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New schools in Dubai

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List of new schools in Dubai


List of schools and details
School name Open  Tel   Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
Ajyal British School Dubai      planned   primary  UK
Al Furjan School   September 2021   List    
 AFS reviews 
Al Mawakeb School Khawaneej   September 2018   +971-4-2514433   K-12  Arabic, US
SAT, DELF 33,450-64,350   
Al Salam Community School   September 2019   +971-4-2233267     UK
NC 22,000-38,000   
Ambassador International Academy   September 2019   +971-4-5806999   K-12  Indian, International, UK
IB, UK 28,400-36,600   
American Community School Dubai      planned    
 ACSD reviews 
Arcadia Academy Dubai   September 2020   planned   secondary  UK
NC, KS3, KS4 75,000-90,000   
Autism Trust Foundation School Dubai   planned   +971-4-3922223     Special Needs
Autism Center   
Badrah School Dubai Waterfront   planned   planned   K-12  International
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School Dubai   April 2020   Planned   primary  Indian
CBSE 14,500-16,500  BVBSD reviews 
Boathouse School Palm Jumeirah   planned   planned   primary 
Bright Riders School Dubai   Apr 2018   +971-4-8237444     Indian
CBSE 19,000-26,500   
Brighton College Dubai   September 2018   +971-4-3871111   K-12  UK
NC 64,000-102,000   
Cambridge International School Al Quoz   proposed   planned   K-12  UK
Cambridge International School Jumeirah Village   proposed   planned   K-12  UK
Canadian International School Dubai   September 2015   planned   K-12  Canadian
Canadian Montessori Preschool Dubai   March 2012   planned   nursery  Canadian
Montessori  CMPD reviews 
Child Enrichment Centre Dubai   planned      nursery 
 CECD reviews 
Community West First School Dubai   September 2015   planned   primary  UK
NC, FS1-Y2 42,000-44,000  CWFSD reviews 
Dubai International Academy Al Barsha   September 2018   +971-4-5244800   K-12  International
IB DP, MYP, PYP 48,188-87,382   
Dubai School of Excellence   September 2015   planned   K-12  US
38,000-75,000  DSE reviews 
Dubai Sports City Nursery   September 2011   planned   nursery  UK
EYP, Montessori  DSCN reviews 
Dubai Sustainable City School   planned   planned   primary 
KG to Grade 6   
Dubailand Taleem School   proposed   planned   K-12  UK, US
Dulwich College Dubai      planned     UK
IB, A-level, IGCSE, GCSE*   
Dunecrest American School   September 2018   +971-4-5087444   K-12  American
IB 46,000-89,000   
Durham International School Dubai   September 2015   planned   K-12  UK
IGCSE, IB  DISD reviews 
Dwight School Dubai   September 2018   +971-4-3714600   K-12  American, International
IB 62,700-97,850   
Ellesmere College Dubai   planned   planned   K-12  UK
NC  ECD reviews 
Emirates International Autism Center   planned   planned    
Special Needs   
Euro School Dubai   planned   planned   K-12  Indian
Fairgreen International School   September 2018   +971-4-8754999     International
IB 50,000-88,000   
GEMS Founders School Al Mizhar   September 2018   +971-4-2103555   K-12  UK
National Curriculum 23,000-35,000   
GEMS School of Digital Futures   September 2019   unknown     UK
GEMS Vertus School Dubai   September 2019   unknown    
Homegrown Childrens Nursery Al Safa   September 2014   planned   nursery  UK
