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Abu Dhabi school finder

Thursday 21 March 2019 (UAE)   

List of private and international schools in Abu Dhabi

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School name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
21st Century Academy Abu Dhabi   Closed Sep 2015   K-12  Philippines, US 7,500-10,500  2CAAD reviews 
ABC Private School   +971-2-4445800   primary  Arabic, UK UAE MOE, NC, IGCSE 9,504-23,300  APS reviews 
Abilities Development Centre   +971-2-6417996     Support Services Special Needs   
Ability Center for Special Needs   +971-2-5584341     Special Needs Special Needs   
Abu Dhabi Autism Center   +971-2-5821621     Special Needs Special Needs  ADAC reviews 
Abu Dhabi Center for Language and Speech Disorders   closed Oct 2012     Support Services Special Needs   
Abu Dhabi Grammar School   +971-2-6444703   K-12  Arabic, Canadian Nova Scotia HS Diploma 19,000-41,000  ADGS reviews 
Abu Dhabi Grammar School Mussafah   +971-2-5524223   K-12  Arabic, Canadian Alberta 28,000-34,000  ADGSM reviews 
Abu Dhabi High College         ADHC reviews 
Abu Dhabi Indian School   +971-2-4488025   K-12  Indian CBSE 5,700-10,240  ADIS reviews 
Abu Dhabi Indian School Al Wathba   +971-2-5831991     Indian CBSE 8,650-19,450  ADISAW reviews 
Abu Dhabi International School   +971-2-4434433   K-12  Arabic/UK/US IB, A-level, IGCSE, SAT, AP, AICE 12,500-25,600  ADIS reviews 
Abu Dhabi Junior Academy   +971-2-4450600   primary  UK   
Abu Dhabi National Academy   unknown      ADNA reviews 
Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy   renamed   K-12  Philippines, US 3,000-6,400  ADPA reviews 
Abu Dhabi Secondary School   +971-2-6662874   secondary  Arabic   
Abu Mousa Al Ashaari Private School   +971-2-5832419   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG1-G5 7,000-8,000   
Ajyal International School   +971-2-4097100   K-12  UK, UAE IGCSE, A-level, IB PYP MYP Diploma 26,500-44,500   
Al Azhar Palestine Private School   Closed Jul 2010   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G6   
Al Bahiya Private School   +971-2-5564666   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G6 14,000-21,000   
Al Bahya Boys Primary School   +971-2-5632570   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, Cycle 1, Boys G1-G5   
Al Bashair Private School   +971-2-5531666   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, girls only G6-12 16,000-29,000   
Al Basma British School   +971-2-5623454   primary  Arabic, UK 18,000-28,000  ABBS reviews 
Al Bateen Aldar School   List       
Al Bateen Model School   +971-2-4916805   primary  UAE MOE, Cycle 1, Boys G1-G5  ABMS reviews 
Al Bateen Primary School   planned   primary  UK  ABPS reviews 
Al Bateen Scientific Private School   +971-2-6652411   K-12  Arabic, UAE, US MOE, US, co-ed, girls only G4-12 11,000-21,600  ABSPS reviews 
Al Bateen Secondary School   +971-2-8132000   secondary  UK IB, IGCSE 53,361-62,844  ABSS reviews 
Al Bustan Private School   +971-2-6330036   K-10  Arabic / US 5,300-7,300  ABPS reviews 
Al Dana School   closed       
Al Dhabiania Model School   +971-2-4479003   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, Cycle 1, Girls G1-G5   
Al Dhabiania Private School   +971-2-6678282   K-12  Arabic, US MOE, co-ed KG-G3, girls G4-G12 7,000-12,870   
Al Dhafra Private School   +971-2-6108400   K-12  Arabic, UK, US A-level, IGCSE, SAT 22,000-38,000   
Al Eman School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4436723   K-10  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G9 4,100-6,500   
Al Etihad Center for Disabilities   +971-2-5563469     Arabic Special Needs   
Al Fajr English International School   Closed Jul 2014   K-10  Arabic, UK IGCSE, O-levels 3,930-6,350   
Al Falah School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6427880   K-10  Arabic, UAE, UK   
Al Ikhlas Private School   +971-2-5853591   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G12 9,000-20,000   
Al Imam Muslim School   Closed Jul 2013   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, Cycle 1, Boys G1-G5   
Al Ittihad National School   +971-2-5562666   K-10  Arabic, UAE, US 18,100-37,100   
Al Jazeera School   unknown       
Al Khaleej Autism Center   +971-2-6652004     UAE Special Needs   
Al Maali International School   +971-2-5591000   K-12  Arabic, US MOE, US, co-ed KG-G3 6,000-18,000  AMIS reviews 
Al Malakia Private School   Closed Sep 2005     Arabic, UAE UAE MOE  AMPS reviews 
Al Manara Private School   +971-2-4447340   K-12  Arabic/UAE   
Al Manhal International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4477208   K-12  Arabic, UAE 7,700-14,600   
Al Mashael National Private School   +971-2-4482414   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE   
Al Mashreq Private School   Closed Jul 2010   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE   
Al Mawaheb Model School   +971-2-4460016     UAE   
Al Muna Primary School   +971-2-5014777   primary  UK FS, KS1, KS2 41,580  AMPS reviews 
Al Murooj Scientific Private School   +971-2-6669229   K-10  Arabic, UK A-level, IGCSE 10,025-17,150   
Al Mushraf School          
Al Mushrif Chinese School   +971-2-6500536   primary  Arabic, Chinese, English, UAE MOE KG, Cycle 1 G1-G6   
Al Mushrif Primary School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-8132200   primary  UK FS, KS1, KS2 43,560  AMPSAD reviews 
Al Mushrif School   List       
Al Mutasem School   closed     Arabic, UAE MOE   
Al Muzdalifa School   +971-2-5838023   primary  UAE MOE, girls G1-G5   
Al Nahda National School Boys   +971-2-4454200   secondary  UAE, UK, US MOE, A-levels, IGCSE, SAT 15,350-22,800   
Al Nahda National School Girls   +971-2-4477600   K-12  UAE, UK, US MOE, A-levels, IGCSE, SAT 19,800-24,000   
Al Nahda National Schools      K-12  UAE, UK, US A-levels, IGCSE, SAT, GSEC   
Al Najah Private School   +971-2-5530935   K-12  UAE, UK, US GCSE, A-Level, AP, IB 11,500-24,700   
Al Noor Indian Islamic School   +971-2-6415782     Indian CBSE   
Al Noor Speech Hearing Capacity Day Centre   +971-2-4493844     Special Needs   
Al Qadesyah Secondary School   +971-2-4482818     UAE   
Al Rabeeh School   +971-2-4482856   primary  Arabic, UK Islamic, KG-G6 23,100-28,500  ARS reviews 
Al Raha Gardens Schools   List   K-12  International, UK, US IB, NC  ARGS reviews 
Al Rayyan National Private School   +971-2-4464575   K-12  Indian, UAE IGCSE 5,100-6,975   
Al Sahaba Private School   Closed Jul 2010   K-10  Arabic, UAE MOE   
Al Sahel Private School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6310022   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE  ASPSAD reviews 
Al Salam Private School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6414499   K-12  Arabic, UK IGCSE, AS, A-levels 6,850-20,800  ASPSAD reviews 
Al Shohub School   +971-2-4464800   K-12  Arabic/UK A-level, GCSE 12,500-33,000  ASS reviews 
Al Shomoo Private School   +971-2-6730589   K-10  Arabic/US   
Al Sorouh American School   +971-2-5861133   primary  Arabic, MOE, US Islamic, KG-G6 20,300-24,360   
Al Talaee Private School   closed   primary  UAE   
Al Wahda Secondary School   +971-2-4482818     UAE   
Al Wathba Private School   +971-2-5833438   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G6 4,500-8,000  AWPS reviews 
Al Worood Academy   Closed 2015   K-12  Arabic, UK, US A-level, IGCSE, HS Diploma, SAT 14,193-31,448  AWA reviews 
Al Yasat School   +971-2-6412300   K-12  Arabic, US MOE, co-ed, KG-G12, AERO 14,000-21,000  AYS reviews 
Al Yasmina School   +971-2-5014888   K-12  UK GCSE, A-Level 41,580-57,330  AYS reviews 
Al Zaafarana Primary School   closed   primary  UAE, Arabic MOE, Cycle 1, Girls G1-G5   
Al Zafranah School Abu Dhabi   unknown       
Aldar Academies   +971-2-6905816     39,000-63,000  AA reviews 
Aldar Island Academy   renamed   primary  UK  AIA reviews 
