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Al Ain school finder

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

List of private and international schools in Al Ain

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School name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
Abdullah Bin Zubair Private School   +971-3-7680551   primary  Arabic, UK NC, IB 10,800-16,200   
Al Adhwa Private School   +971-3-7828870   K-12  Arabic/US/UK 5,988-16,715   
Al Ain American School   +971-3-7677000   primary  Arabic/US 14,000-22,500   
Al Ain English Speaking School   +971-3-7678636   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE 19,734-39,468  AAESS reviews 
Al Ain International School   +971-3-7151000   primary  UK NC EYFS KS1 KS2 39,600-48,510   
Al Ain Juniors School   +971-3-7810077   K-12  Indian, UK IGCSE, O-AS-A-levels, CBSE 4,232-12,447  AAJS reviews 
Al Ain Khaleej School   +971-3-7811232       
Al Amal Kindergarten and School   closed Jun 2011       
Al Andalus Private Academy   +971-3-7829980   K-12  Arabic UAE MOE   
Al Awael Private School   +971-3-7806070   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE 5,000-10,000   
Al Dahma Model School   +971-3-7678880     UAE   
Al Dar Private School Al Ain   +971-3-7832215     Arabic/UAE   
Al Dhafra Private School Al Ain   +971-3-7671123   K-12  Arabic/UK/US A-level, IGCSE, SAT 9,453-18,368   
Al Ettehad Private School   +971-3-7519002     Pakistan   
Al Hamdaniya Grand Private School   +971-3-7671400   primary  Arabic/UAE   
Al Hilal Private School   closed   primary  Pakistan 1,250-1,500   
Al Ittihad School Al Ain   +971-3-7811164   primary  Arabic/US 15,000-25,800  AISAA reviews 
Al Khalil International Private School   +971-3-7820676   primary  Arabic MOE  AKIPS reviews 
Al Nashaa Al Saleh Private School   +971-3-7630444   K-12  Arabic, US Montessori, MOE, AdvancED 6,500-18,960   
Al Saad Indian School Al Ain   +971-3-7852232   primary  Indian CBSE 8,500-10,000  ASISAA reviews 
Al Safwa Private School   +971-3-7811799   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE   
Al Sanawbar School   +971-3-7679889   K-12  Arabic, UK, US A-level, IGCSE 12,000-25,000   
Al Sarooj School   closed Jun 2011     Arabic/UAE   
Al Yahar Private School   +971-3-7816788     Arabic, UK 4,000-23,000   
Aldar Academies Primary School Al Ain   renamed   primary  UK   
Alia International Private School Al Ain   +971-3-7848992   K-12  Arabic, US MOE   
Baraem Al Ain Private School   +971-3-7678848   K-12  Arabic, UAE, US MOE, HS Diploma, co-ed 4,000-10,000   
Brighton College Al Ain UAE   +971-3-7133999   K-12  UK GCSE, A-Level 47,530-72,680  BCAAU reviews 
Choueifat Al Ain   +971-3-7678444   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 20,000-35,000  CAA reviews 
Darul Huda Islamic School   +971-3-7677883     Indian CBSE   
Elite Music Institute Al Ain        Music school 2,500-15,300  EMIAA reviews 
Emirates National School Al Ain   +971-3-7616888   K-12  Arabic, UK, US IBPYP, IBMYP, IB, AP 19,000-53,770  ENSAA reviews 
Emirates Private School Al Ain   +971-3-7679322   K-12  Arabic, UK, US A-level, ACT 5,500-10,500  EPSAA reviews 
First Lebanon School   +971-3-7806780   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE   
Future International School Al Ain   +971-3-7666771     Arabic/US   
Global English School Al Ain   +971-3-7678844   K-12  UK Montessori, IGCSE, A, AS Level 11,000-21,500  GESAA reviews 
Grace Valley Indian School   +971-3-7805511     Indian CBSE-i 3,000-4,500  GVIS reviews 
Hope Centre Al Ain   +971-3-7669494     Special Needs   
