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Ras Al Khaimah Academy

Sunday 18 March 2018 (UAE)   

Ras Al Khaimah Academy

School name Ras Al Khaimah Academy
Type of institute private profit-making K-12 school
Curriculum or Student Nationality International, UAE, Islamic, UK
Qualifications or Courses IB, A, AS level, IGCSE, IBPYP, NC
Head of school Ross Hall (Executive Principal)
Executive body or owner
Date founded 1975
Number of students (approx) 2,800
Number of staff (approx)
School area, location map Dafan Al Khor, Khuzam - location map
Postal address PO Box 975, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Telephone +971-7-2362441
Fax +971-7-2362445
Email info@rakacademy.org
Website www.rakacademy.org
School fees structure 12,486-33,852 dhs per year (2013-2014)
Teacher salary range 8,000-14,000 dhs per month (2007-2008)
Student satisfaction rating
3 stars from 92 votes.    
Parent satisfaction rating
2.5 stars from 30 votes.    
Teacher job satisfaction rating
(by teachers, not about teachers)
2.5 stars from 42 votes.    

Ras Al Khaimah Academy admissions, reviews, notes

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Ras Al Khaimah Academy (RAK Academy, RAK Academy) (renamed from RAKESS in 2012) tuition fee structure, general information

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Grade/Year Nursery KG1 KG2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2013-2014 12,486 17,809 22,601 23,887 23,887 23,887 23,887 25,147 25,147 30,376 31,080 31,778 32,466 33,159 33,852 33,852
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2012-2013                                
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2011-2012 11,325 15,420 20,500 21,670 21,670 21,670 21,670 22,810 22,810 27,555 28,190 28,825 29,450 30,080 30,705 30,705
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2010-2011 10,296 14,052 19,525 20,636 20,636 20,636 20,636 21,725 21,725 26,241 26,846 27,451 28,045 28,650 29,244 29,244
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2009-2010 8,580 11,710 16,271 18,760 18,760 18,760 18,760 19,750 19,750 23,855 24,405 24,955 25,495 26,045 26,585 26,585
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2008-2009 7,800 10,644 16,086                         24,106
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2007-2008                                
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2006-2007 6,500 8,870 13,405 14,165 14,165 14,165 14,165 14,920 14,920 18,018 18,432 18,846 19,260 19,674 20,088 20,495
  • 2013-2014 admission registration fee AED 400 (non-refundable), confirmation fee (new students) or re-enrolment fee (returning students) AED 2,000, amenities charge AED 918-1,153. Nursery = Play Group in fees table. Fee amounts include confirmation fee and amenities charge. Bus transport charges (annual) AED 1,200-2,000 one way, AED 2,400-4,000 return. Additional costs for textbooks and stationery, test and examination fees, field trips, uniforms.
  • 2012-2013 fees information not supplied. Please send fee structure to education@dubaifaqs.com.
  • 2011-2012 - admission registration fee AED 400 (non-refundable). Confirmation fee of AED 3,000 (deductable from tuition fees on entry, unknown if refundable for no-shows). Total fees payable as confirmation fee plus 3 unequal installments. Amenities charge AED 832-1046 for 2011-2012 (included in annual fees figures). Bus transportation costs same as 2010-2011.
  • 2010-2011 - fees include an amenities charge of AED 792 (Playgroup to Year 6) and AED 996 (Years 7-13). Annual bus transport fees AED 1200-2000 one way, and AED 2400-4000 return, depending on area. Discount of 15%-25% if 3 or more children from the same family attend, and fees are not being paid by companies or sponsors.
  • 2009-2010 - tuition fees not confirmed.
  • 2008-2009 - amenities charge of AED 600.
  • Curriculum offered is International Baccalaureate (IB). IB Diploma authorisation in February 2005, IB Primary Years Program (IBPYP) authorisation in May 2010.
  • About 60% of students are Emirati nationals (RAKA information), remainder are expat Arabs, Asians, westerners.
  • Owner's name, number and nationalities of staff, updated teacher salary scale, not supplied.
  • Location and driving directions: Off main Kuzam Road in Dafan Al Khor district across from the Eid prayer ground.
RAK Academy teaching jobs and careers
  • See careers sections for each school on RAK Academy website for latest vacancies (Home > BC Primary, PYP Primary, Secondary > Current Vacancies, or Home > Careers > school name). Or check the Times Educational Supplement (TES) international school jobs section.
  • Fill in application form, save it, attach to email application letter, also attach CV, send to head of school section (email addresses given on vacancies page).
  • Requirements or preferences: minimum 2 years relevant teaching experience, relevant teaching and subject qualification.
  • Updated pay scale not provided, but is likely to be one of the better ones for schools in RAK. Overseas hire staff benefits include furnished accommodation (decent enough standard), utility bills paid (electricity, water, phone landline rental but not phone calls), annual flight ticket, free education at RAK Academy for up to two children (your own).
RAK Academy (RAKAcademy) information
  • RAK Academy branches, campuses, logo ("RAK Academy : Three Schools, Two Campuses, One Academy."):
    • RAK Academy British Primary School branch (BC Primary), is a separate campus from the IB PYP and high school sections or branches.
    • RAK Academy IB Primary Years Program (PYP Primary), shares the same campus as the secondary school ... until September 2014 when it moves to a new building, next to or part of the BC Primary campus?
    • RAK Academy Secondary School branch - English National Curriculum (NC) for Years 7-9. IGCSE for Years 10-11. GCE A and AS levels, or IB Diploma program for Years 12-13. All students learn MOE curriculum Arabic, Muslim students do MOE curriculum Islamic Studies.