Aliaa International School Abu Dhabi   proposed       
American Academy Abu Dhabi   renamed   K-12   AAAD reviews 
American Community School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6815115   K-12  US IB, AP 39,960-73,130  ACSAD reviews 
American International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4444333   K-12  US IB DP, PYP, US HS diploma 29,000-53,000  AISAD reviews 
Armenian School of Abu Dhabi        Armenia   
Asian International Private School   +971-2-6419112     Indian CBSE   
Assistive Technology Learning Resource Center UAE        Support Services Special Needs   
Atfaal Al Khair Private School   Renamed     Pakistan  AAKPS reviews 
August 6th School Abu Dhabi   Closed   primary  UAE, Arabic MOE, Cycle 2, Boys G6-G9   
Australian School of Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5866980   K-12  Arabic, Australian IBPYP, IBMYP, IB Diploma 14,975-35,534  ASAD reviews 
Badr Al Kobra Private School   closed Jun 2011   primary  Arabic/UAE   
Bangladesh Islamia School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4446904   K-12  Bangladeshi, Bengali SSC, HSC, Dhaka Board 3,800-5,700   
Baniyas Girls School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5853764   primary  UAE MOE, Cycle 1, Girls G1-G5   
Baniyas International Private School   +971-2-5827555   K-12  Arabic, UAE, US MOE, HS Diploma 12,000-25,000   
Baraem Al Ain Private School Baniyas   +971-2-5831818   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed 5,000-12,000   
Baraem Al Aqsa School   closed Jun 2011   K-10  Arabic   
Belvedere British School   +971-2-5090000   K-12  UAE, UK 23,000-27,460  BBS reviews 
Bright Riders School   +971-2-6322123   K-12  Indian CBSE 8,400-17,400  BRS reviews 
Brighton College Abu Dhabi   +971-2-8156500   K-12  UK GCSE, A-level 47,530-72,680  BCAD reviews 
British Arabic International School         BAIS reviews 
British College Abu Dhabi   planned   K-12  UK IB, NC  BCAD reviews 
British Institute for Learning Development Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5566078     UK Special Needs   
British International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5100100   K-12  UK IB, IGCSE, NC 47,900-63,200  BISAD reviews 
British School Abu Dhabi   List     UK GCSE, A-Level, IGCSE, IB  BSAD reviews 
British School Al Khubairat   +971-2-4462280   K-12  UK A-level, GCSE 35,076-61,075  BSAK reviews 
Cambridge High School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5521621   K-12  Indian CBSE, IGCSE, AS, A-levels 13,438-28,380   
Canadian International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5564206   K-12  Arabic, Canadian Alberta HS Diploma 35,075-46,494  CISAD reviews 
Castle Private School   +971-2-6412960   primary  Arabic/UK   
Chinese School Abu Dhabi        Arabic, Chinese, UAE MOE   
Choueifat Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4461444   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 19,178-35,090  CAD reviews 
Choueifat Khalifa City   +971-2-5562555   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 20,000-35,300  CKC reviews 
Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4970000   K-12  UK 65,000-240,000  CSAD reviews 
Creative British School   +971-2-5523700   K-10  Arabic, Indian, UK EYFS, NC, IGCSE 7,000-18,000  CBS reviews 
Creative Scientific Private School   renamed   K-12  UAE UAE 8,000-18,000   
Crescent International Private School   +971-2-6818852       
Cultural Private School Abu Dhabi   Closed Jul 2010   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G6   
Dar Al Maarif English School        Indian O-level, IGCSE  DAMES reviews 
Delhi Private School Abu Dhabi   proposed     Indian CBSE  DPSAD reviews 
Diyafah International School Abu Dhabi      K-12  UK NC EYFS 24,200-28,700   
Dulwich College Abu Dhabi   planned   K-12  UK IB, A-level, IGCSE, GCSE*   
Ecole Francaise Privee   +971-2-4492092   primary  French  EFP reviews 
Edison World School Abu Dhabi   planned   K-12  US   
Elite Music Institute Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4454909     Music school 2,500-15,300  EMIAD reviews 
Elite Private School   +971-2-4475800   K-12  Arabic, US HS Diploma, SAT, TOEFL 15,000-22,000   
Emirates Autism Center   +971-2-6427557     Special Needs 42,000   
Emirates Future International Academy   +971-2-5525188   primary  Indian, US CBSE 6,250-13,000   
Emirates International Center   +971-2-4465800     Special Needs   
Emirates National School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6425993   K-12  Arabic, UK, US IBMYP, IBPYP, IB, AP 22,240-55,920  ENSAD reviews 
Emirates National School MBZ City   +971-2-5590000   K-12  Arabic, US, UK IBPYP, IBMYP, AP 22,240-55,920   
Emirates National Schools   List   K-12  Arabic, US, UK IBPYP, IBMYP, IB, AP 19,000-55,920   
Emirates Private School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4448863   K-12  Arabic, UK, US A-level, ACT, MOE 7,590-14,375  EPSAD reviews 
Emirates Private School Baniyas   +971-2-5832888   K-10  Arabic MOE 3,036-5,400  EPSB reviews 
Emirates Unity School   unknown      EUS reviews 
Emke Group School Abu Dhabi   planned     Indian CBSE   
French School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4448075   K-12  French 19,000-35,000  FSAD reviews 
Future Centre for Special Needs   +971-2-5533506     Special Needs   
GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5574880   K-12  US IB (pending approval) 31,500-66,780  GAAAD reviews 
GEMS Cambridge International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5104343   K-12  UK IGCSE, AS, A-Levels, BTEC 19,000-32,300   
GEMS Westminster School Abu Dhabi   proposed       
GEMS Winchester School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6326620   K-10  UK British NC 14,000-22,000   
GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6416333   K-12  UK/US IB DP, MYP, PYP 25,000-55,650  GWAAD reviews 
GEMS World School Abu Dhabi   renamed   K-12   GWSAD reviews 
German School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6668668   K-12  German 15,400-40,000  GSAD reviews 
Giggles English School   +971-2-6420255   primary  Arabic, Indian, UK   
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5992001   secondary  UAE, US AP 19,000-36,000  GSAD reviews 
Global Indian School Abu Dhabi      K-12  Indian ICSE  GISAD reviews 
Goodwill Children Private School   +971-2-5534277   primary  Pakistan 20,500-24,000  GCPS reviews 
Gulf Buds Private School   Closed Jul 2014   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG1-G5   
Gulf Special Care Centre   +971-2-6652004     Special Needs   
Hamad Center for Special Needs          
Hamoodah Bin Ali School   +971-2-4478333     UAE   
Happy Student School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6425171   primary  Arabic   
Horizon Private School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5560811   K-12  UAE, US MOE, AP 20,800-39,000   
Howard International School         HIS reviews 
Indian High School Abu Dhabi   planned     Indian CBSE   
Indian Islahi Islamic School   Closed 2014   K-12  Indian CBSE 2,790-4,590  IIIS reviews 
Indian Modern Science School   +971-2-6313663   K-10  Indian CBSE 7,000-9,000  IMSS reviews 
Institute of Applied Technology Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4018222   secondary  UAE UAE MOE   
Inter Milan Football Academy Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4034200       
International Academic School   +971-2-4488868   K-12  Arabic/US/UK IGCSE 8,012-18,360   
International Community School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6330444   K-12  Arabic, UK, US IGCSE, AS, A-levels, HS Diploma 10,525-23,023  ICSAD reviews 
International Community School branch   +971-2-6330444   K-12  Arabic, UK UAE, IGCSE 11,578-25,325  ICSB reviews 
International Jubilee Private School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6335150   K-10  Arabic, UAE, US MOE 11,000-24,000   
