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American School of Dubai

Thursday 22 February 2018 (UAE)   

American School of Dubai

School name American School of Dubai
Type of institute private non-profit K-12 school
Curriculum or Student Nationality US
Qualifications or Courses AP, HS diploma
Head of school Dr Brent Mutsch (Superintendent from Aug 2012)
Executive body or owner The Cultural Foundation, Board of Governors
Date founded 1966
Number of students (approx) 1350
Number of staff (approx) 234
School area, location map Al Barsha
Postal address PO Box 71188, Dubai, UAE
Telephone +971-4-3950005
Fax +971-4-3441510
Email registrar@asdubai.org
Website www.asdubai.org (new window)
School fees structure 52,730-104,070 dhs per year (2014-2015)
Teacher salary range 13,300-18,800 dhs per month (2009-2010)
Student satisfaction rating
3 stars from 333 votes.    
Parent satisfaction rating
2.5 stars from 98 votes.    
Teacher job satisfaction rating
(by teachers, not about teachers)
2.5 stars from 83 votes.    
KHDA school inspection report ratings
2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012
good good good good

American School of Dubai admissions, reviews, notes

American School of Dubai reviews - add yours here.

American School of Dubai (ASD) fee structure and general information
Grade KG1 KG2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Annual fees (AED) 2014-2015 (corporate) 52,730 56,710 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950 69,950
Annual fees (AED) 2014-2015 (regular) 74,730 90,830 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070 104,070
Annual fees (AED) 2013-2014 (corporate) 34,172 43,328 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073 65,073
Annual fees (AED) 2010-2011 (corporate) 45,000 48,400 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700 59,700
Annual fees (AED) 2010-2011 (regular) 45,000 59,420 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720
Annual fees (AED) 2009-2010 (corporate) 31,350 45,260 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210 65,210
Annual fees (AED) 2009-2010 (regular) 31,350 50,770 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720 70,720
Annual fees (AED) 2008-2009 (corporate) 29,900                         65,820

ASD has two types of place (or seat) available. Company owned (debenture, or corporate seat) and non-company owned (regular). Company-owned are guaranteed seats.

