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New schools in Abu Dhabi

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List of new schools in Abu Dhabi


List of schools and details
School name Open  Tel   Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
Abu Dhabi Police Nursery      planned   nursery  Arabic
Al Bateen Primary School      planned   primary  UK
 ABPS reviews 
Aliaa International School Abu Dhabi   2014   proposed    
British College Abu Dhabi   planned   planned   K-12  UK
IB, NC  BCAD reviews 
Delhi Private School Abu Dhabi   proposed   proposed     Indian
CBSE  DPSAD reviews 
Dulwich College Abu Dhabi   September 2012   planned   K-12  UK
IB, A-level, IGCSE, GCSE*   
Early Childhood Development Center Abu Dhabi   2015   proposed   nursery  UAE, US
3 mths to 5 years   
Edison World School Abu Dhabi   planned   planned   K-12  US
Emke Group School Abu Dhabi   proposed   planned     Indian
GEMS Westminster School Abu Dhabi   not planned   not planned    
Indian High School Abu Dhabi   planned   planned     Indian
Kids Academy Mohammed Bin Zayed City   planned   planned   nursery  UK
Early Years Foundation Stage   
Kings Nursery Abu Dhabi   April 2012   planned   nursery  UK
Mayoor Private School Abu Dhabi   April 2014   planned   K-12  Indian
New ADEC IB school Abu Dhabi   proposed   proposed   K-12 
IB DP, MYP, PYP  NAISAD reviews 
Pan American Academy Abu Dhabi   planned   planned   K-12  Canadian
BC HS Diploma  PAAAD reviews 
Redwood Saadiyat Nursery   September 2013   planned   nursery 
United World College Abu Dhabi   proposed   proposed     International
Universal Future Education School Abu Dhabi   September 2011   proposed   K-12  US
 UFESAD reviews 
Notes about this directory and list of Abu Dhabi schools

New schools opening in Abu Dhabi in 2020

  1. Raha International School Khalifa City, IB curriculum, second branch of RIS opening in September 2020.

New schools opening in Abu Dhabi in 2019

  1. Al Bateen Academy Nursery, expansion of school, location Al Manaseer area, IB PYP curriculum for FS1 (?), FS2 (?) and/or Year 1 (?), fee range AED 53,000 to AED 55,600, opening September 2019.
  2. International Community School Khalidiya Campus, Zayed Al Thani, Abu Dhabi. Opening September 2019, British Curriculum, fees AED 20,900 to AED 27,800 (FS2 to Year 13).
  3. Raha International School Khalifa City, see schools opening in 2020. Is delayed or incorrectly reported as opening in Sep 2019?

Abu Dhabi Future Schools project (public schools), see separate section. Above list is private schools.

Al Ain schools, see Al Ain schools list or new schools in UAE.

ADEK (ADEC) plans, projects, initiatives for new schools

ADEC new school model and strategic plan to 2020
Abu Dhabi Future Schools Project, Program, Programme

ADFSP or FSP-Abu Dhabi is a construction program launched by ADEC (now ADEK) in 2008 to build 100 new public schools in Abu Dhabi by 2020. Design and construction process by Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada).

Schools planned and completed


Charter Schools in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Charter Schools program for public schools was launched in 2018 as a pilot project with Al Rayana School in Al Falah area. In 2019 it the program expanded to include 12 more schools in Abu Dhabi emirates: 9 in Abu Dhabi city and 3 in Al Ain city. Program partners to operated the Charter Schools are Aldar Academies, Bloom Education and Taaleem Education.

New schools in Abu Dhabi to be added (Mar 2019 updates)

Updates done > Mar 2019

End Mar 2019 update section

New schools opened in Abu Dhabi by year

Note that mismatch between number of new schools in these lists and number of new schools reported might be due to news reports sometimes omitting new schools, or including new schools in Al Ain, or including school relocations or new buildings as new schools, or old schools with new names.

New schools opening in Abu Dhabi in 2018

School names


Abu Dhabi new schools opening in 2017
  1. Al Rabeeh Academy MBZ City, FS1 to Year 13 UK curriculum school in MBZ City, Royal Academy renamed.
  2. Aspen Heights British School, open September 2017, FS1 or FS2 to Year 5 or 6?
  3. CMI Group Indian School Abu Dhabi (actual school name not known). CMI Group opened the Amled Indian School in Dubai April 2015 and said they plan to open more schools in 2017 in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai.
  4. Nord Anglia Education, a third school in the UAE, second in Abu Dhabi, expected to open in September 2017, 2,250 places from KG to Year 13 or Grade 12. Location given as "Abu Dhabi's new central business district", but not specified if that means Maryah Island CBD, previously called Sowwah Island, or the new Abu Dhabi Capital District (where the first Nord Anglia Abu Dhabi school is), or downtown Abu Dhabi, or somewhere else. Curriculum information not given except for headline saying it will be an "international school". Which probably means British, IB, or both, given that NAE focuses on those two curriculums. Announced in press release 04 Feb 2016.
  5. Royal Academy MBZ City, renamed as Al Rabeeh Academy.


