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Sharjah nursery finder

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

List of private and international nurseries in Sharjah

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Nursery name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Program, ages Nursery fees Reviews
ABC Nursery Sharjah   Closed   nursery  Arabic, Indian 1 mth to 4 yrs old  ANS reviews 
ACS Nursery Sharjah      nursery  US 32,000   
Al Ahlia Nursery   +971-6-5371157   nursery  Arabic   
Al Aman Nursery   +971-6-5626166   nursery  Indian 18 mths to 4 yrs old  AAN reviews 
Al Amana Nursery   +971-6-5245567   nursery    
Al Farasha English Nursery   +971-6-5671172   nursery  Arabic   
Al Fesoul Al Arbaah Nursery   +971-6-5747450   nursery  1-4 years old 8,400-13,800   
Al Hanan Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5523896   nursery  Arabic   
Al Ibdaa Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5222001   nursery    
Al Khaleej Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5271524   nursery    
Al Khan Nursery   +971-6-5663831   nursery  Indian   
Al Malakiyah English Nursery   +971-6-5222812   nursery  Arabic 1 mth to 5 yrs old  AMEN reviews 
Al Marah Childrens Skills Development   +971-6-5376116   nursery    
Al Marah English Nursery   +971-6-5668645   nursery  Arabic, English 8,000-12,000  AMEN reviews 
Al Murooj Nursery   +971-6-5246667   nursery  Arabic   
Al Nasr English Nursery   +971-6-5244454   nursery  Arabic   
Al Sedrah Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5226943   nursery  Arabic   
Al Tamayouz Nursery   +971-6-5669962   nursery  Arabic   
Al Tefl Al Nasheet Nursery   +971-6-5212251   nursery  Arabic   
Al Zahra Nursery   +971-6-5283010   nursery  Arabic   
Australian International Nursery   +971-6-5337722   nursery  Australian 30,000   
Baby Angel Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5224494   nursery    
Baby Future Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5226219   nursery    
Baby Garden English Nursery   +971-6-5637568   nursery  Arabic 5,000-8,000   
Baby Land Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5540081   nursery    
Baiban Barak Nursery   +971-6-5248100   nursery  Arabic   
Balloon Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5226068   nursery  UK/Indian   
Basateen Preschool Center   +971-6-5067717   nursery    
Big Ben English Nursery   +971-6-5240105   nursery  UK/Arabic   
Bluebells Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5281852   nursery  Indian   
British Islamic Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5227364   nursery  Arabic/UK   
British Orchard Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5226710   nursery  UK EYFS 20,000-30,000  BONS reviews 
British Rose Nursery Al Nekhailat   +971-6-5241494   nursery  UK EYFS 15,000  BRNAN reviews 
Bumble Bee Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5228461   nursery    
Canadian Montessori Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5286889   nursery  Arabic, English Montessori 23,000   
Canadian Preschool   +971-6-5226624   nursery  Canadian   
Child Club Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5220045   nursery  Arabic   
Chubby Cheeks Nursery Sharjah      nursery  UK 10,500-19,500   
Crown Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5288895   nursery  Letterland 12,000  CNS reviews 
Dar Al Aman Nursery Sharjah      nursery    
Day Care Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5385678   nursery    
Delta Nursery   +971-6-5669870   nursery    
Dreamland Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5661133   nursery  Arabic, French, UK 2-4 years old 15,000-20,000  DNS reviews 
Emirates Buds Nursery   +971-6-5225635   nursery  Indian   
Emirates English Nursery   +971-6-5663339   nursery  UK  EEN reviews 
Emirates Montessori House of Children   +971-6-5671017   nursery  Indian Montessori 8,500   
English Rose Nursery   +971-6-5228477   nursery  UK EYFS 15,000  ERN reviews 
Euro Kids International Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5222343   nursery  Indian   
