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Modern High School Dubai

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Modern High School Dubai

School name Modern High School Dubai
Type of institute private profit-making K-12 school
Curriculum or Student Nationality Indian
Qualifications or Courses IB, CISCE, ICSE, ISC
Head of school Darryl Lancelot Bloud (Principal)
Executive body or owner GEMS Education, Varkey Group
Date founded October 1986
Number of students (approx) 2300
Number of staff (approx)
School area, location map Nad Al Sheba 3 - location map
Postal address PO Box 53663, Dubai, UAE
Telephone +971-4-3263339
Fax +971-4-3263402
Email info_mhs@gemsedu.com
Website www.gemsmhs.com
School fees structure 26,780-42,050 dhs per year (2013-2014)
Teacher salary range 6,000 - 11,000 dhs per month (estimate only)
Student satisfaction rating
3.5 stars from 204 votes.    
Parent satisfaction rating
2.5 stars from 55 votes.    
Teacher job satisfaction rating
(by teachers, not about teachers)
2.5 stars from 69 votes.    
KHDA school inspection report ratings
2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012
  good good outstanding

Modern High School Dubai admissions, reviews, notes

Modern High School Dubai reviews - add yours here.

GEMS Dubai Modern High School (MHS) tuition fee structure and general information

GEMS Dubai MHS was renamed as the GEMS Modern Academy in 2013. Fees, location, curriculum, etc unchanged.

Grade/Class Pre-KG KG1 KG2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Annual fees (AED) 2013-2014 26,780 28,361 28,361 32,118 32,118 33,865 33,865 35,722 35,722 35,722 35,722 38,075 38,075 42,050 42,050
Monthly fees (AED) 2013-2014 2,678 2,836 2,836 3,212 3,212 3,387 3,387 3,572 3,572 3,572 3,572 3,808 3,808 4,205 4,205
Annual fees (AED) 2012-2013 28,387 28,361 28,361 32,118 32,118 33,865 33,865 35,722 35,722 35,722 35,722 38,075 38,075 42,050 42,050
Annual fees (AED) 2011-2012 26,780 26,756 26,756 30,300 30,300 31,948 31,948 33,700 33,700 33,700 33,700 35,920 35,920 39,670 39,670
Annual fees (AED) 2010-2011   26,756 26,756 30,300 30,300 31,948 31,948 33,700 33,700 33,700 33,700 35,920 35,920 39,670 39,670
Monthly fees Sep 2009 - Mar 2010   2,044 2,044 2,312 2,312 2,436 2,436 2,566 2,566 2,566 2,566 2,740 2,740 3,030 3,030
Monthly fees Apr 2009 - Jun 2009   1,410 1,410 1,595 1,595 1,700 1,700 1,700 1,700 1,700 1,700 1,898 1,898 2,090 2,090
Annual fees (AED) 2009-2010   18,530 18,530 20,969 20,969 22,112 22,112 23,258 23,258 23,258 23,258 24,859 24,859 27,452 27,452
Annual fees (AED) 2008-2009   14,094 14,094 15,950 15,950 16,820 16,820 17,690 17,690 17,690 17,690 18,908 18,908 20,880 20,880

Monthly fees (approximate figures - might be some small adjustments) paid for 10 months per year from April to March (no payment in July and August). Academic year starts in April.