New schools opening in Abu Dhabi in 2016

20 new schools expected or possibly opening in Abu Dhabi during 2015-2016 academic year (ADEC 2013-2014 report, see below).

  1. [?] Abu Dhabi Indian School 2nd branch.
  2. Al Mamoura area school (name not confirmed), Aldar Academies, sort of a new school, or a relocation and expansion of Al Mushrif School in Abu Dhabi.
  3. [Update, also villa schools] GEMS United Indian School Abu Dhabi, open April 2016? Press release 08 Dec 2015 (?) KT (13 Dec), AB (08 Dec).
    • Annual tuition fee range AED 9,000 to AED 15,300.
    • Not a new school, is old (villa?) school rebranded (see GEMS Education information): GEMS United Indian School began as the well known Our Own English School, which opened in September, 1990. Following a restructure and the building of a new, state-of-the-art campus, we began enrolments in November 2015, for our school, re-named as GEMS United Indian School.
    • Same as Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi?
    • Location 42nd St, Baniyas West. Curriculum CBSE, English language instruction. Principal George Mathew.
    • Initially for students from KG1 to Grade or Year (?) 10, Grades 11-12 later.
    • Campus with 3 floor building, facilities for technology, performing arts, sports, capacity 1,500 places to be expanded to 3,900 (possibly).
    • Website Email
    • FB page spam at
  4. [?] Shining Star International School 2nd branch, Indian school, capacity 2,000 students initially, possibly up to 4,000 later.
  5. West Yas School, Aldar Academies, opening September 2016, see reports below.


New schools opening in Abu Dhabi in 2015
  1. [Check] Aldar Academies primary school - co-ed, opening planned for Sep 2015. Further details not provided. Might be combined with Aldar Academies girls school, or a separate school.
  2. [Check] Aldar Academies secondary school for girls - opening planned for Sep 2015, capacity 1,800 students, high school only. School name, location, contact details, not provided. Not clear if part of the Aldar Academies primary school planned or a different school.
  3. Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi (GIIS) - Indian curriculum, location Baniyas East, opened in April 2015?
  4. The Philippine Global School - sort of a new school, open September 2015. New owners and management for the 21st Centry Academy which closed in Aug 2015 as a result of losing its operating licence from ADEC. Same location and building, mostly the same students and teachers.

Reports of new schools in Abu Dhabi

New schools in Abu Dhabi 2014
  1. Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) Branch 1 - second branch of ADGS open Sep 2014 in Mussafah Community, MBZ City.
  2. Abu Dhabi Indian High School new branch - second campus of ADIS in Abu Dhabi, location Baniyas City or Al Wathba? Indian curriculum. Opening date April 2014 (maybe ... don't hold your breath).
  3. Ajyal International Private School - UK curriculum, open Sep 2014 in MBZ City. Not in Al Falah area.
  4. Al Basma British School - new location and name for Al Basma English Private School (was also called Giggles School). New building under construction in 2013-2014 in Old Al Bahia ("Al Bahya Old"), Shahama. Open Sep 2014. Listed in ADEC directory as "The Giggles English School".
  5. Al Yasat Private School - relocated to Al Shamkha and expanded from primary to K-12 school for Sep 2014. Originally established in 1993.
  6. Cranleigh School of Abu Dhabi - opening date September 2014.
  7. Creative British Academy or School (CBA, CBS) - open September 2014 in Mussafah Community. Operated by Pace Group. Is an Indian school, not a British school?
  8. Mayoor Indian School Abu Dhabi (Mayoor Private School) - Indian curriculum, location Bani Yas City (Baniyas City) or Al Wathba South? The "Eton of India" ... allegedly. Opening April 2014?
  9. [Location] Reach British School - Arab-UK curriculum, opening in Bani Yas East September 2014. Or MBZ City?
  10. Ryan International School Mussafah, MBZ City - opening April 2014, Indian CBSE curriculum school. Same as or renamed as the Indian Modern Science School?
  11. Shining Star International School - Indian CBSE school which will take students from Little Flower Private School and Indian Islahi Islamic School (both closed Mar 2014). Located in Shabiyah 9, Mussafah, MBZ City. Previous ADEC information said it would open by mid-April 2014 in an unused government school building in MBZ City. Actual opening date not provided. Plans to construct a new campus in Al Wathba to move to.
  12. The Philippines School Abu Dhabi (TNS-AUH) - branch of TNS-Dubai open Sep 2014 to replace the Philippine National School (PNS) which closed Jul 2014.

