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Indian Islahi Islamic School

Sunday 24 March 2019 (UAE)   

Indian Islahi Islamic School in Abu Dhabi

School name Indian Islahi Islamic School
Type of institute private K-12 school
Curriculum or Student Nationality Indian
Qualifications or Courses CBSE
Head of school Muhsin Kattayat (Principal)
Executive body or owner
Date founded 1982
Number of students (approx) 1300
Number of staff (approx)
School area, location map Hadbat Al Zafranah - location map
Postal address PO Box 2592, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone Closed 2014
Email alislahi@emirates.net.ae
School fees structure 2,790-4,590 dhs per year (2013-2014)
Teacher salary range 1,200 dhs per month (estimate only)
Student satisfaction rating
3 stars from 417 votes.
Parent satisfaction rating
2.5 stars from 73 votes.
Teacher job satisfaction rating
(by teachers, not about teachers)
3.5 stars from 80 votes.

Indian Islahi Islamic School admissions, reviews, notes

Indian Islahi Islamic School reviews - add yours here.

Indian Islahi Islamic School closed
  • Removed from table: tel +971-2-4481133, fax +971-2-4481838.

Indian Islahi Islamic School is closing in March 2014. Update 13 Mar 2014 (Khaleej Times): a new private school will open in a government school building provided by ADEC for students from IIIS and the Little Flower Private School (also closing), expected to open by mid April in Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) City, capacity 2,000 students. Notice apparently sent to parents at the beginning of March 2014. Details of new school name, fees, location map not provided. Presumably this is different from the Sep 2013 plans to move to a site in East Baniyas City, Abu Dhabi. Update: see the Shining Star International School Mussafah, MBZ City - new school for IIIS and LFPS students.