House of Arts Al Ain   +971-3-7626651     Music, dance   
Ibn Khaldoun Islamic Private School   +971-3-7814785   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG2-G12 2,500-7,500   
Indian Islahi School Al Ain   renamed     Indian CBSE   
Indian School Al Ain   +971-3-7678972   K-12  Indian CBSE   
Institute of Applied Technology Al Ain   +971-3-7043000   secondary  UAE UAE MOE   
International Private School Al Ain   +971-3-7674844   K-12  UAE, Arabic MOE 4,000-11,880   
Iranian School Al Ain   +971-3-7676593     Iranian   
Khalifa Bin Zayed School Al Ain   +971-3-7636661     Arabic/UAE UAE GSEC   
Liwa International School   +971-3-7810444   K-12  Arabic/UK/US IGCSE, SAT, AP 13,680-24,605   
Liwa Private School   renamed LIS   K-12    
Lycee Francais Theodore Monod Ecole Al Ain   +971-3-7677941   primary  French   
Madar International School   +971-3-7611330   K-12  Arabic/UK/US A-level, SAT  MIS reviews 
Madar International School Al Hayer   +971-3-7612538   primary  Arabic/US   
Manor Hall International School   +971-3-7810891     Arabic, UAE, US 21,000-35,000  MHIS reviews 
Mohammed Bin Khalid Generations School   +971-3-7805554   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G6 10,000-14,000   
New Al Ain British School        UK NC   
New Indian Model School Al Ain   +971-3-7811882   K-12  Indian CBSE, SSLC 2,250-3750   
Oasis International School        Indian CBSE   
Oasis School Al Ain   closed     Indian CBSE   
Our Own English High School Al Ain   +971-3-7679747   K-12  Indian CBSE, CIE AS A-levels 3,324-6,924  OOEHSAA reviews 
Pakistan Islamia School Al Ain   +971-3-7677878   K-12  Pakistan FBISE SSC 2,540-4,750  PISAA reviews 
Palestine School and Kindergarten   +971-3-7678914     Arabic   
Sultan Bin Zayed School   +971-3-7551367     UAE UAE   
Sunflower School Al Ain   +971-3-7828300     UK Cambridge, IPC 14,000-19,500  SSAA reviews 
Taiba Private School Al Ain   +971-3-7616530   primary  Arabic/US   
Tawam Model Private School   +971-3-7810912   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE   
United School of Al Yahar   +971-3-7819799   K-12  Arabic, UAE, US 12,000-19,000   
Universal Private School Al Ain   +971-3-7678884   K-12  Arabic, UAE, UK MOE, NC 4,000-13,500   
Wellspring School Al Ain   closed   K-12  Arabic, UAE, US  WSAA reviews 
Zahrat Al Madain Private School   closed Jun 2011       
Zakher Private School   +971-3-7820257   primary  Arabic, UK UAE MOE 7,800-9,300  ZPS reviews 
Notes about this directory and list of Al Ain schools
  • To add a school in Al Ain to this list, start a new topic in the Al Ain schools forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • School name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "English" schools follow an Indian or Arabic curriculum.
  • Sort by tel number to group schools in the same geographical area (first 2 or 3 digits after country and city code indicate area).
  • School finder and directory list includes Al Ain schools, colleges and villa schools which offer American, British, English, Indian, Pakistan, Philippines expatriate curriculums, and private Arabic schools with instruction in English. The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) is the government ministry or organisation dealing with schools and education in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • Driving to schools in Al Ain is made a bit easier by putting many of them in one area - the Falaj Hazza (Falaj Haza) schools area, however allow for traffic jams due to lots of school buses and cars all driving to and from the same area, and arriving and departing at similar times.