  • 2013-2014 - fees unchanged from 2012-2013 except for Pre-KG: monthly fees AED 2,678 (decrease from 2,839) and annual fees AED 26,780 ( decrease from 28,837).
  • 2012-2013 - fees increased 6% from 2011-2012 (announced 05 June 2012).
  • 2010-2011 increased fees apply from April 2011.
  • 2009-2010 increased fees applied from September 2009. For some grades, monthly fees decrease by 10-40 dhs after the first month's payment in April.
  • 2008-2009 tuition fees AED 14,094-20,880 for KG1 to Grade 12.
  • 2006-2007 admission registration fee 200 dhs, lunch costs 165 dhs per month, bus transport 1500-2220 dhs per year.
  • Students segregated into separate boys and girls classes from grades 5-12.
  • Email addresses info_mhs@gemsedu.com and principal_mhs@gemsedu.com. Previous addresses modernhs@emirates.net.ae, contactus@modernhighschool.com.
  • See also GEMS Modern Nursery pre-kindergarten for information specific to the Pre-KG school.
  • Location is in Nad Al Sheba 3 area (Nadd Al Shiba), near Repton School in Dubai, behind Al Awir car market and International City.
GEMS Modern High School > GEMS Modern Academy timeline and history
  • 2014 Sep - GEMS MA will start the IB Diploma program.
  • 2013 Apr (?) - GEMS MHS rebranded as the GEMS Modern Academy.
  • 2012 Jun - GEMS MHS becomes an approved IB World School, authorised to offer the IB Diploma.
  • 2009 May - DMHS moves to new campus in Nad Al Sheba, near Repton School.
  • 2009 Jan - 100% increase in fees approved by the KHDA but as 50% increase each year from 2009-2011, and no increase until new building is completely finished.
  • 2008 Sep - GEMS applied to the KHDA for a fee increase of almost 100%, due to relocation to a new campus. Parents were alarmed when they discovered the proposal.
  • 1988 Apr - DMHS moves to new buildings in Al Wasl, near Safa Park.
  • 1986 Oct - founding date of Dubai Modern High School.
30 March 2014
  • GEMS Modern Academy will start an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program from September 2014.
  • GMA was approved as an IB World School, authorized to offer the IB Diploma program, in June 2012 according to IBO information.
26 June 2013
  • GEMS MHS has been renamed as the GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai. Date of name change was April 2013 - the start of the 2013-2014 academic year?
05 June 2012
  • Dubai Modern High School fees increased 6%, backdated to April 2012, made up of 3% Educational Cost Index and 3% due to 'outstanding' result in KHDA school inspections. A notice to parents said "This 6% fee increase is with effect from April 2012. Arrears for April and May 2012 may kindly be paid along with fees for June 2012. Please find attached the fee structure for 2012-13 after KHDA approval."
23 November 2009
  • Dubai MHS phone and fax contact details updated with new numbers.
  • Fees information updated for 2009-2010, DMHS document has a stamp dated 01 June 2009 which appears to say 45% fees increase for Sep 2009 and 31% fees increase for April 2010 was approved by KHDA.
  • Dubai MHS is the only Indian school offering the CISCE curriculum in Dubai but two other Dubai schools might offer CISCE if approved by the KHDA - the new JSS International School in Al Barsha, and another unnamed school (Gulf News report 23 November 2009).
05 May 2009 - Dubai Modern High School move to new premises
  • Dubai MHS moved to new premises with KHDA restrictions imposed regarding ongoing construction work and no fees increase until school completed to their satisfaction. New location is near Repton School Dubai.
  • Fees information not updated yet since still at 2008-2009 levels until construction complete (see table below of future fees after increase).
  • Contact tel numbers temporarily (all mobile numbers) +971-50-1811871, +971-50-1811872, +971-50-1811873, +971-50-1811874, +971-50-1811875.
  • Email address modernhs@emirates.net.ae might still be valid.
  • Previous information was tel +971-4-3444244 and fax +971-4-3492329 (both disconnected). Previous location was street no 48, Al Wasl, near Safa Park in Jumeirah (old location map), between the Japanese School in Dubai and the Al Safa Boys High School.
  • MHS has three websites - www.modernhighschool.com has links to the other two which are www.gemsmhs.com for school information, and www.elearningatmodern.com for the Dubai MHS e-learning website.
01 May 2009
  • Dubai Modern High School moves to new premises starting Sunday 03 May 2009 but the KHDA says fees cannot be increased as the new school is not ready yet. Dubai MHS says they have a building completion certificate according to press reports 01 May 2009.
16 April 2009
  • Dubai MHS was reported to be moving to new premises for 26 April 2009 according to a circular sent by the school to parents, but the circular was withdrawn shortly after. The landlord of the current premises has said the school must leave by 30 April 2009 according to the same circular.
18 March 2009 review
  • Dubai MHS considered staying in Al Wasl, but still with a large fees increase. The KHDA told GEMS that if they stayed, they would not be allowed to implement the large hike, so the MHS move to Nad Al Sheba will happen, along with the original fees increase. Apparently by April 2009 when the new school year starts.