Iranian School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6422183   K-12  Iranian 2,900-3,100   
Islamia English School   +971-2-6417773     Pakistan O-level 6,000-12,000  IES reviews 
Islamia Intermediate College   +971-2-6417773     Pakistan FBISE SSC, HSSC  IIC reviews 
Islamic International School Abu Dhabi   closed Jul 2013   K-10  Arabic, UK NC, co-ed, KG1-G8   
Japanese School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4446104   primary  Japanese 13,500-30,000  JSAD reviews 
Khalifa Bin Zayed Secondary School   +971-2-4473663   secondary  Arabic, UAE UAE GSEC   
Lebanese International Private School   +971-2-6219886   K-12    
Leens School and Kindergarten   +971-2-6428811   primary  Indian CBSE, KG-G6 4,140   
Little Flower Private School   closed Apr 2014   primary  Indian Montessori, CBSE 2,900-2,975  LFPS reviews 
Lycee Francais Theodore Monod   +971-2-6679009   primary  French 17,400-26,000  LFTM reviews 
Manchester City Etihad Soccer Schools        Sports Football   
Manchester Soccer School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4498480     Sports Football   
Mayoor Private School Abu Dhabi   planned   K-12  Indian CBSE   
Merryland International School   +971-2-5519626     Indian CBSE 12,000-26,500   
Middle East Private School   +971-2-5827004   K-10  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G9 6,000-8,000  MEPS reviews 
Modern Pakistani School   closed   primary  Pakistan 1,000-2,000  MPS reviews 
NECC Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6429550     Special Needs Special Needs  NAD reviews 
New ADEC IB school Abu Dhabi   proposed   K-12  IB DP, MYP, PYP  NAISAD reviews 
New Indian Model School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4482048   K-12  Indian CBSE, SSLC 3,000-4,150   
New Indian Model School Mussafah   +971-2-5527200   K-12  Indian CBSE, SSLC 3,000-4,150   
Number WorksnWords Al Raha   closed 2011     UK  NWAR reviews 
Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6425990   K-10  Indian CBSE 3,300-6,700  OOEHSAD reviews 
Pakistan Community Welfare School   +971-2-5521898   K-10  Pakistan 2,200-2,500  PCWS reviews 
Pakistan International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4487271   K-10  Pakistan   
Pan American Academy Abu Dhabi   planned   K-12  Canadian BC HS Diploma  PAAAD reviews 
Pearl Primary School   +971-2-6418887   primary  UK 39,600  PPS reviews 
Philippine Emirates Private School   +971-2-5858041     Philippines 3,600-13,200  PEPS reviews 
Philippine National School   Closed Jul 2014   K-10  Philippines 2,000-4,000  PNS reviews 
Pioneer International Private School   Closed Jul 2010   K-10  Philippines  PIPS reviews 
PISCO Private School   Closed Jul 2013   K-10  Philippines, US 6,000-16,000  PPS reviews 
Polaris Private Academy   +971-2-6425117   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE 9,150-14,500   
Prince Center Speech Rehabilitation   +971-2-6415533     Support Services Special Needs   
Private International English School   +971-2-5591777   K-12  Indian CBSE 8,600-13,000  PIES reviews 
Raha International School   +971-2-5561567   K-12  IB DP, MYP, PYP 36,100-56,900  RIS reviews 
Raha Island Academy   renamed   K-12   RIA reviews 
Rawafed Private School   +971-2-6662663   K-12  Arabic, UK, US IGCSE, A-Level, AP 9,350-19,250  RPS reviews 
Reach British School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6767751     Arabic, UK 19,800-23,100   
Real Madrid Academy Abu Dhabi        Sports Football   
Repton School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5074800   primary  UK NC EYFS 55,000-61,000   
Rosary School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4452035   K-12  Arabic MOE, DELF, TOEFL 6,400-14,100   
Royal Academy Abu Dhabi   planned   K-12    
Ryan International School Mussafah   +971-2-5527527     Indian CBSE  RISM reviews 
Saad Bin Obaidah School   +971-2-5832563   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE, Boys, Cycle 1, G1-G5   
Salahuddin Private School   Closed Jul 2014   K-10  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G9 4,000-5,000   
Sharjah American School Abu Dhabi        Arabic, US  SASAD reviews 
Sheena Wilson Centre Abu Dhabi          
Sheikh Khalifa Pakistani School   +971-2-4487160   K-12  Pakistan FBISE, FBIS 3,150-5,420  SKPS reviews 
Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls   +971-2-4469777   K-12  Arabic, Canadian, US HS Diploma 26,100-60,200   
Sherwood Academy   +971-2-4486688   K-10  Indian CBSE 6,950-10,000  SA reviews 
Sherwood Al Tawan School IGCSE   +971-2-4474406   K-12  Indian, UK IGCSE, O-Level  SATSI reviews 
Shining Star International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5599080   K-12  Indian CBSE, Shri Ram 7,900-15,500  SSISAD reviews 
Sir Bani Yas Secondary School   +971-2-5537617   secondary  UAE MOE, Boys, Cycle 3, G10-12   
Special Care Center Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6418418     Special Needs 8,000   
St Josephs School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-4463646   K-12  Indian CBSE 3,600-7,200   
Stars for Special Abilities   +971-2-4462048     Support Services Special Needs   
Summit International School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6222504     US, Arabic   
Sunrise English Private School   +971-2-5529989     Indian CBSE 5,500-8,100  SEPS reviews 
Swedish School in Abu Dhabi        Swedish 6-12 years old 600   
Taleem Training and Skills Development Centre        Support Services Arabic, English   
The Model School   +971-2-5527200   K-12  Indian CBSE, Kerala, Islamic 4,050-5,500   
The National Torches Private School   +971-2-4482414   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE   
The Philippine Global School      K-12  Philippines 4,000-6,400  TPGS reviews 
The Philippine School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-5831044   K-10  Philippines 6,000-10,000  TPSAD reviews 
UFE Academy Abu Dhabi   Renamed Sep 201   K-12  Arabic, UAE MOE, co-ed, KG-G9 3,000-6,400  UAAD reviews 
United School of Baniyas   +971-2-5853566   primary  Arabic, UAE, US 21,000-32,000   
United World College Abu Dhabi   proposed     International IB   
Universal Future Education School Abu Dhabi   proposed   K-12  US  UFESAD reviews 
Vision Private School   +971-2-4477730   K-12  Arabic, UAE, UK UAE MOE 6,000-12,000   
Wisdom High School   +971-2-6423910   K-10  Indian CBSE 7,000-11,000  WHS reviews 
Yas Academy School Abu Dhabi   +971-2-6678900   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE KG-Grade 5 5,000-8,600   
Notes about this directory and list of Abu Dhabi schools
  • To add a school in Abu Dhabi to this list, start a new topic in the Abu Dhabi schools forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • Al Ain, Al Gharbia, and Ruwais schools are not included in this list.
  • School name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "American" schools follow a UAE or other national curriculum.
  • Sort by tel number to group schools in the same geographical area (first 2 or 3 digits after country and city code indicate area).
  • School finder, ADEC school finder, which school advisor, and directory list includes Abu Dhabi schools, colleges and villa schools in Abu Dhabi which offer expatriate curriculums - English (including Australian, British, Canadian, UK, US, USA), French, German, Indian, Russian, Pakistan, and private UAE and Arab schools where Arabic or English is the medium of instruction. Also a few government public schools.
Number of schools in Abu Dhabi
  • 2013-2014 ADEC licensed schools directory: 438 total, 184 private, 254 public schools. Another 10 under construction, ADEC directory appears to be incomplete - some under construction schools are not listed. Figures for Abu Dhabi emirate - includes Al Ain city and region, Al Gharbia region.