New schools in Al Ain, opening date unknown or not clear

New schools in Al Ain 2017

New schools in Al Ain 2016

  • Liwa International School for Girls (LISG), KG to Grade 10, expanding to Grade 12, capacity 1,000 students, US curriculum. Second Liwa group school, first is Liwa International School, also in Al Ain. Teachers and other staff to be female only says LIS principal Dr Shereen Gobran (TN 14 Mar 2016). Opening for 2016-2017 academic year.
    • Initial class levels KG to Grade 8 (GN 08 Mar 2016), KG to Grade 10 (TN 14 Mar 2016), KG to Grade 8 (LISG information 23 Mar 2016). Fee structure not yet provided. Applications and enquiries email info@lisg.ae, or tel +971-3-7800444.
    • Principal Ms Nicki Williams.
    • Website at www.lisg.ae. FB page at facebook.com/lisguae/.
    • Teaching jobs and vacancies visit website (Home > Job Vacancies), download application form, email to info@lisg.ae.

New schools in Al Ain 2015

New schools in Al Ain opening in 2014

  • Bhavans Al Saad Indian School Al Ain - opening date not given, maybe April 2014? Second Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School (BVB) to open in the UAE. First was in Abu Dhabi in 2010 (Private International English School) - Al Ain campus is a branch of the one in Abu Dhabi?
  • Private International English School Al Ain - see Al Saad Indian School Al Ain.

New schools in Al Ain 2013

  • 12 Jan 2013 (KT) - Brighton College Al Ain opening September 2013, second branch of Brighton College UK in the UAE, first was Brighton College Abu Dhabi. Campus area on 25 acres of land. Initially places available for Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) to Year 4 (mixed classes) and segregated boys and girls sections from Years 5 to 9. Higher grades, Years 10-13, opening in 2014 or from 2014-2017 (unclear information). Capacity 1,200 students when fully operational in 2017. British curriculum to GCSE level, and International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) at senior levels.

New schools in Al Ain 2012

  • ABZ School UAE (Abdullah Bin Zubair Private School Al Ain, UAE) - new British curriculum school open September 2012 (?) in Al Maqam district. Or International Baccalaureate (IB) school according to ADEC and ADEZ information, but not found in IBO list of schools.

New schools in Al Ain 2011

New schools in Al Ain 2010

  • United School of Al Yahar - opening date September 2010.

School name confusion in Al Ain

Al Ain American Schools

  • American School of Al Ain - or Al Ain American School (AAAS). Offers a US curriculum but is not really American in culture and atmosphere in the way which most Americans would generally expect. Is more accurate to think of it as an Emirati school offering instruction in English with a mixture of US and UAE curriculums. Similar comments might apply to the American Nursery of Al Ain (is part of AAAS).

Al Ain International Private Schools

  • Al Ain International Primary School - an Aldar Properties school. Also called Al Ain International School, but not the International Private School in Al Ain, which is a different school. The Aldar school has an international curriculum and is popular with expats.
  • International Private School of Al Ain - school name is just International Private School (IPS), but there are several other International Private Schools in Al Ain, and other places around the world. IPS is not the same as the Al Ain International (Primary) School. IPS has a UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) and Arabic curriculum, mostly taught in English, and is popular with Emirati families.
  • Universal Private School Al Ain

Emirates National Private Schools

  • Emirates National School (ENS) Al Ain campus - part of the ENS Group of schools based in Abu Dhabi emirate, offers International Baccalaureate (IB) to mostly Emirati students. Parents and students wanting a more western or international style education and atmosphere are likely to find other schools more appealing.
  • Emirates Private School (EPS) Al Ain campus - one of the Abu Dhabi EPS schools also, different from the ENS Group of schools. Offers a UK, US, or UAE MOE curriculum, and is popular with Emirati families. Families wanting a more western style education and atmosphere are likely to find other schools more satisfactory.

Al Ain Indian Schools

  • GEMS Our Own English High School Al Ain (GEMSOOEHS Al Ain or OOEHSAA) - is an Indian school, not an English (or British) school, and is grades K-12, not a high school. Located next door to the Indian School of Al Ain.
  • Indian Model School of Al Ain - or New Indian Model School of Al Ain (NIMS) or Model Indian School in Al Ain (different names for the same school).
  • Al Ain Indian Private School - or Indian School of Al Ain - not the same as the New Model Indian School in Al Ain.
Last update Wednesday 23-Mar-2016
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