EYFS 19,230-53,400  HCNAS reviews 
Horizon College Dubai   proposed   planned   secondary  UK
 HCD reviews 
Ignite School Dubai   September 2018   +971-4-2110777   primary  US, UAE
US, MOE, HS Diploma 29,000-44,000   
International Talent Academy Dubai   planned      K-12  International, Swiss
IB DP, MYP, PYP  ITAD reviews 
Islamic International School Dubai   September 2015   proposed     Islamic
Jebel Ali Secondary School   planned   planned   secondary  UK
A-Level, GCSE, NC  JASS reviews 
Jumeirah International Nursery JVT   September 2016   Planned   nursery  UK
EYFS 31,800-48,150  JINJ reviews 
Jumeirah International School   proposed   List    
Kidz Venture JBR   2014   planned   nursery  UK
EYFS, Montessori   
Kinder Grove Early Learning Center   September 2012   planned   nursery 
Kings College Dubai   September 2010   planned   K-12  UK
NC GCSE, A-Level   
Ladybird Nursery Jumeirah Village   2015   planned   nursery  UK
EYFS, Montessori  LNJV reviews 
Little Me Nursery Dubai   planned   planned   nursery  UK
British Early Years Program   
Little Tulips Nursery   planned   planned   nursery 
Littlewoods Nursery Jebel Ali   September 2014   planned   nursery  UK
EYFS  LNJA reviews 
Lycee Francais International Meydan   planned   renamed   primary  Arabic, English, French
Maple Bear Nursery Dubai   January 2015   planned   nursery  Canadian, Arabic, French
Maple Bear Early Childhood  MBND reviews 
Meritorious School Dubai   planned   proposed     Pakistan
Millfield School Dubai   proposed   planned     UK
A-level, GCSE   
Open Air Nursery Dubai   September 2012   Planned   nursery  UK
EYFS, Reggio Emilio  OAND reviews 
Oundle School Dubai   September 2011   planned   K-12  UK
GCSE, A-Level, IB?  OSD reviews 
Pan American Academy Dubai   September 2010   planned   K-12  Canadian
BC HS Diploma  PAAD reviews 
Renaissance School Dubai   September 2018   +971-4-5897717   primary  US
Riverston School Dubai   September 2018   +971-4-3316400   primary  UK
National Curriculum 67,500-70,500   
Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai   September 2021   planned   K-12  UK
EYFS, GCSE, A-Levels   
Sheena Wilson Centre Dubai   proposed       
Sherborne School Dubai   not planned   not planned     UK
Sobha International Academy Dubai   September 2015   proposed   K-12  UK
37,000-74,000  SIAD reviews 
Solomon International School      planned     International
South View School Dubai   September 2018   +971-4-5897904   K-12  UK
NC 41,300-61,500   
Star International School Barsha      not planned    
 SISB reviews 
Star International School Mizhar      not planned    
 SISM reviews 
Star International School Qusais      not planned    
 SISQ reviews 
The Aquila School   September 2018   +971-4-5862700   K-12  UK, International
NC, BTEC, IB 38,250-51,000   
The Arbor School Dubai   September 2018   +971-4-5667904   K-12  UK
NC 56,000-76,000   
Vernus International School   planned   planned     American
Wellington College Dubai      not planned     UK
A-level, GCSE   
Wellington International School Palm Jumeirah   planned   planned   primary  UK
World Canadian School Dubai   planned   planned   primary  Canadian
Notes about this directory and list of Dubai schools
New nurseries, kindergartens, preschools, daycare, childcare centers in Dubai