Indian KG1 schools in Abu Dhabi - KG1 admission places 2014-2015

Every year, finding a seat in an Indian school in Abu Dhabi with reasonable or cheap tuition fees seems to be particularly difficult, especially at kindergarten KG-1 level.

  • Usually once your kid is in a school, they won't be denied entry in following years, so competition for the entry level class is high.
  • Places are generally difficult to find because demand for cheap schools is higher than supply, and as the population increases, demand increases, while as ADEC shut down cheap villa schools (the last of them in 2014-2015) or the owners of cheap schools go out of business because they aren't allowed to increase fees (by ADEC), supply decreases.
  • An additional factor for 2013-2014 was a new requirement that all Abu Dhabi government and/or federal employees must live in Abu Dhabi to benefit from any housing allowance. This affected families living in Dubai with one parent commuting to Abu Dhabi for employment.
  • A new federal requirement for all teachers in the UAE to be licensed (under discussion during 2014 but might be implemented by end of 2014 or in 2015). It's not a factor for the start of 2014-2015 academic year but might be for the following year since it might mean a number of unqualified teachers at cheap schools will lose their jobs, depending on how strictly the rule is implemented. Schools might then have to increase fees to increase salary offers to attract qualified teachers. Or shut down. Either way, the supply of cheap places for poorer families is likely to be reduced.

None of that helps you find a place for your son or daughter though, but some explanation might to useful to understand why there is a problem. As for solutions, try one or all of the following (in order from most to least effective in our opinion, although the Wasta point is the most effective if you really do have a high level connection):

  1. Visit schools with your child. Making a personal connection with someone usually makes a positive difference (unless you or your children are particularly unpleasant to spend time with). Especially the newer schools, they are more likely to be interested in meeting prospective parents and telling them about the school ... unless they are full already but even then they might still be able to squeeze in one more child occasionally - sending an email or making a phone call means it won't be yours, visiting them means you at least have a chance, however small it is.
  2. Don't give up in January, February, March ... Keep trying in April, May, June ... There are always places that become available for various reasons (children don't turn up or transfer to another school, families leave suddenly, ...) and if you happen to be in the right place or make a phone call at the right time, you might be lucky.
  3. Consider a different English speaking curriculum school, especially for KG1 level. The material difference in what children learn at that age is not significant, some might argue it's not that significant at any level but that's another discussion. If you're concerned about being able to change curriculums in a later year, check with one of the newer more expensive CBSE schools to hear what they say. Most schools in the UAE are businesses, especially the expensive ones, so the desire for profit means if there is a way to get your money, they will find one. There are several new British curriculum schools opening in Abu Dhabi, most are more expensive than the Indian schools where no places are available, but one or two might be worth trying. Also consider that given you are an expat family and might stay that way for a while, perhaps you'll do your children a favor by giving them a more international education.
  4. Put your child on a waiting list as soon as possible, if there is one. This might not be so easy, many of the cheaper Indian schools are difficult to communicate with (perhaps deliberately, to avoid dealing with surplus demand), and of course will cost money each time you register your child.
  5. Accept that you are going to have to go through the lottery process with many schools to try and find a place. No, not everyone wins the lottery, but the ones who don't enter are guaranteed not to be offered a place. It's tedious and expensive in terms of time and money so try and pick some of the newer schools, although most of them have filled up very quickly anyway.
  6. Wasta helps. If you are friends with the chairman of the board of governors of a school or the Indian ambassador (although he's new in 2014 so might not have so much influence yet and the only comments he's made publicly are along the lines of he would rather do something else than deal with the issue of a shortage of places in Indian schools) then use that connection. You can be sure that others are doing that anyway. You didn't create this competition for places but you are forced into it, so play by the same rules everyone else is playing by. People are using linkedin.com as a way to try and artificially generate connections, this is or will very quickly become useless because the number of people doing this means those with power are just going to lock themselves down and ignore all linkedin.com communication or similar. If you can find other ways to make connections with someone influential, then try. You're not going to lose anything by trying.
  7. If the age of your child means it's possible, consider waiting a year to apply and doing something else with them - nursery school, set up a parents group with other children in a similar position (there are online forums which might be useful to visit for that - www.indusladies.com seems to be the best). However most people would see that as a poor choice, generally it makes more sense to get children to school sooner rather than later.
  8. Move to Al Ain, and if one of you works in Abu Dhabi, catch the bus. Al Ain is part of the emirate of Abu Dhabi but it wasn't clear if the new rule requiring federal employees to live in Abu Dhabi meant Abu Dhabi city or Abu Dhabi emirate (we're guessing city since the motivation for the rule seemed to be to soak up excess supply of new residential accommodation and keep rent prices high).
  9. Move to Dubai or another emirate - there are schools with places there.
Indian schools with places for April 2014 (possibly)
  • New school in MBZ City - name and contact information not provided, try contacting Little Flower Private School (LFPS), Indian Islahi Islamic School (IIIS), ADEC, or the Indian Embassy for more information. ADEC announced the new school in March 2014, said it would be in an unused public school building in MBZ City, open by mid-April 2014, intended for students at LFPS and IIIS which were villas schools closing in March 2014.
  • New Abu Dhabi Indian School in Al Wathba - ADIS is another school which is typically poor at providing information, however try contacting them about the new branch.
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School (was called the Private International English School) - full but a new intake in September 2014? That doesn't make sense if academic year from April 2014 to March 2015.
  • Global Indian International School in Baniyas City, Al Wathba area? Also poor at providing information.
  • Mayoor Indian School Abu Dhabi - expensive though. Might be closed for admissions now.
  • Ryan International School Mussafah - also expensive. Full anyway? Or is considering a second shift? RIS a new school but so far not very good at communicating information.