23 January 2009 review
  • New fees structure for the Dubai Modern High School (DHMS), reported in the Gulf News. Some substantial increases, reportedly approved by the KHDA on condition that there are no further increases for the following 3 years, and parents who find it difficult to pay the new fees are given help by GEMS to find a suitable alternative.
  • All amounts in the table are in UAE dirhams. Amounts not confirmed with DMHS.
  • Update: One of the GEMS Group managers was discussing the fees increase live on the radio on 28 January 2009 - see the DMHS Dubai Eye summary in the forum.
Grade 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2010-2011
KG1 and KG2 14,094 20,430 29,620 26,770
Grade 1-2 15,950 23,120 33,520 30,300
Grade 3-4 16,820 24,380 35,350 31,950
Grades 5-8 17,690 25,650 37,190 33,610
Grade 9-10 18,908 27,410 39,740 35,920
Grade 11-12 20,880 30,270 43,890 39,670
12 September 2008 review
  • Unclear what fees are for 2008-2009, DMHS website still has 2007-2008 information.
  • KHDA information is that DHMS applied for 98.65% increase in fees. As the MHS had already had a 16% increase for 2007-2008, there shouldn't be any for 2008-2009 but KHDA information is unclear about increase.
07 February 2007 review
  • More properly called the GEMS Dubai Modern High School (DMHS) (MHS). Sometimes called "The Modern High School" or "GEMS Modern High School".
  • Segregated classes from grades 5-12.
  • Moved to present campus in Al Wasl, Jumeirah, in April 1988.
  • URL www.modernhighschool.com forwards to www.gemsmhs.com.
November 2010 - March 2011 - incident of alleged rape of student by bus driver
  • 05 May 2011 - the Dubai Public Prosecution appealed the not guilty verdict according to press reports, but a date for a new hearing was not yet set.
  • 11 April 2011 - Gulf News reported that the three men who were acquitted, were released from police custody during the weekend. It was not clear why there was a delay in setting them free after the verdict.
  • 06 April 2011 - the three accused men were acquitted of sexual assault and molestation charges in the Dubai Court of First Instance. Gulf News reported that Senior prosecutors told Gulf News that they will appeal the verdict soon after they study the judgement sheet. A press statement from GEMS Education said GEMS Education notes that the Dubai Court has reached a conclusion that no rape or molestation of one of its students by the accused in the case has occurred, thereby conclusively refuting assertions which appeared in certain sections of the media that GEMS Education or Dubai Modern High School has failed to protect its students.
  • 23 March 2011 update: the court case heard allegations of blackmail with a Gulf News report quoting the defense lawyer as saying "It's strange that a mother who claims her daughter was sexually assaulted wants her to go back to the same school. It's clearly a blackmailing situation," and "The mother's goal is to be hired by the school at a high salary to seek financial compensation, or to ruin the school's image," referring to text messages and emails from the mother requesting a teaching position at the school to be closer to her daughter. The father was quoted in the same report as saying "The insinuation that I am doing all this to get a job for my wife is ludicrous. I have nothing against the school but I am appalled that we are being accused of blackmail." The defense lawyer also referred to the GPS records of the bus saying "According to the GPS device, the bus took six minutes between the point before the last drop-off and the girl's house in Karama. It would have been illogical and impossible for the incident to have happened in the scenario described by the prosecutors." The National reported that Prosecutor Ahmed Abdulla al Attar told the court that a psychiatrist had studied the defendants' confessions and denials and found they were trying to deceive themselves and the court. The next hearing and/or verdict is scheduled for 06 April 2011.
  • 17 March 2011 update: the 3 accused suspects pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance according to media reports. The National reported that A forensic expert, SZ, said in her report that no signs of a sexual assault were found during an examination. But she added that most signs disappear within about two hours. The Gulf News quoted the defendants' lawyer as saying "When a person first reads the case papers, he would presume it's a disgusting and ghastly incident. But when you dig deep into the police interrogations, the prosecution witnesses' statements and doctor's report, you conclude that the accusations are baseless." The next hearing is scheduled for 23 March 2011.
  • 28 February 2011 update: a statement was released to the media quoting Dubai Attorney General Essam Eisa Al Humaidan as saying "Based on the investigations which were conducted by Chief Prosecutor Sami Al Shamsi, Head of Bur Dubai Prosecution, and prosecutor Ahmad Al Attar and Dubai Police's forensic reports, the girl was not raped but she was molested. The suspects have been charged with sexually molesting the girl and referred to the Dubai Court of First Instance."

