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Ajman nursery finder

Thursday 21 March 2019 (UAE)   

List of private and international nurseries in Ajman

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Nursery name   Tel    Level  Curriculum Program, ages Nursery fees Reviews
Ajman Ideal Nursery   +971-6-7425246   nursery   AIN reviews 
Ajman Private Nursery School   +971-6-7480444   nursery  Arabic, UAE   
Al Dana Nursery Ajman      nursery  Arabic, US 1 mth to 4 yrs old 15,500-25,000  ADNA reviews 
Al Ebdaa Al Mobker Nursery      nursery  Arabic   
Baby Home English Nursery   +971-6-7494731   nursery  Arabic  BHEN reviews 
Baraem Al Mustaqbal Nursery      nursery  Arabic  BAMN reviews 
Bluebells Nursery Ajman   +971-6-7420006   nursery  Indian  BNA reviews 
Canadian Nursery Ajman   +971-6-7431588   nursery  Arabic Islamic  CNA reviews 
Candy Baby Nursery      nursery  Arabic  CBN reviews 
Colours English Nursery   +971-6-7400929   nursery  UK   
Green Apple Nursery Ajman      nursery  Arabic 9,000-12,000  GANA reviews 
Greenfield Nursery Ajman   +971-6-7465173   nursery  Indian   
Joori Kids Nursery Ajman      nursery  Arabic   
Little Flower Nursery Ajman   +971-6-7446890   nursery  Indian Montessori   
Mom and Dad English Nursery   +971-6-7487009   nursery  Arabic, UK EYFS, Islamic  MDEN reviews 
Rainbow Nursery Ajman   +971-6-7408608   nursery  Arabic, UK EYFS 6,000-10,000  RNA reviews 
Scribbles Nursery Ajman   +971-6-7446890   nursery  Indian   
Wonder Kids Nursery Ajman   +971-6-7446890   nursery  Indian   
Notes about this directory and list of Ajman nurseries
  • To add a nursery in Ajman to this list, start a new topic in the Ajman nurseries forum. Or send details to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
  • Nursery name does not always indicate curriculum or predominant student nationality e.g. some "International" nurseries have mostly students of one nationality and/or a national curriculum.
  • Ajman nursery list and directory of nurseries which offer expat, foreign, and UAE curriculums at pre-schools, play schools and groups, daycare and childcare centers, including American, Arab, British, Canadian, English, French, Indian, Pakistan kindergartens and nurseries.

Finding a nursery in Ajman

  • The UAE Ministry of Social Affairs regulates and licenses nurseries in the UAE. For a nursery to operate legally in the UAE, they must be licensed by the MOSA. A new law to this effect was implemented in March 2013 [check, or an existing law was reported as a new one].
  • Some nurseries in Ajman operate without a licence. They are more likely to have safety issues, and/or mistreat your children when you are not looking.
  • Before even visiting a nursery, one simple warning sign that it could be bad news for your children is if there is no landline contact number.
  • When looking for a nursery, ask if they are licenced, and ask to see their licence.
  • Our simple filter for finding nurseries worth considering is to check if they: have a landline contact number, have a website or at least a Facebook page which is reasonably up-to-date, have an email address which is valid and replied to, are licenced by the MOSA, publish their fees (nurseries that don't aren't always bad but it seems to be more likely that they are - perhaps they are embarrassed about charging high fees for poor service).

Best nurseries in Ajman

There aren't any "best" nurseries in Ajman, at least not compared to the good ones in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Traffic congestion makes traveling to Dubai unpleasant, and unrealistic unless someone is working in Dubai and commuting anyway. Most nurseries in Ajman don't provide useful information (details of fees, student and staff nationalities, curriculum followed). A couple that might be considered are:

  • Al Dana Nursery in Ajman - perhaps worth considering when it opens. Might be an Arab rather than international, British, or Indian nursery.
  • Bluebells Nursery - Indian nursery.
  • Colors English Nursery - British nursery ... perhaps. Only in this list because it's the only British nursery we could find, not because we think it's the best.

Notes and headings

  • Ajman nursery jobs (childcare, teaching, teaching assistant jobs) - contact nursery directly. If there is a website or Facebook page, check there for jobs, career and employment information, and contact details. If a nursery job is advertised in a newspaper or online, it usually means the nursery is either desperate (sudden vacancy) or not worth working at (low salaries, poor working conditions). The best nursery schools and kindergartens to work at list vacancies on their websites, or don't need to advertise.
  • British nurseries in Ajman: Colours English Nursery (Colors Nursery).
  • Indian nurseries in Ajman: Bluebells Nursery, Little Flower Nursery, Step Nursery in Sharjah (near the border with Ajman).
  • Kindergarten schools and jobs in Ajman: See Ajman nursery jobs for positions vacant. See Ajman nursery list or school list for kindergartens (for ages 3-6 years, nurseries are for ages 0-4 years).
  • Nurseries in Sharjah and Ajman: Since Sharjah and Ajman cities sort of merge into one large metropolitan area, nurseries in Sharjah close to the border with Ajman are convenient for those families living in Ajman near the Sharjah border, and vice versa. There are no passport or immigration controls or checks between emirates in the UAE, despite what some long term residents might say to newbies (usually as a practical joke, not accidental misinformation).
  • Ajman plant nursery - Ajman Compost Plant, Ajman Fertilizer Company, Al Irfan Plants and Nurseries (?), Al Qaydi Plants Nurseries, Al Rifa (Al Rifaa) Nursery, Al Waha Plants Nursery, Dreamland (Dream Land) Plants and Trees Nursery, Green Fields (Greenfields) Nursery and Landscaping Company, Horticulture Market (Nurseries Market) Ajman, Juzur Al Kanari Plants Nursery, Lebanon Plants Nursery, Masafi Plant Nurseries, Taj Flowers Trading and Landscaping.