  • 2014-2015 admission application fee is nil, registration fee AED 500, book deposit AED 500 (refundable), medical fee AED 350. Deposit for new students AED 29,850, refundable if no outstanding payments due. Regular tuition fees include a Capital Fee AED 22,000, and Facility Fee (not for KG1) AED 12,120. Siblings of a student already attending ASD do not pay the Capital Fee, so total regular fee is then K1 AED 52,730, K2 AED 68,830, and Grades 1-12 AED 82,070. Fees can be paid in one, two, or four instalments. Additional surcharge of 2.25% for credit card payments (only Visa and Mastercard accepted).
  • 2013-2014 fees not confirmed.
  • 2011-2012 fees information not supplied. Please send fee structure to education@dubaifaqs.com.
  • 2010-2011 annual fees consist of tuition fees and deposit of AED 5,510. It appears as if the Assessment fee for 2009-2010 is no longer applicable hence the apparent decrease for debentured fees, but confirm with ASD, it might still be a total of AED 65,210 for grades 1-12. Fees due in full by start of academic year. Two payments is possible but costs extra.
  • Additional depost of AED 29,850 per child starting from 2010-2011 academic year, refundable when student leaves (hopefully).
  • 2009-2010 annual fees for debentured seats made up of tuition fees plus Assessment fees of AED 5,510 for grades K2-12 (no assessment fee for K1). For non-debentured seats, total is Tuition fees plus Assessment fee and Seat Rental Fee of AED 11,020 for grades K2-12 (no assessment fee or seat rental for K1).
  • Location is at the corner of Hessa St (D61 or D611 road) and Al Mafraq Rd, Al Barsha (exit 36 from Sheikh Zayed Road). Opposite TECOM, and the Saudi German Hospital.
26 November 2011
  • ASD announced the appointment of Dr Brent Mutsch as the new Superintendent from August 2012 (replacing Dr Harold Fleetham). Previously Dr Mutsch was Superintendent of the Singapore American School.
26 May 2011
  • ASD Dubai email address updated from asdadmin@eim.ae to registrar@asdubai.org. KHDA information still has asdadmin@eim.ae, unknown if still valid.
02 March 2011
  • Search Associates is advertising a job for a new Superintendent at ASD. Application closing date 31 March 2011, start date of employment stated as "Effective August 1st, 2012" (not 2011). Applicants must be US citizens. Usual benefits package one would expect for an overseas posting, salary scale not supplied (but will probably be one of the better paying school head jobs in Dubai).
07 November 2010
  • ASD contact details updated. Temporary mobile number no longer in use. New telephone number is +971-4-3950005. Old number +971-4-3440824 also still in use (update supplied by email).
24 August 2010
  • New American School of Dubai (ASD) campus will not be ready for elementary students in September 2010. They will attend classes at the old campus until further notice. Possibly sharing it with the new Jumeira International Baccalaureate School which was established there.
04 August 2010
  • New American School of Dubai (ASD) campus in Al Barsha opening date scheduled for 14 September 2010.
  • Area of project site is 92,903 square meters (about 1 million sq feet), gross internal floor area is 58,622 sq m, old Jumeirah campus is 31,424 sq m (Construction Week 04 August 2010). Figures sound more realistic compared to previous report of only 185,000 sq feet.
17 July 2010
  • The new Taleem IB school moved into the ASD premises in Street 53B, Jumeirah 1 from 15 June 2010.
  • New ASD telephone number is mobile +971-50-1002310. Old ASD contact details were tel +971-4-3440824 and fax +971-4-3441510 (fax number still valid according to ASD website?).
  • Teacher salary and benefits package for 2009-2010 ranges from base salary of US$35,000-$48,700 plus cost of living allowance of US$8,732-12,801 depending on status (single, married, married with children). See ASD website for careers, job vacancies, and employment conditions.
11 April 2010
  • After ASD moves to their new campus in Al Barsha for September 2010, a new Taaleem school, the Jumeira Baccalaureate School, will be established in the old ASD campus in Jumeirah 1.
12 December 2008 review
  • ASD will move to a new location in Al Barsha 1 in 2010, four times larger than the current site in Jumeirah. Cost of new school premises will be about AED 400 million, and ASD will be able to accept up to 1600 students (Gulf News report). Architects Burt Hill, area reported as 185,000 sq feet (sounds too small - is an error)?
  • ASD new Al Barsha location on corner of D611 Road (runs past Dubai College and Choueifat Dubai) and Al Mafraq Rd, opposite the new Saudi German Hospital (also under construction). Take the Exit 36 underpass from Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • New facilities will include auditorium; theater; separate gymnasiums, libraries, playground areas for elementary and high school students; music, arts, and drama studios, wireless network.
04 September 2008 review
  • Fees information updated (was AED 11,280-47,610 for 2007-2008).
  • Tuition fees are 29,900-54,800 dhs per year but there is an additional AED 5,510 or AED 11,020 dhs per year to be paid depending on whether companies own a debenture or not at the school.
  • ASD is unrelated to the Universal American School (UAS) in Dubai Festival City, the Dubai American Academy (DAA) in Al Barsha, or the American International School of Dubai (AISD) in Al Ghusais. Of the four schools, ASD would be the preferred choice for most parents wanting a US education for their children. UAS and DAA offer the IB curriculum so are more international.
  • KHDA details say ASD PO Box is 2222, but ASD website has PO Box 71188. Alternative email address registrar@asd.sch.ae
23 February 2007 review

The American School of Dubai (ASD) was established in the 1960s (originally as the Jumeirah American School?) for the children of the US employees of Dubai Petroleum but has since expanded to allow employees of other companies in Dubai to enroll their children. ASD has a reputation as one of the best schools in Dubai both for students and teachers. Difficult to get a place there or a job, especially for non-North American citizens. The majority of students and teachers are North American.

  • Alternative email addresses may be webmaster@asdubai.org, asdadmin@emirates.net.ae or asdadmin1@asd.sch.ae.
  • Website needs updating - home page urgent message says no urgent messages as of February 2005.
  • Domain name www.asd.sch.ae returns DNS error (07 July 2006).
  • Teacher salaries given as USD$31,000-$47,900 + cost of living (COL) $8404-$9878 per annum on website.
  • PO Box given as 2222 on searchme.ae? PO Box also seen as 71888 but appears to be an error.
  • Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (USA).
  • Also known as "The American School of Dubai" or "The American School in Dubai", or maybe the "Jumeirah American School". Unrelated to the 'American College of Dubai' in Al Garhood - a tertiary institute.

Schools in or near Al Barsha close to American School of Dubai

School name Founded   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
Dubai Community Health Center      +971-4-3953939     Support Services Special Needs   
Jumeirah College   September 1999   +971-4-3954950   secondary  UK A-level, GCSE 58,542-73,177   


Last update 14 July 2012
General comments - might not apply to American School of Dubai
  • Many popular schools are full for 2018-2019. New schools in Dubai might have places.
  • Allow extra for books, extra-curricular activities, uniforms, trips, etc if not included in school fees.
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