Media publications reported the tragic case on 16 January 2011 of a 4 year old kindergarten student at a private school in Dubai who was allegedly raped by a school bus driver, a cleaner, and an attendant while on her way home from school (on 11 November 2010).

  • A Gulf News report 17 January 2011 said - According to the Dubai Police, the Indian child, a pupil of Modern High School, Nad Al Sheba, was allegedly raped by the three suspects on November 11, and later dropped off at her home in Karama.
  • The driver had apparently been employed by GEMS Education and the bus transport company, School Transport Services (STS) (partly owned by GEMS), for 14 years.
  • STS claimed that one of the accused was not on the bus at the time in question. The Gulf News report 17 January 2011 quoted an STS spokesperson as saying "As per school records, the second conductor was not on the bus used by the victim."
  • And the same person also said "The GPS on the particular bus showed no anomaly on the day of the alleged incident," apparently responding to possible speculation that the bus driver had taken a detour. A later report in Xpress (a Gulf News publication) on 20 January 2011 quoted the Managing Director of STS, Col M.L. Augustine, as saying "I cannot say what happened inside the bus but going purely by the information I have from the GPS report, the bus did not stop anywhere except to drop off children from the time it left the school at 10.15am and the time it dropped the girl (the victim) at 11am," referring to a GPS report of the bus movements which Xpress had obtained and reviewed.
  • The parents did not report the incident until 05 or 11 January 2011 (both dates seen). According to a Khaleej Times story 16 January 2011, the parents upon discovering their daughter had been abused, took her to India - However, the parents, apprehensive about highlighting the issue and having problems with the school, decided to go to India. The doctor in India said that the girl had been raped and had lost her virginity. And Gulf News on 16 January 2011 wrote The father said he did not report the incident immediately because he feared the consequences.
  • A spokesperson for GEMS, the owner of Dubai MHS, was reported as saying "On January 5, 2011, a parent from one of our schools approached us and made an allegation relating to an incident involving her child on a school bus on November 11, 2010. We have been very sensitive to the parents' wishes that this not be made public in the interest of the child."
  • Another Gulf News report on 17 January 2011 of an interview with the child's parents said The child's father told Gulf News: "We have gone through hell. We have met people who wanted to brush this under the carpet and those who genuinely wanted to help us. ... We approached GEMS on January 5 and they encouraged us to report the matter to police."
  • GEMS also said "The safety of all children at GEMS is our highest priority and any allegation of this nature is greatly disturbing."
  • The Gulf News report also said the three suspects have confessed to the crime, according to police, and are now in custody pending investigation.
  • Khaleej Times reported on 17 January 2011 that Major General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Deputy Commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police, said, "The school and bus company were partly responsible for what happened. They must appoint women on buses to take care of children." Stronger words were quoted by Emirates Business 24-7 on 18 January 2011 - "The first person to be blamed for what happened to the poor girl is the school management for recruiting a male driver and supervisor for the school bus." Maj Gen Mozaniah also reportedly directed some criticsm towards the parents - "The parents did not have to wait for two months to come forward and file complaint. They should have done this long time ago, and not left the suspects free for all that time to get away with what they did."
  • An editorial in The National on 18 January 2011 said None of those charged in the incident - a bus driver, a cleaner and an attendant at a private school in Nad al Sheba - underwent a background check before they were hired. ...
  • ... appearing to conflict with what Gulf News reported on 17 January 2011, writing that an STS spokesperson said they employ people after screening them for criminal record with Indian police.
  • Major General Al Mazeina (Major General Khamees Mattar Al Mozaina, Mozainah), Deputy Head of Dubai Police, was reported as saying "The recent rape case of this girl highlights the importance of establishing a specialised unit for such cases due to their sensitive nature,"
  • On 18 January 2011, GEMS responded to the reports with a press release about providing woman bus conductors on all its bus services. Chairman of GEMS Education, Sunny Varkey said "I am announcing today that GEMS will ensure that all its buses will have female supervisory staff on board and that we are looking to recruit 700 female bus staff. ... We will begin this process immediately, concentrating on deploying the new female staff on the buses transporting our kindergarten students. ... I am also announcing that CCTV cameras will be installed in all buses carrying GEMS students. This will be a phased process and will begin with buses catering to younger children."

The Khaleej Times carried some readers' comments on 18 January 2011, as did many other newspapers. What was disturbing was that some of the comments appeared to indicate there were more incidents of a similar nature which had gone unreported. The KT said:

In response to the KT coverage of the molestation of a four year old child in a school bus we are receiving hundreds of comments, some detailing reports of other similar incidents. We cannot carry any of these reports unless they are first reported to the police. The police are your friends and they are there to help you like they helped this family. This hesitation to go to the police only makes a situation worse. Please take the courage of your conviction and if you are a silent victim seek their help because if you do nothing that molester is out there and is a danger to some other child. That is not something you would like on your conscience.

Whilst some UAE residents and visitors might be reluctant to report a rape or any other form of sexual assault to the police for fear of being arrested for having had sex (as has happened on several occasions), if the incident involves a young child, such fears should be groundless. Although there was a worrying case in Abu Dhabi in 2010 of a 14 year old girl being charged with consensual sex and a 28 year old bus driver being charged with rape, after an encounter between the two parties. And another case in Ajman where a 14 year old schoolgirl was arrested and jailed (while awaiting trial) in March 2011 on a charge of adultery.

Schools in or near Nad Al Sheba 3 close to Modern High School Dubai

School name Founded   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
DPS Academy Dubai   April 2013   +971-4-3265556   K-12  Indian ICSE 21,000-30,000   
GEMS Modern Academy Dubai   October 1986   +971-4-3263339   K-12  Indian IB, CISCE, ICSE, ISC 26,780-42,050  GMAD reviews 
Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou      +971-4-3260026   secondary  French 24,360-40,300  LFIGP reviews 


Last update 31 March 2014
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  • Many popular schools are full for 2019-2020. New schools in Dubai might have places.
  • Allow extra for books, extra-curricular activities, uniforms, trips, etc if not included in school fees.
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