Future International Nursery   +971-6-5487101   nursery  Arabic, UK EYFS 14,750-22,850  FIN reviews 
Greenbelt Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5586666   nursery  10,437   
Gulf Nursery   +971-6-5271524   nursery  Arabic/UK   
Gulf Rose Nursery   +971-6-5664952   nursery  Indian   
Happy Face Nursery Sharjah      nursery  Russian, UK 18 mths to 4 yrs old  HFNS reviews 
Happy Home English Nursery   +971-6-5631772   nursery  Indian  HHEN reviews 
Happy Kids Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5389300   nursery  Indian   
Khaleej Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5670616   nursery  Arabic   
Kids Island Nursery Sharjah   not found   nursery    
Kids Kingdom Nursery Sharjah   closed   nursery  UK 9,600-10,200   
Kids Paradise Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5669252   nursery  Arabic, Indian Montessori, Early Childhood 7,000-9,000   
Kids World Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5673737   nursery  Montessori 8,000-9,000   
Little Angel British Nursery   +971-6-5660990   nursery  UK Montessori 12,000-24,000   
Little Feet Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5280787   nursery  Montessori 8,500-10,000  LFNS reviews 
Little Flower Nursery Sharjah      nursery  Russian 10,000-17,500   
Little Leaders Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5443300   nursery  15,000   
Little Scholars Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5224795   nursery  Indian Montessori   
Little Wonders Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5376116   nursery  UK EYFS, 2 mths to 4 yrs 17,500-37,750   
Lollipop Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5247710   nursery  UK 9,000-10,000   
My Baby Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5222757   nursery  Arabic, English, French   
Pippen Park Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5248100   nursery  Arabic   
Playdays British Nursery   +971-6-5222544   nursery  UK   
PlayHouse Nursery and Creche Sharjah   +971-6-5670207   nursery    
Rahiq Al Asal Nursery   +971-6-5587949   nursery  UK EYFS, 1 mth to 4 yrs old  RAAN reviews 
Retaj English Nursery      nursery  Arabic   
Russian Nursery Sharjah      nursery  Russian   
Sharjah English Nursery   +971-6-5589304   nursery  UK 21,000   
Sharjah Events and Living Playgroup      nursery    
Sharjah Kindercare Nursery   +971-6-5240911   nursery  16,000-20,000   
Shining Stars Nursery Sharjah   Closed   nursery   SSNS reviews 
Smiley Kids Nursery   +971-6-5671799   nursery    
Special World Nursery   +971-6-5247767   nursery    
Stars British Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5667270   nursery  UK   
Step Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5225239   nursery  Asian, Indian   
Stockholm Nursery Sharjah      nursery    
Talents Centre for Learning   +971-6-5635863   nursery    
Tanmiyat Al Maharat Nursery   +971-6-6335552   nursery    
Tender Moments Nursery Sharjah   +971-6-5229418   nursery  16,000-33,800   
Tender Steps Nursery   +971-6-5663051   nursery  UK   
Victoria English Nursery   +971-6-5226034   nursery  UK 8,000-10,000   
Yamama Nursery   +971-6-5225767   nursery    
Zohour Al Mustaqbal Nursery   +971-6-5230305   nursery  Arabic   
Notes about this directory and list of Sharjah nurseries
  • To add a nursery in Sharjah to this list, start a new topic in the Sharjah nurseries forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • Kalba, Khorfakkan, and Dibba nurseries are not included - select Fujairah to find them.
  • Nursery name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some nurseries with Arabic names are British or international expat nurseries.
  • Sort by tel number to group nurseries in the same geographical area (first 2 or 3 digits after country and city code indicate area).
  • Sharjah nursery list and directory of nurseries which offer expatriate and UAE curriculums at pre-schools, creches, daycare/day care centers, and child care facilities including English, Australian, British, Canadian, French, Indian, Arabic preschools and kindergartens.