All other schools are full for April 2014 at KG1 level, or better avoided, either because they will treat your children very badly, or are very bad at communicating, or both.

Many people are critical of the GEMS Education group of schools, however they do have a large range of schools to choose from. Consider trying one of the GEMS Cambridge, Winchester, or Westminster schools, and cross your fingers that GEMS doesn't find a clever way to double the fees suddenly while your children are there (it has happened).

It's unlikely to be worth trying at any of the Indian schools in Abu Dhabi which have existed for more than a couple of years, unless by the lottery system. If they still have places available, you have to ask yourself why. Either they are too expensive or have such an abysmal reputation that most parents know to stay away. There is enough demand in Abu Dhabi that all the good schools have been found and filled.

Indian schools in Abu Dhabi - Arabic language compulsory in 2013

Indian schools in Abu Dhabi claimed that ADEC introduced a new rule making Arabic compulsory for Grade 11-12 students. Gulf News reports said ADEC issued a statement saying they did not but no statement from ADEC provided or found. One Indian school said they asked ADEC again, and were told Arabic was compulsory. So parents and students are left wondering why ADEC says contradictory things, or if Indian schools or the newspapers are making stories up. The relevant statements allegedly made by ADEC are not available on their website. Story was only published by the Gulf News, reports not seen in other UAE English newspapers - The National, Gulf Today, Khaleej Times, or 7 Days.

  • 25 Nov 2013 (GN) - Indian schools were told by ADEC to refund fees for the new Grade 11-12 Arabic classes according to an official ADEC statement issued to Gulf News (not provided). The report didn't say if Indian schools were or were not refunding the extra charges.
  • 19 Nov 2013 (GN) - Indian schools were ignoring the ADEC statement and continuing to force students to attend and pay for additional Arabic classes according to a report - "Abu Dhabi Indian schools stick to 'compulsory Arabic' despite ADEC clarification"
  • 13 Nov 2013 (GN) - conflicting statements are confusing parents and students. For example, Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS) claimed that ADEC told them Arabic was compulsory after all. GN Xpress quoted an anonymous official from ADIS as saying "When our school contacted ADEC for clarification, we were once again told that Arabic is compulsory in Grades 11 and 12. Now we do not know whether to believe media reports or ADEC."
  • 11 Nov 2013 - GN report, "Arabic rule axed at Abu Dhabi Indian schools" said parents were happy to discover that the compulsory classes were not supposed to be compulsory.
  • 10 Nov 2013 - Gulf News reported that Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS) and other Indian schools in Abu Dhabi were making Arabic language classes compulsory for Grade 11 and 12 students. The report said that schools claimed the Abu Dhabi education authority (ADEC) had introduced a new rule earlier in 2013 requiring all senior students to study Arabic in preparation for the Unified Arabic Exam in February 2014 for Grade 12 students. Schools were charging additional fees for the additional classes. Parents and students were not happy, especially Grade 12 students who had skipped Arabic classes in Grade 11, thinking they were optional. The ADEC Private Schools and Quality Assurance (PSQA) Sector however issued a statement to the Gulf News (not provided) saying they said no such thing, and clarified that Arabic was optional for all students (Arab and non-Arab) in Grades 11-12 unless they are studying for a Ministry of Education diploma. Reference article "Indian parents upset over 'mandatory' Arabic in grade 11, 12".
  • Schools mentioned in the reports as charging extra fees and making classes compulsory, contrary to ADEC regulations, included (a total of 6 schools?):
    1. Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS)
    2. Indian Islahi Islamic School
    3. St Joseph's School
    4. Sunrise English Private School (an Indian school, not an English school)
    5. The Model School Abu Dhabi

Schools in Abu Dhabi information, facts and figures

  • 09 Oct 2013 (SCAD Abu Dhabi Yearbook 2013 figures) - during the 2011-2012 academic year:
    • Total of 451 schools in the Abu Dhabi emirate made up of 268 public government schools and 183 private schools.
    • Total of 310,620 srudents, 22,184 teachers, and 8,890 administrators.
    • 40.2% of pupils enrolled in government schools, 59.8% in private schools. For 2005-2006, figures were 50.7% public and 49.3% private.
    • Overall female to male student ratio for the emirate was 95.8 females : 100 males.
  • 20 Feb 2013 (Gulf News or ADEC announcement) - total of 185 private schools with 198,000 students in the emirate of Abu Dhabi (includes Al Ain and the Western Region).

Class sizes in Abu Dhabi schools

  • 01 April 2013 - a report in The National said ADEC restricts others to 25 pupils a class in the lower grades and 30 in middle and high-school sections. ADEC is the Abu Dhabi education regulator, the comment might have been referring only to Abu Dhabi villa schools.

Schools closing or closed in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi villa schools closing - supposed to all close (or move to proper school buildings) by 2004 ... then 2007 ... but about 77 of them were still operating in 2010. Most were closing or being closed by ADEC from 2009 to 2015.

  • Abdulla Bin Otaiba School in Madinat Zayed district (not town), closing date not given, reopened as Summit International School in September 2013.
  • Abu Dhabi Junior Academy School (ADJA) - closed by ADEC July 2013?
  • Abu Dhabi Language and Speech Disorders Institute - closed according to GN report 10 Oct 2012 and notice sent by center dated 04 Oct 2012.
  • Abu Dhabi Children's Private Nursery (or Juniors Nursery - ADJN) - also closed by ADEC July 2013 as part of ADJA closure? Update needed.
  • Ajnadeen School - closing date not given. Opened as International Community School - Branch 1 in September 2013 (KT 08 Jul 2013).
  • Al Bustan Private School (ABPS) - closed by ADEC July 2013?
  • Al Malakiyah English School Abu Dhabi - closed in 2005.
  • [Check] Al Murooj Scientific Private School (AMSPS) - some vague information about school relocating to a new campus in Mussafah (MBZ City) but nothing confirmed. Unclear if school will continue to operate after September 2013.
  • Al Mutanabi School [in Muroor? - check] - closing date not given but campus buildings reopen as GEMS Winchester School in September 2013 (KT 08 Jul 2013).
  • Al Sadis Min Augustus School - see August 6th School (same school, different name).
  • [Check, closed or relocated?] Al Saadiyat Girls Public School - Al Dhafra site taken over by the new Pearl Primary Private School (Aldar) in September 2007.
  • [Closed in Aug 2015] Al Worood Academy Private School Abu Dhabi - instructed to close Aug 2015 by ADEC and Abu Dhabi Courts after death of student locked in school bus in Oct 2014.
  • August 6th School or 6 August School - government school, closed by or before July 2010. Building used for new Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy (renamed as 21st Private Academy or School) from September 2010.
  • First Steps Preschool kindergarten nursery school - closed by ADEC July 2013?
  • [Closed Mar 2014] Islahi Indian School in Abu Dhabi - will be closed by ADEC in March 2014 (02 Jul 2013 announcement). Has 1,300 students (GN 01 Oct 2013).
  • Islamic International School in Abu Dhabi - villa school closed in July 2013 by ADEC.
  • Little Flower Indian School Abu Dhabi - will be closed by ADEC in March 2014 (02 Jul 2013 announcement). Possible relocation to new building in Musaffah or MBZ City but seems to be more talk than action. Has 570 pupils (GN 01 Oct 2013).
  • Merryland Kindergarten (and Sherwood Academy) - closing by 2013?
  • Pioneers International Private School - villa school closed July 2010, students went to Abu Dhabi Philippine School, renamed as 21st Century Private Academy.
  • Sherwood Academy School (and Merryland Kindergarten) - closing by 2013?

