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Ras Al Khaimah nursery finder

Monday 18 February 2019 (UAE)   

List of private and international nurseries in Ras Al Khaimah

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Ras Al Khaimah nursery all all organisation_name  
Nursery name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Program, ages Nursery fees Reviews
Al Baraem Nursery   +971-7-2330373   nursery  Arabic   
Al Dana Nursery RAK   +971-7-2369051   nursery  Arabic, US 15,500-25,000  ADNR reviews 
Al Panda Nursery RAK      nursery    
Al Tofoola Al Moshreqa Nursery      nursery  Arabic   
Alam Al Atfal Nursery      nursery  Arabic   
British Care Nursery RAK   +971-7-2269590   nursery    
British Nursery RAK      nursery    
De La Salle Montessori Nursery RAK   +971-7-2437660   nursery  US, Philippines   
Early Learning Kindergarten RAK   +971-7-2363773   nursery    
First Step Nursery RAK   +971-7-2363536   nursery  Arabic, US   
Kids Zone Nursery   +971-7-2046464   nursery  UK 1,350-14,700  KZN reviews 
Little Dream Nursery RAK      nursery    
Little Friends Nursery RAK      nursery    
Little Oxford Nursery   +971-7-2361652   nursery  Arabic, UK 6,250-7,250   
Little Oxford Nursery and Daycare Mamourah   +971-7-2276520   nursery  Arabic, UK 6,250-7,250   
Little Treasures Nursery RAK   +971-7-2432307   nursery  UK EYFS 2,350-22,880  LTNR reviews 
My Small World Nursery RAK      nursery    
Natures Crib Nursery      nursery  EYFS, Montessori, 0-5 years old 6,000-16,000  NCN reviews 
Pink and Blue Nursery RAK      nursery  Indian 1,000-2,000   
Red Bus Nursery RAK      nursery  UK EYFS 6,000-20,000   
Roly Poly Nursery      nursery   RPN reviews 
Sama Nursery RAK   +971-7-2363610   nursery    
Smart Steps Nursery RAK   +971-7-2361655   nursery  Montessori   
Sunrise Nursery RAK   +971-7-2359919   nursery  Arabic   
Sunshine International Nursery RAK   +971-7-2361516   nursery    
The Right Start Nursery RAK   +971-7-2363060   nursery  UK EYFS 7,200-9,000   
Notes about this directory and list of Ras Al Khaimah nurseries
  • To add a nursery in Ras Al Khaimah to this list, start a new topic in the Ras Al Khaimah nurseries forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • Nursery name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "English" nurseries follow an Indian or Arabic curriculum.
  • Sort by tel number to group nurseries in the same geographical area (first 2 or 3 digits after country and city code indicate area).
  • Ras Al Khaimah nursery list and directory of nurseries which offer expatriate and UAE curriculums at pre-schools, creche facilities, daycare centers, and child care facilities including American, Arab, British, English, French, Indian, Pakistan curriculum nurseries.
  • An alternative to a nursery or childcare center is to make an informal daycare or playgroup arrangement with other families who have young children. If done in a more formal way with something like a classroom setting, the legality of this becomes questionable, certainly it becomes illegal if any money starts changing hands, for example giving a maid a few extra dirhams to help make tea and coffee, or read all the children in the group a story. Our point is not to advise against such an informal arrangement, actually it's probably a better idea than sending kids to some of the establishments masquerading as nurseries in RAK, but to tread carefully with respect to legal issues.

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) nurseries general information