New schools in Dubai opening in 2021

New schools in Dubai opening in 2020

  1. Arcadia Academy in JVT. Also "Arcadia High School" (KHDA) or "Arcadia Secondary School". Assumed to be opening in Sep 2020, delayed from Sep 2019.
  2. Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School Dubai, Indian curriculum, opening April 2020 in Hor Al Anz area. Not in KHDA directory for schools opening in 2020.
  3. [Check] Foremarke School Dubai secondary expansion of primary school, Sep 2020, starting with Year 8 or 9, eventually expanding to Year 13. Refer 05 March 2018 FSD announcement expansion to Years 7 (2018), 8 (2019), and 9 (2020). Additional building construction in 2018 to prepare for expansion.
  4. Safa British School Jumeirah campus, new branch or relocating from Meydan Rd Al Quoz? Planned opening Sep 2020 with secondary section, school will be FS1 to Year 13, capacity 1,400 places, senior students offered A-levels and BTEC.
  5. Vernus International School (not Venus Indian School), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), under construction in 2019. Information from EduHub initially said opening September 2016 but obviously it didn't, no update received since then. Maybe Sep 2020?


New schools in Dubai opening in 2019

  1. Al Salam Community School, Al Twar 2. Expansion of or transfer from Al Salam Private School, fee schedule (KHDA):
    Year Group FS1 FS2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
    Annual tuition fees (AED) 2019-2020 22,000 22,000 25,000 25,000 27,000 27,000 29,000 29,000 32,500 32,500 24,000 36,000 36,000 38,000 38,000
  2. Ambassador International Academy, Al Quoz. Website Open Sep 2019 (delayed from 2018).
  3. The Apple International School branch. New branch fee structure (KHDA):
    Year   FS1     FS2       1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9        10       11       12       13   
    Annual tuition fees (AED) 2019-2020                 10,394 12,301 13,626 15,310 17,000    
  4. Arcadia Academy, fee schedule (KHDA):
    Year   FS1     FS2       1         2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9        10       11       12       13   
    Annual tuition fees (AED) 2019-2020                 75,000 80,000 80,000 85,000 85,000 90,000 90,000
  5. Australian International School Dubai, branch or second campus of AIS in Sharjah. Opening September 2019.
  6. The English College (not The New English College?), not a new school but merger in January 2019 of the present English College and the Manor Primary School (which was the English College Primary section closed, renamed, reopened). The math is a bit clumsy but looks something like this: TEC+ECP > TEC + !ECP > TEC+MPS = TEC.


New schools in Dubai to be added (Mar 2019 update)

Education providers to be added, section moved to new schools in UAE page.


Updates done > Mar 2019

>> Mar 2019

End Mar 2019 update list section

New schools in Dubai opening date unknown, under consideration, etc

New school reports (opening date not given or unclear)

New schools in Dubai in 2022

2019, 2020, 2021 see above

New schools in Dubai in 2018

  1. Al Mawakeb School Al Khawaneej - open Sep 2018, part of Al Mawakeb Schools group, operated by AMSI.
  2. Ambassador School another campus opening in Al Khail Gate by the end of 2018? No, delayed until Sep 2019.
  3. Bright Riders Dubai branch, CBSE curriculum, open April 2018 in Dubai Investments Park (DIP).
  4. Brighton College Dubai, Al Barsha South, September 2018, British curriculum.
  5. Dubai International Academy Al Barsha, IB curriculum.
  6. Dunecrest American School, US curriculum with IB for Grades 11-12, open September 2018 in Majan area.
  7. Dwight School Dubai, IB World School, open September 2018 in Al Barsha South.
  8. Fairgreen International School, IB school, open September 2018 in Dubailand Sustainable City.
  9. GEMS Founders School Al Mizhar, September 2018.
  10. Ignite School, US and UAE MOE curriculum?
  11. Renaissance School Dubai, open Oct 2018 in Dubai Sports City.
  12. Riverston School Dubai, British curriculum.
  13. Southview School (South View School), Sep 2018.
  14. The Aquila School Dubailand, UK primary school expanding to secondary in later years, open September 2018.
  15. The Arbor School, British curriculum, Al Furjan area, open September 2018.