Reports of schools closing in Abu Dhabi

  • 01 Oct 2013 - the Gulf News said 7 villa schools in Abu Dhabi were closing by the end of the 2013-2014 academic year, but only gave names of 2 schools - Indian Islahi School and Little Flower School, both in Abu Dhabi. A report in Emirates 24-7 the next day increased that number to 15 but they might have taken that from the ADEC press release on 02 Jul 2013, which did indeed have a list of 15 schools, but that included 3 schools which were relocating, and 7 schools that were supposed to have closed in July 2013. Leaving 5 other villa schools to close by July 2014.
  • 10 Oct 2012 - Gulf News reported that the Abu Dhabi Center for Language and Speech Disorders had or would close.

Other schools closed, merged, etc

School location information updates and search errors

School name confusion in Abu Dhabi

Al Mushraf School, Al Mushref School, Al Mushrif School

Al Mushrif schools - information moved to that page.

Same location, different school names

Name in bold is most up to date name of building or campus as far as we know.

  • 6th August School - see August 6th School for more information.
  • 21st Century Private Academy (school logo and ADEC directory say Twenty First Century Private Academy) - new name for Pioneers International School which closed in July 2010 and reopened in the old Sixth August School buildings as the Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy then renamed as the 21st Century Academy. UFE Private Academy also seen as reference to the 21st Century School but is in a different location, renamed as the Middle East Private School (both schools operated by UFE Education though)?
  • Abu Dhabi Philippine School - new school opened in the 6th of August School location for students from the closed Pioneers International Philippine School (closed Aug 2010?). Then renamed as the Twenty First Century Private Academy.
  • Abdul Jaleel Al Fahim School (AEZ,GPS) - Fatima bint Mubarak School (GM). District Al Zahraa (Al Zahra, Al Zara).
  • *Abdulla Bin Otaiba Centre (GM) or school - Hamooda Bin Ali School (AEZ)?
  • Al Basma British School - new name and location (Al Bahia) from Sep 2014 for Al Basma English School and nursery, and Giggles English School and nursery, in Al Dhafra.
  • Al Basma English School (and nursery) - see Giggles English School. Or Al Basma British School after Sep 2014.
  • *Al Bateen Secondary-Al Mushrif Private School (AEZ) -
  • *Al Dhabianeya School (AEZ,GPS) - Al Mushraf School (GM), Al Dhabianiah Primary School (LS), Al Dhebianeiah Girls School (LS).
  • *Al Dhafra Private School (GM)? - Al Fajr School (GM old = ADM97).
  • Al Ehsan KG (AEZ,GPS), Al Mushrif - Al Mushrif Kindergarten School (GM).
  • *Al Fajr School, Al Fajar, Al Fajer, Al Fajah (ML) - Jaber Bin Hayyan Primary School, Al Dhafra Private School (or adjacent?).
  • Al Jazeera KG (AEZ, GPS, public) - Al Zafranah School (GM, unknown).
  • *Al Jazeera School (unknown, ADM 1998) - between Al Dhabianeyah public school and Al Nahda Girls School, unclear what is there, some maps still say Al Jazeera School.
  • Al Kadeseya School (ADM97) - see Al Reem School.
  • Al Kubeirah School (GM) (Al Rowdah, Al Tabiyyah, Al Bateen) - marked location is Emirates National Private School - Al Manaser (AEZ,GPS).
  • Al Jeel Al Jadeed KG (kindergarten) (AEZ, GPS). Khalifa City A area, next to Al Ittihad National Private School (GM).
  • Al Jeel Al Jadeed School (GM) - Al Mushrif Chinese School - Al Mushrif School (AEZ).
  • Al Moutanabi School (ADM97) (closed) > Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KUSTAR). Location is junction of 2nd and 19th St, next to site of Al Zaafarana Girls School (closed).
  • *Al Mushraf School (GM) - unknown, but same location as Al Dhabianeya School (AEZ), Al Dhabianiah Primary School, Al Dhebianeiah Girls School. Was called Al Mushrif School in the past (ADM, 1998)?
  • Al Mushref School (high school, girls school) (GM) - Al Wahda School (secondary school, girls school) (GM), Al Qadisiya School (AEZ).
  • Al Mushrif Chinese School - Al Mushrif School (AEZ, public, KG, G1-G6), Rawdat Al Mushrif School (unclear), Al Jeel Al Jadeed School (GM). District Hadbat Al Zafranah (Hadbat Al Zaafran).
  • Al Mushrif Kindergarten School (GM) - Al Ehsan KG (AEZ).
  • *Al Mushrif Private School-Al Bateen Secondary School (AEZ).
  • Al Qadisiya School (AEZ, girls, public, G10-12) (Al Qadesiya, Al Qadisiyah, Al Qadesyah Secondary School) - Al Wahda School (secondary school, girls school) (GM), Al Mushref School (high school, girls school) (GM old).
  • Al Qadisiyah School (GM, EB) - see Al Reem School (AEZ, GPS).
  • Al Razi School for Boys (Al Razi School) (ADM97, ADCCI) - see August 6th School.
  • Al Reem School (AEZ, GPS, public, girls) - Al Kadeseya School (ADM97), Al Qadisiyah School (GM, EB, but in HAZ (AEZ,GPS)), 6th August School (unknown, GPS, incorrect (?) A6S site in HAZ Sector 1-21). Al Reem School postal address PO Box 70713 according to ADEC entry is the same as for Al Falah School in Al Dhafrah (which is not ADEC schools list).
  • Al Sadis Min Augustus School - see August 6th School.
  • Al Wahda School (secondary school, girls school) (GM) - Al Qadisiya School (AEZ), Al Mushref School (high school, girls school) (GM).
  • Al Zafranah School (GM) - unknown, location is where Al Jazeera Kindergarten is (AEZ, GPS, public).
  • August 6th School (correct name appears to be Sixth of August School (SAS) - ADEC 2010 listing in Arabic translated) - buildings closed (date unknown), building became Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy, then renamed as 21st Century Private Academy in July 2010. Other names seen include August 6th School, August Sixth School, The 6th of August School, 6 August School, August 6 School, Al Sadis Min Augustus School, Al Sades Min Aughostos. Also or previously called Al Razi School, Al Razi School for Boys. Location information conflict - ADEC 2010 GPS puts school in HAZ Sector 1-20, but correct location appears to be HAZ Sector 1-21 next to SKBZ Pakistani School same location as Al Razi School (ADM97) (see SAS location map). See also Al Reem School.
  • British School Al Khubairat (BSAK) - The British School Al- Kubaira (unknown), Al Khubairat Community School (ADM 1998). In Al Mushrif.
  • Emirates National Private School - Al Nahyan (AEZ, private, G6-12, co-ed), Emirates National School (GM), Al Nahayan area.
  • Fatima Bint Mubarak School (GM) - Abdul Jaleel Al Fahim School (AEZ) (Al Zahraa). Next to Emirates Private School (GM).
  • Fatima Bint Mubarak School (AEZ,GPS), Aisha Bint Abu Baker School (AEZ,GPS,GM), Palestine School (GM). Three names, two schools in that location (Al Karamah).
  • Giggles English School and nursery, Al Basma English School and nursery. In Al Dhafra. Relocating to new buildings in Al Bahia, Shahama Sep 2014 and renamed as Al Basma British School.
  • Hamooda Bin Ali School (AEZ) (Hamoodah Bin Ali School) - Abdulla Bin Otaiba Centre or school on some maps (GM), unless 2 schools in same location, but ABO school is in MBZ City (AEZ,GPS).
  • Jaber Bin Hayyan Primary School - Al Fajer Primary School (ATM2).
  • Middle East Private School (MEPS), Baniyas, UFE Academy renamed.
  • *Modern Private School (AEZ,GPS). Marked as PMS School or International Cumminty [sic] School on some maps and in some directories (GM).
  • Philippine International Private School - Pioneer International School, Pioneers International School, see Pioneers or Pioneer International Private School.
  • *PISCO Private School - renamed as Philippine Emirates Private School (PEPS) in Baniyas City, September 2013? Unknown, unconfirmed.
  • Pioneers International Private School (closed Aug 2010?) (Philippine International School of Abu Dhabi), students moved to Abu Dhabi Philippine School then renamed as the 21st Century Academy. In the same location and buildings as August 6th School which closed.
  • Rawdat Al Mushrif School - same as Al Mushrif Chinese School (Al Mushrif public school, not Al Mushrif private school owned by Aldar Academies).
  • Saad Bin Mouaze School (ADM97), Sad Bin Maz School (GM) > Al Zafranah School (doesn't exist?) or Al Zaafarana Primary School (closed in 2012?) > nothing in 2013? Some sources have August 6th School in same location (LS, ADEC 2010) but seems to be incorrect. See August 6th School.
  • Sixth of August School - see August 6th School for more information.
  • UFE Private Academy (UFE PA) in Baniyas, also seen as reference to the 21st Century School in HAZ. UFA PA renamed as Middle East Private School (MEPS). Both schools operated by UFE Education.
Same or similar names, different locations and schools (Multiple Locations, Same Name)