Nurseries open on weekends in Sharjah (Fridays or Saturdays)

Nurseries are generally not open on Fridays anywhere in the UAE. Some shopping malls have day care facilities for small children which are open 7 days per week.

  • Al Aman Nursery (not Al Amana or Dar Al Amaan nurseries), FB page gives opening hours as 0700-1900 Sat-Thu but not Fri. Double check with nursery since there is limited or confusing information provided otherwise.
  • Rahiq (Raheeq) Al Asal Nursery - new nursery in 2015, open Saturdays from 0900-1330 (Jan 2016 information).

New nurseries in Sharjah 2016

New nurseries in Sharjah 2015

New nurseries open in Sharjah 2014

New nurseries, kindergartens, child care centers opening in Sharjah 2013

  • Active Child Nursery, ACN (Al Tefl Al Nasheet Nursery) - opened April or May 2013 in Al Fayha area.
  • Al Tefl Al Nasheet Nursery - see Active Child Nursery.
  • British Rose Nursery in Al Nekhailat - new branch of the English Rose British Nursery in Al Fisht, Sharjah. Open Sep 2013.

New nursery schools, preschools opening in Sharjah 2012

New nurseries in Sharjah (2012 news)

  • The Ruler of Sharjah, His Highness Dr Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, ordered the construction of 66 new nurseries in Sharjah according to a GN report 03 October 2012. The report said the announcement was prompted by a maid who beat a six-month-old baby which was broadcasted on the Dubai TV’s news broadcast. Construction timeline not supplied, not clear if nurseries for Emiratis only or all nationalities, if fee paying or not. Dr Sultan was quoted in the report as saying "We will train UAE female nationals to manage these nurseries rather than relying on managers from outside the country."

New nursery schools, preschools opening in Sharjah 2011

New nursery schools, preschools opening in Sharjah 2010

  • Al Ibdaa Nursery Sharjah - May 2010? Not confirmed.
  • Shining Star Nursery Sharjah? Opening date not provided.

New nurseries opening in Sharjah, opening date unknown

  • Al Farasha English Nursery, Halwan area, open in 2012 or earlier?
  • Al Sedrah Nursery, Al Arza Schools Area, open in 2013? Or earlier?
  • My Baby English Nursery, Sharjah. Location Al Hazana district. Opening date unknown.
  • Retaj English Nursery in Al Azra, information first seen in 2014 but unknown if nursery opened then or earlier.

Nursery updates - add, closed, remove, rename, etc

New or added

  • [Added 2014-10-08] Al Farasha English Nursery, date established not given.
  • [Added 2014-10-08] Al Ibdaa Nursery Sharjah. Founded in May 2010 (not confirmed) (in date list)?
  • [Added 2014-10-08] Al Sedrah Nursery, date established not given.
  • [Added 2014-10-08] Al Tefl Al Nasheet Nursery (Active Child Nursery), new in Apr 2013 (in date list).
  • [Added 2014-10-08] Retaj English Nursery, date established not given.
  • [Added 2014-10-07] Zohour or Zuhoor Al Mustaqbal Nursery, new in 2014 (in date list)?
  • [Added 2014-12-24] Little Wonders Nursery, date established not given, was in 2012?
  • [Added 2014-12-31] Al Malakiyah English Nursery, established May 2012 (in date list).
  • [Added 2015-01-18] Future International Nursery, date established not given.
  • [Added 2015-01-31] Al Fesoul Al Arbaah Nursery, established Sep 2014 (in date list).
  • [Added 2015-01-31] Little Leaders Nursery Sharjah, date established not provided.
  • [Added 2015-07-24] Crown Nursery Sharjah, established November 2012 (in date list).
  • [Added 2015-11-25] Dar Al Aman Nursery Sharjah, founded in 2008.
  • [Added 2016-02-25] Rahiq Al Asal Nursery, founded November 2015 (in date list).


  • [Not found] Kid's Island Nursery Sharjah - doesn't exist? Might be reference to Kid's Island Nursery in Dubai.


Renamed, relocated

  • [When?] ABC Nursery Sharjah relocated from Al Ramla East to Al Ghafiya.
  • [Renamed, date unknown] Happy Home Nursery Sharjah - previously Happy Home English Nursery?
Last update Thursday 10-Mar-2016
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