New school reports

New schools open in Dubai in 2017

  1. Amity Indian School Dubai. Open Apr 2017 in Al Gusais School Zone, fee range AED 15,000-26,000.
  2. [Closed in 2018] British Columbia Canadian School, open Sep 2017 in Dubai Investments Park (DIP).
  3. CMI Group Indian School Dubai, a second Dubai school planned after opening their first school in April 2015, the Amled School. CMI also plan to open a school in Abu Dhabi and in Sharjah.
  4. DEWA Academy, UK BTEC for Years 10-12 only (Emiratis and/or DEWA employees only), Al Hudaiba. First opened in 2013?
  5. Dubai Heights Academy, British curriculum, location Al Barsha South, open September 2017, fees AED 44,200-58,400.
  6. GEMS Dubai American Academy (Dubai American Academy Nations), not a new school, merger of GEMS Nations Academy (GNA) and Dubai American Academy, sort of a continuation of DAA but moved to the GNA campus location.
  7. GEMS National School for Boys, Al Barsha South, UK and UAE curriculum for Arab Muslim students, delayed opening from September 2016?
  8. Global Indian International School (GIIS-Dubai), (re) opened Sep 2017, fees AED 27,000-37,000. See also GIIS Abu Dhabi.
  9. Lycee Francais Jean Mermoz, in Al Quoz 1, French school, fee range AED 36,000-46,000, delayed from 2016.
  10. Newlands School Dubai, UK curriculum, in Al Warqa area, open Sep 2017, AED 19,200-26,400 fees.
  11. North London Collegiate School in Meydan, Dubai branch of UK school but IB not UK curriculum, fees AED 83,000-130,000.
  12. The Alpha School, Sep 2017, British primary school in Al Qusais area.
  13. The Rising School, open Sep 2017 in Nad Al Sheba 4, American curriculum, primary school.

10 new schools open in 2017, KHDA press release 20 May 2017. All open September 2017 except Amity School which opened in April 2017.

  1. Amity Indian School
  2. British Columbia Canadian School in Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City. Fee range AED 40,000-60,000.
  3. DEWA Academy
  4. Dubai Heights Academy
  5. Global Indian International School in Al Barsha. See the previous GIIS in Dubai.
  6. Lycee Francais Jean Mermoz
  7. Newlands School Dubai.
  8. North London Collegiate School
  9. Rising School, Nad Al Sheba, American curriculum, fees AED 38,000-55,000.
  10. The Alpha School, Al Ghusais, British curriculum, fee range AED 22,280-28,500.

New schools in Dubai opening in 2016

Safa British School is not a new school, is a new name and website for 2016-2017 for Safa Private School on Meydan Road.

List of schools with opening dates for 2016-2017 academic year

  1. Arcadia Primary School (Arcadia Preparatory School), UK curriculum, JVT area, Sep 2016.
  2. Clarion School Al Quoz, American curriculum, Sep 2016 for PreKG to Grade 2, Grade 3 will start in Sep 2017.
  3. GEMS Founders School, UK curriculum, in Al Barsha, FS1 to Year 6, expanding to Year 13 eventually.
  4. GEMS Heritage Indian School, Indian CBSE curriculum school for Nursery/KG to Grade IX, open April 2016.
  5. GEMS National School for Girls, Al Barsha South, UK and UAE curriculum for Arab Muslim students.
  6. GEMS Nations Academy, American curriculum school in Al Barsha, fee range AED 84,000-118,000 for KG to Grade 8.
  7. Jebel Ali School new school or campus, in Akoya by Damac development, opening September 2016.
  8. Kent College Dubai campus, September 2016 for Foundation to Year 13, UK curriculum.
  9. Next Generation School Dubai, Al Quoz, Sep 2016.
  10. Smart Vision School, Al Barsha, Sep 2016.
  11. Sunmarke School Jumeirah Village, open Sep 2016.

Other schools planned or under consideration for 2016 but not confirmed, opening date changed, relocated, or need update.