  • Don't expect too much in the way of marvellous facilities and great nursery choices in RAK, and you won't be disappointed.
  • Many nurseries are noticeably lacking in resonable facilities, let alone good ones, and very few provide up-to-date information. Most don't provide information about fees, date established, curriculum and children nationalities. Some don't even provide a telephone number. Our recommended list is empty but here are a handful to consider if you really want to put your children in a nursery in RAK:
    • First Step Nursery RAK - barely recommended, only here because we're struggling to find any to recommend. If we find a couple of good ones, we'd drop it from the list. No information provided about fees, date established, children and staff nationalities.
    • Kids Zone Nursery RAK Free Trade Zone - reluctant to provide updates but at least they have a website, and compared to other nurseries in RAK, sort of ok facilities. But might be restricted to RAK FTZ employees (they don't make that clear).
    • Little Oxford Nurseries - branches in Khuzam (open 2006) and Mamoorah (open 2010). Use LON as a reference point. If you think they're poor, then don't go to RAK, you won't find many, or any, better options. At least they provide reasonably up to date information.
    • Red Bus Nursery - new (in 2014) nursery near Al Hamra Village, British curriculum, looks like good facilities and setup, might be the best nursery in RAK.
    • Smart Steps Nursery - Khouzam area (Smart Steps Educational Center), open 2010. Nursery says they accept special needs children, and have resources to care for them including therapists. Which makes them one of the few nurseries in not just RAK, but in the UAE, to do so. Update: has nursery closed down (not confirmed)? Website not available, FaceBook page not updated since 2012.
    • The Right Start Nursery, Khuzam area - barely recommended, only in our list because we can't find enough good ones to suggest. At least they provide some information which is better than most nurseries in RAK, but it's still insufficient.
  • If you are living in RAK, or going to live there, you don't have many options if you don't like what's available for your kids, but here they are:
    • Commuting to neighbouring emirate of Umm Al Quwain is not really worth considering since there are better nurseries in RAK.
    • Commuting anywhere else is a bad idea if just for going to a nursery - Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the best ones but the distance, traffic and congestion make it a bad idea.
    • Employ a nanny or maid with childcare experience (verify that she does have experience, there are occasional horror stories of maids neglecting or abusing children left in their care).
    • Look after the kids yourself until they turn 3 years old - minimum age at which they can start school or kindergarten in the UAE (Update: that might change to 3 years 8 months from 2014). There are one or two schools in RAK worth considering.
    • Move to Dubai or Abu Dhabi where the best nurseries are - they are also expensive, as is accommodation.
  • Ras Al Khaimah is commonly referred to as RAK, also written as Ras Al Khaima, Khayma, Khaymah, or similar.

RAK nurseries updates needed - new, add, close, incorrect, renamed, etc

  • Hannah Nursery (Anna, Hanna Nursery) - playgroup, playschool, baby care?
  • My Little World - same as My Small World Nursery? Website www.mylittleworld.ae, contact tel +971-7-2358090?

Other notes and headings

  • British nurseries in Ras Al Khaimah -
  • RAK Child Study Centre (Center) - not a school or nursery in RAK, is a reference to Lady Irwin College in Delhi, India - Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Child Study Centre (previously called the Saraswati Puri Nursery School).

New nurseries in RAK 2015-2016

  • Nature's Crib (Cradle) Nursery - open Dec 2015 or Jan 2016?
  • Roly Poly Nursery - opening in June 2016?

New nurseries and daycare centers opening in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) 2013-2014

  • Al Dana Nursery RAK - opening in 2013? One of the Al Dana Group nurseries, based in Abu Dhabi.
  • Red Bus Nursery RAK - open February 2014 in the Al Hamra district.

New nursery schools open in RAK 2011-2012

  • De La Salle Montessori Nursery RAK - new branch of DLSM in Dubai. Exact opening date not supplied.
  • Pink and Blue Nursery, Nakheel - opening date not supplied, might be 2011-2012. Indian nursery, some question marks about the operation and facilities, very little information provided. Update: has closed again?
  • Sunrise Nursery (?) - limited information supplied, not related to Sunshine Nursery (also in RAK), or Sunrise Nursery in Dubai. Not added to our recommended list.

New nursery schools open in RAK before and up to 2010

  • Little Oxford Nursery School - Al Mamourah branch opened in 2010 (Al Khouzam branch opened in 2006).
  • Smart Steps Nursery, Khouzam area - opening date in 2010. First or only (?) nursery to cater to special needs children - autism, ADD, Down's syndrome. At least, that's what they say.

New nurseries opening in Ras Al Khaimah, opening date unknown

  • Al Panda Nursery? Maybe opened in 2010-2012, or opened and closed, or not a licensed or real nursery. Very little useful information provided (no contact details, fee schedule, website, email address). Not recommended.

Nurseries not recommended

  • Avoid nurseries that have a misleading name - for example a "British" or "International" nursery that caters to a specific nationality or community (in the UAE, Arab or Indian nurseries and schools often do this). If the name is misleading, then you can expect them to also mislead you about other things for example whether or not the facilities are dangerous for your children, or whether or not your child is being safely looked after.

Nurseries and kindergartens in RAK closed down

  • Al Panda Nursery (?) - unknown.
  • Al Tofoola Al Moshreqa Nursery (?) - unknown.
  • Alam Al Atfal Nursery (?) - unknown.
  • British Nursery Ras Al Khaimah - unknown, unless a different name for the British Care Nursery.
  • Early Learning Kindergarten RAK (ELK, ELKR) - date closed unknown, maybe 2011?
  • Little Dreams Nursery - unknown.
  • Little Friend Nursery - unknown.
  • My Small World Nursery - unknown.
  • Pink and Blue Nursery, Nakheel - closure not confirmed, maybe in 2013?
  • Smart Steps Education Center and Nursery - closure not confirmed, website and FB offline since 2012?

Send update information about RAK nurseries to education@dubaifaqs.com - closed, new, planned, incorrect details etc.

Last update Thursday 03-Mar-2016
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