If there is conflicting information, then name in bold is most up to date information as far as we know.

  • *Abdulla Bin Otaiba School - sector Z23, MBZ City (AEZ,GPS). In Al Mushrif according to some directories or maps (GM - Abdulla Bin Otaiba Centre). Relocated or different organisations?
  • *Al Dhabianeya School (AEZ,GPS) in Al Mushrif - Al Dhabianiah Primary School (LS), Al Dhebianeiah Girls School (LS). Al Dhabiania Private School (AEZ,GPS) in Al Bateen. Different schools, one public, one private.
  • *Al Emam Muslim School (Al Imam Primary School for Boys) - UAE MOE curriculum public school in Mussafah ME12. Al Emam Private School (Al Imam Private School) - private MOE curriculum school, across from SKMC near junction of Old Airport Rd and Hazza Bin Zayed St (ADEC 2013 GPS, not confirmed).
  • Al Fajah School (ADM97), sector 2-74, Al Bateen. See also Al Fajr, Al Fajer Schools in Al Muroor and HAZ.
  • *Al Falah Private School (Al Dhafrah) and Al Falah International School (or Al Falah School in Al Falah area) - not clear if different schools or same school relocating to Al Falah development in Abu Dhabi.
  • Al Falah Private School and Vision Private School in Abu Dhabi - different schools, different locations but same PO Box 21788 according to some sources?
  • Al Fajr School (Al Fajar?) (Al Fajer 1-20 HAZ, Al Fajr 1-21 HAZ, Al Fajr IS 1-42 Al Muroor, Al Fajr IS 1-43 Al Muroor (1x or 2x?), Al Fajah 2-74 Al Bateen):
    • Al Fajer Primary School (ATM2, HAZ Sector 1-20, same location as Jaber Bin Hayyan School in other sources).
    • Al Fajr School in HAZ Sector 1-21 (ADM97).
    • Al Fajr English International School (LS, Al Muroor) or Al Fajr English Intl School (LS) in Al Muroor Sector 1-42?
    • Al Fajr School (Al Muroor, old map (which old map - GM?) in same location or next to Al Dhafra Private School (ADM97) in sector 1-43) or Al Fajr English International School (AEZ,GPS, Al Muroor Sector 1-43?).
    • Al Fajah School, sector 2-74, Al Bateen (ADM97).
  • Al Imam or Al Iman schools - see Al Emam school.
  • Al Jazeera Kindergarten (Al Muroor, public), Al Jazeera School (LS, Al Mushrif, opposite Al Dhabianiah School), Al Jazeera Primary School (unknown, Al Mushrif, opposite Al Dhabianiah School), Al Jazeera Club Academy (Al Shawamekh Abu Dhabi, AEZ, public, boys), Al Jazeera Academy (Qatar, not in UAE), Abdul Qader Al Jazaeri School (AEZ, GPS, Al Shahama) - same as Abdul Qader Al Jazeri High School (GM). There was an Al Jazeera School opposite Al Dhabianeya Public School location (ADM, 1998) but unclear what is there now?
  • Al Jeel Al Jadeed KG (AJAJ KG) (AEZ, GPS, Khalifa City A), Al Jeel KG (AEZ, GPS, GM, Al Shamkha sector SH-16 SH16), Al Jeel Al Jadeed KG or School (GM, incorrect, is Al Mushrif Chinese School, AEZ, GPS), Al Jeel Al Jadid Kindergarten (ADM97, HAZ Sector 1-21).
  • Al Kubeirah School (Al Khubeirah School) (AKS) in Al Rowdah (or Al Bateen, Al Tabbiyah, unknown school). Different from the British School Al Kubairat, Khubeirat (Al Khubairat Community School - ADM 1998) in Al Mushrif. AKS is in the same place as Emirates National Private School - Al Manaser according to AEZ (GPS) information anyway.
  • Al Mashael School (Al Muroor), Al Masheel School (GM, Al Muroor), Al Masha'el KG (AEZ, public, KG, Dalma Island), The National Torches Private School (AEZ, LS, Al Muroor), Mashayil School (LS, Al Muroor).
  • Al Moutanabi School (ADM97) > KUSTAR. Next to Saad Bin Mouaze School (ADM97) site > Al Zaafanara Primary School. And August 6th School according to some information (ADEC 2010) but incorrect?
  • Al Qadisiya School (AEZ, girls, public, G10-12) (Al Qadesiya, Al Qadisiyah, Al Qadesyah Secondary School), in Hadbat Al Zafaranah. Same location also marked as Al Wahda Secondary School (GM) and Al Mushref School (GM old).
  • Al Qadisiyah School (GM) in Al Zahraa - is Al Reem School (AEZ, public, girls, G6-9, GPS).
  • Al Rawafed Private School, Rawafed Private School - old location Al Bateen, new location Khalifa City A from Sep 2013.
  • Al Sadis Min Augustus School (EA,LS) in HAZ 1-20 is incorrect location? Same as August 6th School in HAZ Sector 1-21, also incorrectly (?) seen in HAZ Sector 1-20. Sector 1-20 contact information (LS) tel +971-2-4487031, PO Box 6186 also for Al Razi School in Sector 1-21 (became August 6th School?).
  • Al Zafranah School, Al Zaafarana School, Al Zaafaranah Primary School, Al Za'faranah School (closed):
    • GS: Al Zafra School, Al Zafra School in Abu Dhabi (probably references to Al Dhafra School).
    • GS: Al Zafranah School Abu Dhabi (unknown or Al Zaafarana Primary School).
    • GS: Al Zaafarana School, Al Zaafarana School Abu Dhabi (Al Zaafarana Primary School, Al Zaafarana School, AlZaafarana School, Al Zaafarana Girls School, Al Zafranah Girls School). Location next to A6S site and KUSTAR. Nothing there on GM.
    • *Al Zafranah School (GM, Al Muroor, unknown, same location as Al Jazeera KG, different from other AZS location).
    • Al Zaafaranah Primary School (LS), Hadbat Al Zafranah, same as Al Zaafarana Primary School.
    • Al Zaafarana School (Al Zaafaranah, AlZaafarana school, public, opposite Abu Dhabi Police HQ. Tel +971-2-4486426?). Same as Al Zaafarana School.
    • Al Za'faranah School (same as Al Zaafarana School).
    • Other possible names: Zaafaranah, Ruqayyah (Roukiya, Roukiyah?), Zafarana, Zafaranah, Zaafrana, Zaafranah, Zaafran, Zafran?