New school reports

New schools in Dubai opening in 2015 (for 2015-2016 academic year)
  1. Al Safa Academy - opening in 2015 in Dubailand area according to the KHDA in March 2014, or reports of KHDA information. But seems more likely to be a reference to the Safa British Academy (Safa Community School) which plans to open in September 2014 (at least, that's what the Safa Schools Group said in March 2014), unless there's a delay and a change of name that hasn't been made public yet. No other information provided or found.
  2. Ambassador School Dubai - already exists in Al Mankhool area, opened as Global Indian International School in April 2010, name changed to Ambassador Education or School in April 2013. But school brochure has a picture of a new campus and says "Ambassador School, Dubai - Opening April 2015". Unknown if that means existing school is relocating or another AE school is opening in Dubai. No futher information supplied or found.
  3. Amled Indian School, Indian CBSE curriculum school open Apr 2015 in Al Quoz 4 area.
  4. *Canadian International School in Dubai (KHDA Mar 2014), K-12 school, fee range AED 37,000-73,000, location not clear - KHDA says no land assigned yet, other reports said it would be in Al Barsha. Unknown if related to the Canadian British Columbia curriculum school in Dubai proposed in 2008 or 2009 - probably not according to Mar 2014 information from the KHDA which says it will have an Alberta curriculum. Not related to the Ontario International School opening in Mirdiff in September 2014.
  5. *Community West First School, Dubai Investment Park (DIP) (KHDA Mar 2014) - British Curriculum, FS2 to Year 2 only, capacity 750 students, fees AED 42,000-44,000, opening Sep 2015.
  6. *Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, Taaleem British curriculum school, location Jumeirah Park district, Years 1-13 (not FS1, FS2), might be near the Taaleem Dubai British Foundation School in Jumeirah Islands. Opening date planned for Sep 2015.
  7. *Dubai School of Excellence, Nad Al Sheba (KHDA Mar 2014) - American curriculum K12 school, fees ranging from 38,000 to 75,000, opening Sep 2015.
  8. Durham International School Dubai - opening planned for September 2015, initially for KG-Grade 6 or 7, to Grade 12 eventually. Location, fees, not provided. UK curriculum with IGCSE and IB qualifications.
  9. Hartland International School, in Sobha Hartland project, MBR City, Meydan area, opening Sep 2015, announced Nov 2014. Fee range AED 49,750-65,000, UK and International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.
  10. Islamic International School Dubai (IIS) - opening in 2015, being established by Dr Zakir Naik as the first overseas branch of IIS in Mumbai, India.
  11. Ranches Primary School, UK curriculum, Arabian Ranches 2, open September 2015.
  12. *Sobha International Academy, location Meydan City (KHDA Mar 2014), K-12 British curriculum school, capacity 2,500 places, fees AED 37,000-74,000. Unknown if any connection to the Kent College announced in Mar 2013 for Meydan City.
  13. Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai - opening date originally given as Sep 2016, revised to Sep 2015. Name changed from Swiss International School to Swiss International Scientific School in 2014 or 2015.

Other, or need update

New school reports

List of new schools in Dubai 2014 (academic year 2014-2015)
  1. Bilva Indian School, Al Quoz, open March 2014.
  2. Canadian Ontario International School Dubai (OCIS) - opening Sep 2014 in Mirdif (the old Uptown Primary School location).
  3. Capital School in Al Qusais, on the site of the School of Research Science which is relocating to a new campus in Al Warqa.
  4. The Credence High School in Dubai - Indian curriculum school in "Al Khail area" (is actually in Al Quoz 4 community area). Capacity 3,000 students, opening April 2014, project development cost AED 50 million. Indian curriculum - CBSE and XSEED for classes KG to Grade 6, CBSE for Grades 7-12. Officially opened on 25 Mar 2014.
  5. Dovecote Green Primary School, Dubai Investment Park (DIP), open Sep 2014 for FS1-2 and Year 1, expanding to Years 2-6 in future years.
  6. Dubai British Foundation (DBF) school - Taaleem school opening Sep 2014 in Jumeirah Islands district, offering British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum to 3-5 year old children, FS1 and FS2 only. Opposite The Springs or Meadows Town Center (the one with a Spinneys supermarket). Is a branch of the Dubai British School?
  7. GEMS First Point School (FirstPoint School), open September 2014 in The Villa district in Dubailand, British curriculum.
  8. GEMS Metropole School, Dubai Motor City, opening September 2014, British curriculum.
  9. GEMS Sports Academy, opened at GEMS Wellington Academy campus in Dubai Silicon Oasis Sep 2014.
  10. Kings School Al Barsha - opening FS1 to Year 9 in Sep 2014 in Al Barsha or Al Barsha South, expanding to Year 13 by 2016. Tuition fees AED 50,200-103,200. Opened 16 Sep 2014 although area still looks like a construction site.
  11. Kings School Nad Al Sheba - opening FS1 to Year 6 in Sep 2014 (delayed from Sep 2013), expanding to secondary school by 2016.
  12. British International School of Dubai (Nord Anglia Education School Dubai), opening September 2014 in Al Barsha South.
  13. Safa Community School (SCS) - was originally to be named the Safa British Academy (SBA), British curriculum school opening Sep 2014 in Al Barsha South, Dubailand, near Miracle Gardens.

