114124 (Abu Dhabi? Same as Glenelg School in Khalifa City A), American curriculum, level KG-Grade 7, GPS coordinates 23.6710, 53.7057 (ADEC).
  • Glenelg School Ruwais - tel 024964001, fax 028763800, PO Box 11877, American curriculum, level KG-Grade 12, GPS coordinates 24.0787, 52.6415 (ADEC).
New schools in the UAE news updates (see other pages for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah)
  • 02 Nov 2013 (Khaleej Times) - Beaconhouse Schools Group are planning to buy or open new schools in the UAE, maybe in 2014 - see new schools in Dubai 2014 for further details.
  • 22 Oct 2012 (press release) - GEMS (Global Education Management System) education group announced they would develop 10 new schools in the UAE by October 2014, with "... British, Indian, International Baccalaureate, American and dual curriculums ..." but didn't say where or give details of individual school projects, except for a Leadership Academy and Teacher Training College in Dubai. A Gulf News story said total capacity of the new schools would be 33,000 places, and they would be opened in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah, but didn't say where that information came from (it wasn't in the GEMS press release). Other publications carried the original GEMS version of the story (which did not give details of which emirates or student capacity).
Last update Friday 10-Oct-2014
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