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Ajman school finder

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

List of private and international schools in Ajman

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School name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
Abu Obaidah Bin Al Jarrah Private School   +971-6-7433222   K-12  Arabic 6,500-11,000   
Ajman Academy School   +971-6-7314444   K-12  Arabic, UK IB, IBPYP 30,000-57,000  AAS reviews 
Ajman Intermediate English School   +971-6-7426015   K-10  Indian CBSE 1,250-2,150   
Ajman Modern School   +971-6-7431168   K-10  Arabic, UAE, US IPC, IMYC 10,000-19,825  AMS reviews 
Ajman National School   +971-6-7436444     Arabic, UAE UAE MOE   
Ajman Private School   +971-6-7480444   K-12  Arabic, UAE UAE MOE  APS reviews 
Al Ahlam Indian Private School   +971-6-7487800     Indian CBSE   
Al Ahlia Charity School for Girls   +971-6-7442929     Arabic   
Al Ameer English School   +971-6-7436600   K-12  Indian CBSE 3,300-6,200  AAES reviews 
Al Aqsa Private School   +971-6-7438449   K-12  Arabic, UAE 7,000-12,200   
Al Hikma Private School   +971-6-7464040     Arabic, UAE UAE MOE 5,000-12,000   
Al Iman Private School   +971-6-7490100   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE 5,700-6,500   
Al Karama Private School   +971-6-7434446   K-12  Arabic   
Al Manama Private School Ajman   +971-6-8827808   primary  Arabic   
Al Mushairef Model School        UAE UAE MOE   
Al Nouamia Private School   +971-6-7464820     Arabic   
Al Saad Indian School   +971-6-7426213     Indian 1,750  ASIS reviews 
Al Sateh Primary School   Not found       
American School Ajman   planned   primary  US  ASA reviews 
Avalon Heights World School   +971-6-7423222     Indian Cambridge CIE, CIPP, IGCSE, A-Level 17,000-21,000  AHWS reviews 
Azhar Al Mustaqbal School Ajman   +971-6-7446166       
Bloomington Academy Ajman      primary  UK EYFS, NC  BAA reviews 
British International School Ajman   +971-6-7424440   K-12  UK 10,000-16,000  BISA reviews 
Deans International School Ajman   renamed     US, UAE AP, SAT, UAE-MOE 12,852-20,518  DISA reviews 
Delhi Public School Ajman   planned?     Indian CBSE   
Future Flowers Private School   +971-6-7448899   primary  Arabic/Indian CBSE 4,500-5,500   
Habitat Private School Ajman   +971-6-7315151   K-12  Indian CBSE  HPSA reviews 
Indian School Ajman   +971-6-7437477   K-12  Indian CBSE 2,500-4,500  ISA reviews 
International Indian School Ajman   +971-6-7408333   K-12  Indian CBSE   
Manar Al Eman Charity School   +971-6-7433899     Arabic, MOE UAE MOE   
Model Private School Ajman   +971-6-7421242       
National Charity School Branch Ajman   +971-6-7470137     Arabic   
Omadaa International School   +971-6-7434446     US, UAE AP, SAT, UAE-MOE 12,852-20,518  OIS reviews 
Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan School   +971-6-7467634   K-12  Pakistan FBISE, FBIS 2,400-5,100  OBAKPS reviews 
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School Ajman   +971-6-7434374   K-12  Pakistan FBISE 3,100-6,650  PISSA reviews 
Prince English School Ajman   +971-6-7420720     Indian CBSE   
Rashidiya Islamic School   +971-6-7425593   primary  Arabic 2,500   
The First Academy Ajman   planned   K-12  Arabic/US  TFAA reviews 
The Royal Academy Ajman   +971-6-7494449   K-12  Indian CBSE  TRAA reviews 
Notes about this directory and list of Ajman schools
  • To add a school in Ajman to this list, start a new topic in the Ajman schools forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • School name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "American" schools follow a UAE or other national curriculum.
  • Sort by tel number to group schools in the same geographical area (first 2 or 3 digits after country and city code indicate area).
  • School finder and directory list includes Ajman private & international schools, colleges and villa schools which offer American, British, English, Indian, Pakistan, and other expatriate curriculums, private Arab and MOE schools where teaching is in English or Arabic.

Ajman school zone (Al Jurf, Al Jarf, Al Zahra schools area?)

Correct name is Ajman school zone? Behind Ajman City Center shopping mall.