New nurseries, kindergartens, child care centers opening in Ajman 2014

  • Green Apple Nursery? Opening date not provided, might be September 2014.

New nurseries in Ajman 2013

  • Al Dana Nursery Ajman branch - open in April 2013? Not confirmed.

New nursery schools, preschools opening in Ajman 2012

  • Bluebells Nursery Ajman branch open April 2012?
  • Qaws Qaza Nursery (Rainbow Nursery) - opened in 2012 ([check, opening date not given]?

New nurseries in Ajman 2011

  • Mom and Dad English Nursery - opening date not provided, was in 2011?

Ajman nursery list updates to do or check (new, closed, add, etc)

  • [Not AC] Ajman Municipality Nursery - Ajman Modern School?
  • [Not AC] Ajman Municipality Nursery - Khawla Bint Thoualiba School for Girls, in Hamidiyah (Hamidiya), open Mar 2012?
  • [Not AC] Ajman Private Nursery School - is closed?
  • [Closed?] Baby Home English Nursary [sic] (AC), mobile +971-50-9700106? Is closed? No information found except AC listing and information page copied.
  • British nursery in Ajman - not a nursery name, try the Colors English Nursery in Ajman, or one of the British nurseries in Sharjah.
  • Indian nursery in Ajman - not a nursery name, try either Bluebells Nursery or Wonder Kids Nursery.
  • [Not found, don't add?] Kiddies Korner Nursery (AC)? Mobile number +971-50-7749889? Not found (tried Kiddies Corner, Kiddy Corner, Kiddy Korner). Closed, or different name, or doesn't exist?
  • [Not found, don't add?] Kidzee Nursery Ajman? Kidszee Nursery [sic] mobile number +971-50-3077778 (AC), might be incorrect, is also number for Wahet Al Noor Laundry (AC). Not found, unless a reference to Bluebells Nursery in Ajman, owned by Kidzee International?
  • [Not AC] Little Angel British Nursery? In Sharjah only? Says in Sharjah and Ajman - two branches?
  • [Not AC] Lollipop Nursery Ajman? Open Jan 2000?
  • [OK, check] Mom and Dad English Nursery? Mom and Pop English Nursery? Added. AC mobile number +971-50-9600000 (error?).
  • [Not AC] Playdays British Nursery? In Sharjah?
  • [Not AC] Sesame Club Nursery - new? Jobs advertised in 2014? not in Ajman, is in Egypt (3 branches)?
  • [Not AC] Step Nursery Ajman - in Sharjah, or also a branch in Ajman (website says Sharjah and Ajman)?
  • [Add] University College for Mother and Family Science Nursery (AC), mobile phone +971-50-2021270, PO Box 17778?

AC - Ajman Chamber Commercial Directory nursery section. YP - UAE Yellow Pages.

Ajman nursery list updates done

  • [OK] Ajman Nursery (AC), tel +971-6-7457673, PO Box 3848. See Ajman Ideal Nursery.
  • [Updated] Al Dana Private Nursary [sic] (AC), mobile +971-50-5438881 (incorrect), PO Box 7572 (incorrect).
  • [Added 2014-10-08] Al Ebdaa Al Mobker Nursery (AC). See also Al Ibdaa Nursery Sharjah.
  • [OK] Bluebells Nursery Ajman (AC), mobile +971-50-5777604?
  • [Added 2014-10-06 as Baraem Al Mustaqbal Nursery] Braeem Al Mustaqbal Nursery (AC).
  • [Added 2014-10-08 as Canadian Nursery Ajman] Canadian Child Care (AC).
  • [Added 2014-10-06] Canadian Nursery Ajman (TYP).
  • [Added 2014-10-06] Candy Baby Nursery (AC).
  • [Added 2014-10-06, new Sep 2014?] Green Apple Nursery (AC).
  • [OK, check] Greenfield Nursery - already listed. Location in Al Nuaimiyah, Ajman.
  • [OK] Joori Kids Nursery (AC) - mobile +971-50-5973238?
  • [Added 2014-10-06 as Rainbow Nursery] Qaws Qazah Nursery (AC).
  • [Added 2014-10-06] Rainbow Nursery Ajman (Qaws Qazah Nursery).
  • [Done] Scribble Nursery (AC), mobile +971-50-6353227?
  • [Done] Wonder Kids Nursery - added. Is Scribbles Nursery renamed? AC mobile +971-55-9743716?

New nurseries opening in Ajman, opening date unknown

  • Send contact details and information of any new or planned nurseries in Ajman to education at dubaifaqs dot com.
Last update Saturday 31-Jan-2015
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