  • RAK Academy websites and domains:
    • www.rakacademy.org - main RAKA website, also at www.rakess.net.
    • www.rakacademy.com - not a RAKA or RAKESS site. Is spam when last checked. Avoid or be careful when visiting this site.
    • www.rakacademy.net, www.rakacademy.info, www.rakacademy.ae, not available.
    • www.rakess.net - main RAK Academy website (and previously RAKESS website). Same as rakacademy.org.
    • Avoid or be careful when visiting any other rakess domains (.com, .org, .info, .ae, etc) - they are all spam or not available now, including www.rakess.org which was previously used for the BC school. See the main RAK Academy website instead. Email addresses using @rakess.org are probably no longer valid.
RAK Academy Calendar
  • To be updated.
Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School, RAKESS information prior to school renamed
20 March 2014
  • Email address updated to info@rakacademy.org (previously info@rakess.net, might still be valid as an additional contact). Website URL updated to www.rakacademy.org (previously www.rakess.net, shows same website at present).
  • Head's name updated to Ross Hall (Executive Principal), appointment effective August 2013, email ross.hall@rakacademy.org. Previously was Dr David Watson (Executive Principal).
  • RAK Academy still listed as RAKESS in the UAE Yellow Pages, with RAK Academy tel number.
28 December 2011
  • RAKESS has been or is being renamed as the Ras Al Khaimah Academy (RAK International Academy, RAK English Academy, RasAl Khaima Academy). Executive Principal's blog dated 03 November 2011 says "Moreover, as we begin the transition to becoming Ras Al Khaimah Academy at the start of next academic year" implying the name change will not take effect until September 2012?
  • But the RAKESS website employment information says "Ras Al Khaimah Academy in the United Arab Emirates (formerly RAKESS) ..." however that is in reference to jobs for September 2012.
  • RAK Academy (RAKA) is a different school and not related to the RAK American Academy.
  • Principal's name updated to Dr David Watson (previously Jacquie Watson was Acting Principal).
07 June 2010 reviews
  • The TES (UK) was advertising in May 2010 for a new RAKESS Executive Principal to start in September 2010. Salary not supplied but benefits included villa accommodation and a car.
  • The previous principal, Roy Burrows, left in April 2010? Sounds like there was another typical UAE school drama resulting in the sudden departure of a school head. Ms Jacquie Watson (not Jackie Watson) is currently the Acting Principal (she was also head of RAKESS from 2000-2004?).
  • Job advertisement said school had 1300 students, and 1100 students.
  • Head of Secondary School is Mr Chris Taylor, replacing Mr Monty Datoo who leaves in June 2010.
  • RAKESS has received official IB authorisation to teach the IB PYP / IBPYP (Primary Years Program).
  • School fee information updated, increase of 20% for Nursery-KG2, and 10% for Years 1-13.
  • Conflicting founding dates seen - RAKESS website says 1975 but previous information said 1978.
  • For teaching job applications, send CV and application (from RAKESS website) to principal@rakess.net, or to postal address.
14 April 2010 review
  • See also Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School British Curriculum campus, website maybe www.rakess.info (under construction when checked) or www.rakess.org.
  • RAKESS international curriculum website at www.rakess.net but not www.rakess.com (is spam).
03 March 2009 review
  • Head's name updated - previous RAKESS principal was Mr Victor Eid.
  • Secondary head is Mr Monty Datoo, primary head is Mr Thomas Hunt (departs June 2009)
  • Fees information updated. Note that Playgroup (nursery, childcare) is AED 7,800; KG1 is AED 10,644; KG2 is 16,086 per year. Fees include amenities charge of AED 600 per year.
  • A-level and AS levels no longer offered?
03 June 2007 review
  • Usually referred to as RAK English Speaking School, or more commonly, RAKESS.
  • ESL or EFL students will find it challenging - some students respond well.
  • Native English speakers will find course progress in secondary section slow due to extra time spent with non-native speakers. IGCSE is also offered. Upgraded buildings and resources in recent years.
  • Teachers might find petty politics and favoritism to be the biggest frustration when working there. Staff turnover is relatively high, but some would argue that it's no different from most expat schools in the UAE, or even international schools in general.
  • RAKESS school is attempting to obtain approval to run the IB program - listed on IBO site as offering IB since February 2005.
  • Website is rakess.net, not .com (avoid the .com version - it seems to be a spam site).
  • Alternative email to try is enquiries@rakess.net.

Schools in the same area as Ras Al Khaimah Academy

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ABA Center for Special Needs      +971-7-2365542     Special Needs  ACSN reviews 
Al Manar Private School RAK      +971-7-2364642     Arabic, UAE MOE, girls only   
RAK Academy British Curriculum School   2007   +971-7-2363995    primary  UK NC 12,486-31,080   
RAK Academy PYP School   May 2010   +971-7-2362441   primary  International, UAE IB PYP, MOE 12,486-31,080   
RAK Academy Secondary School   1994   +971-7-2362441   secondary  International, UAE, UK IB DP, A-AS Levels, IGCSE 31,778-33,852   


Last update 22 March 2014
General comments - might not apply to Ras Al Khaimah Academy
  • Many popular schools are full for 2018-2019. New schools in Ras Al Khaimah might have places.
  • Allow extra for books, extra-curricular activities, uniforms, trips, etc if not included in school fees.
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