Indian Islahi Islamic School (IIIS) (Al Islahi Indian Islamic Private School) tuition fee structure, general information
Grade/Year KG1 KG2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2013-2014c 3,330 3,330 2,790 2,790 2,790 2,910 2,910 2,910 3,270 3,270 3,510 3,570 4,590 4,590
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2012-2013                                                                                                                                                          
  • Tuition, registration, admission fees information not supplied.
  • 2013-2014 fee schedule not confirmed (04 Feb 2014). Maximum fees permitted by ADEC. Books AED 78-377, bus transport AED 1,716.
  • 2012-2013 fees about AED 5,000-10,000 per year? Not confirmed, source unknown.
  • Owner's name, website, Facebook page, not supplied or found. Principal's name given as V B Bavakunji in some sources? School manager is Abdullah Farooqi (reported 25 Sep 2013)?
  • Email address indianislahi.pvt@adec.ac.ae and alislahi@eim.ae also valid? CBSE directory gives email as riazbava@emirates.net.ae.
  • Indian Islahi Islamic School affiliation code for CBSE is 6630010 (affiliation number, AFFNO)? Exam center number is FS2652 or FS02652 (EXNO) (FS 2652 or FS 02652)? Codes not confirmed, check with school.
  • Location is Hadbat Al Zafranah (Haadbat Al Zafaran, Al Zafran, Al Zafraan, Al Zaafran), Mushrif, Abu Dhabi. Off New Airport Road (Muroor Rd) (Al Dhafra Rd?) on 6th or 8th Street? Near Mushrif Mall. GPS coordinates 24°26'11.34"N, 54°24'47.87"E (24.436484,54.413298).
Other Indian Muslim schools in Abu Dhabi and other emirates
  • Al Noor Islamic Indian School Abu Dhabi
  • Indian Islahi Islamic School Al Ain - closed or renamed as Global English Private School (GES). Was a CBSE Indian curriculum school.
  • Indian Islahi Islamic School Dubai - unknown references, no school of that name found. Might be reference to the Indian Islahi Center in Al Qusais (Al Ghusais) (Al Islah Madrasa, Madrassa, Ghusais).
  • Indian Islahi Islamic School Sharjah - unknown references, no school of that name found. Reference Indian Muslims Islahi Centre in Al Ghuwair (closed in April 2012)?
IIIS Facebook pages
  • facebook.com/IndianIslahiIslamicSchoolAuh - doesn't look like an official FB page, just collection of comments about IIIS.
  • facebook.com/pages/Indian-Islahi-Islamic-School-Abu-Dhabi/114601451885434 - not a proper FB page but appears in search results.
  • facebook.com/pages/Indian-Islahi-Islamic-School/194356930635984 - also looks like auto-generated FB spam clogging up search results.
07 February 2014
  • A GN report repeated the KT story from the previous week and said the school was still closing in March 2014, quoting the new Indian ambassador, T.P. Seetharam, as saying "I am waiting for the meeting with the UAE officials." No comment reported from ADEC. Perhaps they are waiting for a meeting with the ambassador, or waiting for the school to close.
30 January 2014 - Indian Islahi School still closing
  • The school is still closing in March 2014 according to a Khaleej Times report and ADEC information. ADEC and the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi were apparently trying to find a solution for students at the school, and ADEC allegedly said there would be an announcement in December 2013 and parents should not panic. However nothing has been announced and understandably, parents are ignoring ADEC's advice not to panic.
  • No further information supplied about results of the meeting between the Indian Ambassador to the UAE and ADEC, or if there even was a meeting. The ambassador MK Lokesh, left the UAE anyway. The new Indian Ambassador to the UAE is T. P. Seetharam, who is apparently also talking about meetings according to a report in the Khaleej Times which reported that He said he is aware of the issue and that his office is "continuing to pursue a solution" for them. ... "I have (already) requested a meeting with ADEC," which might be diplomatic speak for him hoping to be transferred to another country to avoid dealing with the issue also.
10-25 November 2013 - Compulsory Arabic classes for Grades 11-12 at Indian schools in Abu Dhabi
  • Confusing reports and statements were made about whether or not Arabic is compulsory for students at Indian schools in Abu Dhabi, including the Indian Islahi Islamic School. The schools say ADEC told them it was, the Gulf News says ADEC told them it wasn't. Schools continue to operate the classes and charge additional fees for them.
25 September 2013 review
  • Gulf News Xpress reported that the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, M.K. Lokesh, was planning to meet with ADEC officials about the IIIS closure, quoting him as saying "I will be meeting the head of ADEC next week to discuss possibilities of giving an year’s extension to the school"
20 September 2013 review
  • Khaleej Times reported that the Private School and Quality Assurance (PQSA) section of ADEC said in a statement that they were "currently working on a solution for the students" (original statement not supplied or found) and that the school management was working with Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi to also try and find a solution for students affected by the IIIS closure in March 2014 - which might refer to a report in the Gulf News a couple of days earlier about the new Abu Dhabi Indian School campus.
19 September 2013 review
  • Gulf News reported that a memo dated 03 July 2013 had been sent to parents by IIIS to tell them the school would be relocating for 2014-2015. The memo apparently said "The Indian Islahi Islamic School will not continue by its name after March 2014. However, the ADEC has given provisional licence to International Indian School run by our management and land is allocated at East Bani Yas [East Baniyas]. The initial approval for construction is also granted. Please be informed that the entire students of Indian Islahi Islamic School can continue their education in International Indian School, with the existing staff of the Indian Islahi Islamic School. Parents need not panic, as the ADEC and the Management will care of them. We are sorry for the inconvenience, if any caused by the new arrangement."
  • However, a sign outside the school premises says the school will close on or by 01 April 2013. And a statement from ADEC reportedly said "The owners have failed to submit the required documents to enable ADEC to proceed with their new licence".
  • Another report in the Gulf News said that the Indian Embassy was working to try and find a solution for IIIS students looking for a new school, quoting the Indian Ambassador, M.K. Lokesh, as saying "As soon as the news of the school closure surfaced, I spoke to the management of the Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS) and asked them to expedite the construction of the new branch", referring to plans to open a new campus of ADIS in Abu Dhabi and possibly bringing the plans forward so that the second branch would open in time for the 2014-2015 school year.
17 September 2013 review
  • Parents were apparently surprised by a letter from IIIS on 15 September 2013 notifying them of the school's closure in March 2014. Also, a notice from ADEC had appeared outside the school premises stating the school would close on 01 April 2014. Reports indicated that some or most parents thought this was the opposite of what they had been led to believe about the school's operating status at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • A Gulf News report said that the school had even enrolled 336 new students for the 2013-2014 academic year (although it should be noted that the academic year started in April 2013 - before the 02 July 2013 notice from ADEC about the school's closure).
02 July 2013 review
  • The Indian Islahi Islamic School was one of several villa schools that would be closed by the Abu Dhabi Education Authority (ADEC) at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year (for Indian schools), in March 2014 (or by 01 April 2014), according to an announcement from ADEC.
  • The ADEC announcement said that letters had been sent to parents recommending that they register their children at another school, and fee discounts were available for students transfering from closing villa schools to the following 3 new schools opening in September 2013 (amount of discount not supplied):
    • International Community School Branch 1
    • GEMS Winchester School Abu Dhabi
    • Summit International School
01 April 2013 (The National)
  • Principal's name reported as Mr Muhsin K, capacity 1,500 students. Excess demand for places, principal quoted as saying "We have received applications from families that is three times our capacity ..."
14 December 2012
  • Indian Islahi Islamic School Annual Day? To be updated.
27 February 2009
  • Principal's name updated to Mohsin K (Mohsin Kattayat? But not M Khattak?). Previous head was A K Moosa or A K Mousa?
24 February 2007 review
  • Also called "Al Islahi Indian Islamic Private School" (or Indian Islahi Center, Centre in UAE, Abu Dhabi?), an Islahi English Medium School?
  • Contact details from ADCCI. Email alislahi@eim.ae should also be valid.
  • Website not found (tried www.indianislahiislamicschool.com, www.indianislahiislamicschool.ae, www.alislahi.ae, www.alislahi.sch.ae, www.alislahi.com, www.islahi.ae, www.islahi.ae, and www.islahi.com is spam).


Last update 07 May 2016
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