Existing schools relocating to new premises in Abu Dhabi, school expansions, schools renamed, schools not opening after all, anything else important during 2014.

New school reports

New schools in Abu Dhabi 2013
  1. Brightriders Indian School (Bright Riders School, Indian or International Community Kindergarten ICK relocated and renamed) in Mohammad Bin Zayed City (MBZ City) (Mussafah) - 900 places for KG 1, KG 2, Grade 1 students. Capacity 4,000 students from KG to Grade 6? Initially open for classes KG to Grade 4? CBSE curriculum offered. Chairman and/or owner is Dr B. R. Shetty (he is also Chairman of Abu Dhabi Indian School board, CEO of NMC Group, owner of another school in Madinat Zayed - Western Region, owner of the Indian Community Kindergarten). Project value AED 100 million ... or was amount invested by Dr Shetty in the school? Opening date in April 2013.
  2. Diyafah International School - opened September 2013 in Mohammad Bin Zayed City.
  3. GEMS Cambridge International School in Baniyas City - open September 2013. UK/US curriculum?
  4. GEMS Winchester School Abu Dhabi - British curriculum school for classes FS1 to Year 9, opening date September 2013.
  5. Najmat Al Reem Arabic Academy
  6. Najmat Al Reem International Academy - opening on Reem Island Sep 2013 or Sep 2014 (not clear from report 01 Apr 2013).
  7. *Philippine Emirates Private School (PEPS)? Unknown, unconfirmed, might be PISCO Private School renamed? School logo says founded September 2013? Located in Baniyas City East?
  8. Repton School in Abu Dhabi - UK curriculum, open 29 September 2013 for FS1, FS2, and Year 1 classes. Located in Shams Abu Dhabi on Reem Island.
  9. Summit International School - opening September 2013?

Other school information in 2013 - expanding, relocating, name change, etc

Reports of new schools in Abu Dhabi

New schools in Abu Dhabi 2012
  1. Yas Academy - new school opening in an old building to take students from some of the closed villa schools in Abu Dhabi.
  2. United School of Baniyas, Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi region - open September 2011 ... or delayed until September 2012, conflicting information provided.
New schools in Abu Dhabi opening in 2011
  1. Al Bateen School, Abu Dhabi
  2. Al Ain International Private School, Al Ain
  3. American School of Bani Yas, Western Region
  4. Emirates National School, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi
  5. Glenelg School Madinat Zayed branch, Western Region
  6. International School of Al Ain, Al Ain
  7. UFE American School, Abu Dhabi - job advertised for principal "of a new school being established in the Abu Dhabi area". September 2011 opening date assumed. No further information provided. Might be related to one of the existing UFE schools but they started in September 2010.
  8. United School of Baniyas, Abu Dhabi - see new schools in 2012, not clear if school open September 2011 or 2012.

New school reports

New schools in Abu Dhabi 2010
  1. 21st Century Private Academy (Twenty First Private Academy) - open September 2010 for Filipino students from closed villa schools. Run by UFE.
  2. Al Sorouh American School, Khalifa City B, primary school for Emirati and Arab families who want a US curriculum school.
  3. Bhavans Indian School Abu Dhabi (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School) - renamed as Private International English School (or Indian School) in Mussafah, CBSE curriculum, open September 2010. Location between Sunrise English Private School and Safeer Mall, Sector 9? Website Bhavans schools proposed in Dubai and Sharjah also (maybe)?
  4. Indian school in Madinat Zayed, Western Region (Al Gharbiyah) - opening date 11 April 2010? Owned by Dr B. R. Shetty, who has involvement with other Indian schools in the UAE, and is CEO of NMC Group.
  5. Middle East Private School or Academy (MEPS, MEPA) - new Arabic (?) curriculum school open September 2010 to cater to students from several closed villa schools, run by UFE. Is UFE Academy renamed, on site of Saad Bin Obaidah School (or not, check ADEC information - different locations unless SBOS moved?).

Other school information for 2010 - relocated, renamed, expanded

New school reports

New schools in Abu Dhabi opening date unknown

New school reports

Schools and education in Abu Dhabi - ADEC figures


Current or historical

Send updates, corrections, details of new schools, closed or relocated schools, etc to education at dubaifaqs dot com.

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