Other schools in Dubai in 2014 - renamed, relocated, expansion, something else:

Reports of new schools in Dubai 2014

New schools in Dubai 2013 (for 2013-2014 school year)
  1. *AFLEC Lycee Francais International school - opening in September 2013. Renamed as International Concept for Education (see entry below)?
  2. Delhi Private School Academy (DPS Academy, Delhi Public School Academy) - open April 2013? Previously reported as the Union Indian International School (UIIS)?
  3. Foremarke School Dubai - open September 2013, UK curriculum primary school (FS1 to Year 6), located in Dubiotech development, Al Barsha South, part of Evolvence Capital group of schools.
  4. GEMS International School Al Khail - open September 2013. IB curriculum school for classes KG to Grade 5.
  5. GEMS New Millennium School Al Khail Road - open April 2013. CBSE Indian curriculum for KG to Grade 6 initially. A "Day-Boarding" school, according to their website, the Millennium schools are "the only CBSE Day-Boarding schools in the UAE". The Millennium School in Al Ghusais (Al Qusais) (which opened in September 2000) says on their website that they are "the only CBSE Day Boarding school in the UAE."
  6. GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, UK curriculum to IGCSE, from FS1 to Year 12. Sister school to Wellington Academy DSO.
  7. International Concept for Education (ICE at Meydan or ICE at Dubai) - opening September 2013 for students pre-KG to Grade 2 initially. A bilingual English-French or tri-lingual Arabic-English-French international school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or a French Ministry of Education curriculum. Location in Meydan City, Nad Al Sheba (Nadd Al Shiba) area. Telephone +971-4-3708668, website (not Previously was called Lycee Francais Internationale Meydan or similar, an AFLEC school?
  8. Kings School Nad Al Sheba (or Kings College Nad Al Sheba) - opening Sep 2013? Delayed until Sep 2014.
  9. Sabari Indian School (SIS) - opening date April 2013? Near Century Mall in Al Wuheida, CBSE-i (ICBSE) Indian curriculum, opening KG to Grade 5 initially.
  10. Springdale Indian School Dubai (Springdales School) - opening April 2013. Located off Al Khail Road in Al Quoz 4, CBSE Indian curriculum for KG to Grade 5 initially.
  11. The Oasis School (previously called The Universal Academy of Education or Excellence) - opening date September 2013 (although was already operating as TUAE from 2012 in a different location, and as BILD Dubai before that).
  12. Uptown School in Mirdif - International Baccalaureate (IB) school opened in Sep 2012 for pre-KG, KG1, KG2. Opening primary and middle school Sep 2013, senior secondary school Sep 2014.
  13. Victory Heights School in Dubai - primary school, UK curriculum, in Dubai Sports City.

Other new schools in Dubai not opening after all, renamed, or something else in 2013:

Reports of new schools in Dubai

New schools in Dubai in 2012 (academic year 2012-2013)

Reports of new schools in Dubai 2012-2013

New schools in Dubai 2011
New schools in Dubai 2010 (academic year 2010-2011)

New schools reported but not open or something else

New schools in Dubai 2009
New schools in Dubai 2008
New schools in Dubai 2007
New schools in Dubai 2006
New schools in Dubai 2005 (academic year 2005-2006)

Send updates, corrections, details of new schools, closed or relocated schools, etc to education at dubaifaqs dot com.

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