    • Al Zaafarana School (school logo shows "Al Zaafarana Primary School", Girls School, Al Zaafarana Girl’s Primary School, Zafarana School for Basic Education for Girls): Cycle 1, Grades 1-5, 500 students. ADEC PPP education reform program contract with Mosaica Education, ended July 2011 or July 2012? Inspections by Tribal School Inspections or Consultants (UK). Website alzaafaranaschool.wikispaces.com, not updated since November 2008 (?), website contact and location Tel 02 - 448 64 26, Zaafarana Area, Street 1 off of Street 4 (Al Muroor), opposite the Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters other side of Al Saada St (19th), and next to KUSTAR University. Location Hadbat Al Zaafran or Hadbat Al Zafranah (community of Zaafaranah, Ruqayyah?) Sector 1-20. Al Zaaf or Al Zaf School? AZS, AZPS, AZGS, AZGPS?
    • *Repeat info (check, edit): location at junction of 4th and 19th streets, next to Al Sadis Min Augustus School (but location information incorrect - see Sixth August School) which is next to KUSTAR, tel +971-2-448 6426. ADM97 Saad Bin Mouaze School previous name of AZS and A6S location, across 19th St (Al Saada St) from General Directorate of Civil Defense. ADM97 Al Moutanabi School previous name of Kustar location, across 19th St (Al Saada St) from General Directorate of Police. Marked as Sad Bin Maz School (GM) but satellite shows construction site or empty plot no buildings.
  • August 6th School, Hadbat Al Zaafran > nothing in 2013? Closed then reopened as Abu Dhabi Philippine Academy in August 2010 then renamed as the 21st Century Private Academy, next to SKBZ Pakistani School in HAZ Sector 1-21. Not in Sector 1-20 on site of Saad Bin Mouaze School (ADM97) and Al Zaafarana Primary School as marked on some maps (and ADEC 2010 info)? Also called Al Sadis Min Augustus School? Also not in Al Zahra (GPS source unknown, on site of Al Reem School).
  • *Emirates National Private School - Al Manaser (KG and primary campus in Al Rowdah), Emirates National Private School - Al Nahyan (AEZ, GPS, two campuses - boys and girls), Emirates National Private School - MBZ (MBZ City), Emirates National School Al Ain (Al Towayyah, Al Towayya). Four campuses of the same school group (Emirates National Schools). Not related to Emirates Private Schools group.
  • Emirates Private School - Abu Dhabi (AEZ, GPS, private, co-ed, KG1-G12, GM), Al Zahraa. Emirates Private School - Bani Yas (AEZ, GPS, private, KG2-G10, co-ed, GM, Baniyas City, Baniyas East). Emirates Private School in Al Ain City. Three branches of the same school group (EPS, not related to Emirates National Schools group).
  • Fatima Bint Mubarak School (GM, Al Zahraa, incorrect, is Abdul Jaleel Al Fahim School - AEZ?), Fatima Bint Mubarak School (AEZ, GPS, Al Karamah).
    • Fatima Bint Mubarak Girls School: Cycle 2, Grades 6-9, 400 students. ADEC PPP education reform program contract with Mosaica Education, ended August 2012? Inspections by Tribal School Inspections or Consultants (UK).
  • Philippine National School, Philippine International School - two different schools, PIS is the Pioneer International Private School (closed in 2010).
  • Saad Bin Mouaze School (ADM97) (Sad Bin Maz School (GM)) > Al Zafranah School or Al Zaafarana Primary School (date of change unknown) > nothing in 2013? Same site also for August 6th School according to some information (ADEC 2010) but seems to be incorrect.
  • *Sherwood Academy, Al Taawun School, Merryland International School (one school, several locations for different branches, or only one?) - Mussafah MBZ City, Al Muroor, Al Mushrif.
  • UFE Private Academy > Middle East Private School in Mussafah (unconfirmed), or 21st Century Academy in Hadbat Al Zaafran.
  • Vision Private School (VPS) - has same PO Box 21788 as Al Falah Private School according to some sources, but is in a different location.
Other overlapping information
  • PO Box 27188 - seen for both Vision Private School and Al Falah School in Al Dhafrah.
  • PO Box 70713 - seen for Al Falah School in Al Dhafrah, Al Reem School in Al Zahra, Al Imam Muslim School (Al Emam) in Mussafah.

Abu Dhabi schools (ADEC March 2010)

  • First Steps School, private, villa school, KG1 to Grade 7, English NC, 13 teachers, 180 students. Ordered by ADEC to close by July 2013. Is the same as First Steps Nursery and School in Al Rowdah (or Al Karamah)? Location not provided. ADEC 2011, and 2012, listing is First Steps School, private, British curriculum, KG1-KG2, tel 024454920, fax 024454940, PO Box 32283 Abu Dhabi, location Al Rowdah (same as First Steps Nursery School).
Al Mushrif Schools
  • See Al Mushrif School page.
Schools in Al Mushrif district or area
  • See Al Mushrif School page.

Schools in Abu Dhabi updates

  • 01 Apr 2013 (The National) - Model School in Abu Dhabi (Indian Model School? New Indian Model School?) - in Abu Dhabi or Mussafah? Principal's name reported as Ilyas Nasari, quoted as saying "We would like to take in more children and if the authority allows, we will ...", capacity 4,700 students. Previous information (18 May 2009) said Ilyas Nissari was head of the kindergarten section at NIMS-Mussafah.
Complaints hotline Abu Dhabi private schools
  • Parents can complain to ADEC about private schools in Abu Dhabi by phoning a new telephone service, tel 800-555 (toll-free in UAE) (news reports 01 Oct 2012).

Schools in Abu Dhabi advertising fake teaching jobs, scams, hoaxes

Teaching job scams in Abu Dhabi - information about fake schools and jobs moved to that page. See end of page for a list.

Usually these all have at least one thing in common - successful teacher applicants are asked to pay for visa fees by making a money transfer to a person or travel agent or other unofficial organisation. It is illegal for employers and recruitment agents in the UAE to charge visa and recruitment costs to employees.

Last update Sunday 17-Mar-2019
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