  • Abu Obaidah Bin Al Jarrah Private School?
  • Ajman Indian School - see Indian School in Ajman.
  • Ajman Modern School (AMS).
  • Ajman Private School (APS) (DM).
  • *Ajman Private Nursery School - same location as APS?
  • Al Ameer English School (Indian school).
  • Al Aqsa Private School
  • Al Hikmah Private School branch (or not - might be information error)? Main campus or old campus in Al Nuaimiyah?
  • Deans International School Ajman - renamed as Omadaa International School.
  • Habitat Indian School - CBSE curriculum, new, open April 2014 (GM)?
  • Manar Al Iman Charity School (Manara Al Eman School).
  • Indian School of Ajman (GM)?
  • International Indian School of Ajman (IIS, IISA).
  • Omadaa International School (Deans International School renamed) (DM).
  • Pakistan Islamia School in Ajman (GM) ((Pakistani Islamic High School, Pakistan Islamia Secondary School of Ajman - PISSA)?
  • That Al Netaqain Girls School 6029 (GM)?

Best schools in Ajman

We'd hesitate to say any school in Ajman is excellent, or even very good. But school ratings are always a subjective issue, and if you don't want to consider a school in Dubai or Sharjah, then start with these ones. As always when choosing a school, it is vital that you actually visit the place to get your own first-hand impression which is worth far more than our opinion, the school's or anyone else's opinion.

Best American school
  • [Arab-US] Ajman Modern Private School (Ajman Modern School) - Arab-US curriculum. AMS is an Islamic school which means culturally it will be different from western American schools, and might not appeal to non-Muslim families.
  • [US] Omadaa (Deans) International School - American curriculum, if you don't want or can't afford the expensive Ajman Academy (an IB school), consider DIS as a second choice, but go and visit it first before enrolling your children.
Best British school
  • [UK] The British International School in Ajman (BISA) - one of only two UK curriculum schools in Ajman, both opened in September 2014. New schools in the UAE are generally disorganised for the first year or two. We suggest BISA based only on them being more organised with providing information so far than the other one, The Bloomington Academy (TBA). Also, TBA is operated by The Lazar Group who run other schools in Ajman but don't provide much in the way of useful information, or answer email enquiries, so we assume it will be similar with TBA.
Best international school
  • [IB] Ajman Academy (or Ajman International Academy) - IB curriculum, consider it if you can afford the very high fees for a school in Ajman - higher than many of the schools in Dubai. Based on the low average ratings given, many people seem to think it's overpriced for what you get.
Best Arab school
  • Insufficient information to give a favorable opinion on any of them. They are all consistently poor at providing updated information. Possibly try the Ajman Modern School, an American and UAE MOE curriculum Islamic school.
Best Indian schools
  • Al Ameer English School - seems to be rated about average by most people, which makes it better than most schools in Ajman (yes we know that doesn't entirely make sense).
  • Habitat School - new school in 2014 so unknown, but if the marketing is to be believed, it might be one of the better Indian curriculum schools in Ajman, although as it's run by the same owners as the International Indian School, that puts us off a bit.
  • Indian School of Ajman (or Ajman Indian School) - sort of here by default because it's a popular choice, not the best one.
  • International Indian School of Ajman - a reluctant addition to the list, included to give one more option if the other two (not counting Habitat) don't have places or are not what you're looking for.
Best Pakistani school
  • Hmmmm ....

New schools in Ajman 2014

  • The Bloomington Academy British School, open September 2014.
  • The British International School of Ajman, open September 2014.
  • Habitat Indian Private School Ajman (HPS, HPSA): announced on 08 Oct 2013 in Dubai. Opening date April 2014?

New schools in Ajman 2013

New schools in Ajman 2012

  • Al Ahlam Indian Private School - CBSE curriculum school, opening date in 2012.
  • Three different "academies" with similar names opened in Ajman in 2012:
    • The Royal Academy (Indian school).
    • The Ajman Academy (Arab-UK, IB school).
    • The First Academy (Arab-US MOE curriculum school).

Ajman school closures or name changes

  • [Closed] Ajman Intermediate English School - closed in 2013?
  • [Renamed] Al Ahlam Indian Private School > East Point Indian International School.

Schools in Sharjah near Ajman

  • Residents of community districts in Ajman near the border with Sharjah might find some schools in Sharjah to be closer or more convenient than schools in Ajman. For example the Al Azra (Al Ezra) schools zone is close to the border with Ajman.
  • The same principle doesn't really apply to schools in Umm Al Quwain (UAQ), which is north of Ajman, mostly because schools in UAQ are further from Ajman, and also because there aren't any very good schools in UAQ either. Note that Ajman and UAQ don't share a border - the district of Al Hamriya, belonging to Sharjah emirate, separates them.
Last update Monday 09-Mar-2015
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