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Ambassador School Dubai

Tuesday 23 January 2018 (UAE)   

Ambassador School Dubai

School name Ambassador School Dubai
Type of institute private profit-making K-12 school
Curriculum or Student Nationality Indian
Qualifications or Courses ICSE
Head of school Dame Naila Zaffar (Principal)
Executive body or owner Ambassador Education Group, Score Plus Education
Date founded April 2010
Number of students (approx)
Number of staff (approx)
School area, location map Mankhool, Bur Dubai - location map
Postal address PO Box 126924, Dubai, UAE
Telephone +971-4-3983535
Fax +971-4-3983343
Email admissions@ambassadorschool.com
Website www.ambassadorschool.com (new window)
School fees structure 19,058-40,000 dhs per year (2016-2017)
Teacher salary range 4,300 - 10,500 dhs per month (estimate only)
Student satisfaction rating
4 stars from 79 votes.    
Parent satisfaction rating
4.5 stars from 52 votes.    
Teacher job satisfaction rating
(by teachers, not about teachers)
3 stars from 31 votes.    

Ambassador School Dubai admissions, reviews, notes

Ambassador School Dubai reviews - add yours here.

Ambassador School in Dubai (AS, ASD, AES, AESD) tuition fee structure and general information

See also Sharjah Ambassador School in Muwaileh, opening date planned for April 2016 ... maybe.

Grade/Year KG1 KG2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2016-2017     19,058 20,104 21,151 21,151 22,199 22,199 26,387 26,838 29,906 30,007 32,095 34,000
Annual fees (AED) 2016-2017 (KHDA)     19,058 20,104 21,151 21,151 22,199 22,199 26,387 29,527 31,933 35,507 37,500 40,000
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2015-20161     19,058 20,104 21,151 21,151 22,199 22,199 26,387 26,838 29,906 30,007 32,095  
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2015-20162     18,517 19,534 20,551 20,551 21,569 21,569 25,638 26,000 29,000 29,000 31,000 31,000
Annual fees (AED) 2015-2016 (KHDA)2     18,517 19,534 20,551 20,551 21,569 21,569 25,638 28,690 31,033 34,500 37,500 40,500
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2014-2015 19,500 19,500 18,200 19,200 20,200 20,200 21,200 21,200 25,200 28,200 30,500 34,500    
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2013-2014 23,500 23,500 18,700 19,700 22,700 22,700 23,700 23,700 24,700 28,700 31,700                                    
Annual tuition fees (AED) 2012-2013 19,500 19,500                        
Annual fees GIIS (AED) 2012-2013 16,500 16,500 17,500 18,500 19,500 19,500 20,500 20,500 21,500 25,500        
  • 2016-2017 admission registration fee AED 500, student ID card AED 50, parent ID card AED 50. Tuition fees are discounted for grades 8-12 from KHDA approved fees, which are shown in next line in italics, but figures shown are calculated estimates, not confirmed.
  • 2015-2016 fees:
    1. Schedule provided dated 07 Apr 2015. Fee range AED 19,058-32,095 with discounts applied for grades 8-11.
    2. Schedule provided dated 16 Oct 2014. Fee range AED 18,517-40,500. Fees for grades 8-12 are discounted from KHDA approved fees. KHDA fees given in italics (calculated for grades 8-12, not confirmed). Admission fee AED 500, student ID card AED 50, bus transport charges AED 5,000-7,000 depending on area, transport from Dubai and Sharjah available. Grade 12 class does not start until 2016-2017?
  • 2014-2015 fees provisional (as of 10 Jan 2014) and subject to approval by the KHDA. Admission fee AED 500. Costs and charges for books, cafeteria meals, ID cards, uniforms to be announced later. KG fees included for reference, are discounted from AED 23,500 for 2014-15 academic year.
  • 2013-2014 - Registration fee AED 500. Fees payable with 3 PDCs (Post Dated Cheques). Bus transport fees (annual) AED 5,000-6,500 in Dubai and AED 7,000 for Sharjah. Cafeteria fees (annual) AED 1,425 for KG to Grade 2 (breakfast only), and AED 2,850 for Grades 3-9 (breakfast and lunch).
  • 2012-2013 KG1 and KG2 Ambassador Kindergarten fees included for reference. Fees in italics for Grades 1-8 are for the Global Indian International School (GIIS Dubai) for comparison. Grades 1-8 operating as GIIS until end of 2012-2013 academic year.
  • For admission enquiries, email admissions@ambassadorschool.com. Another email contact is ceo@ambassadoreducation.org.
  • Ambassador School Digital Campus login is at URL ambassadorschool.digitalcampus.in.
  • Facebook pages:
    • facebook.com/AmbassadorSchoolDubai/ - new ASD FB page.
    • facebook.com/pages/Ambassador-School/229340167925 - ASD main FB page. Update: forwards to facebook.com/AmbassadorSchoolDubai/.
    • facebook.com/Ambassador-School-Dubai/503050346398924 - also exists but does not seem to be updated as regularly. Update: also forwards to new ASD FB page.
    • facebook.com/pages/AmbassadorSchool is not for ASD (is for a different and unrelated institution in The Philippines).
  • Ambassador Education Investments is the management group of Ambassador Kindergarten and School in Dubai, and possibly other planned schools (Abu Dhabi? Sharjah?).
  • Location of school is in Al Mankhool community in Bur Dubai, on 10D street between 39A and 41A streets (Plot No. 317-278), but entrance is from road 4E. School is across the road from the Ambassador Kindergarten, close to the Malaysian Consulate in Dubai and the De Paris Medical Center.
Ambassador School vacancies and teaching jobs
  • See careers section on Ambassador School Dubai website: Home > Vacancies > Current Openings.
  • Send application letter and CV to careers@ambassadorschool.com.
  • Salary and benefits package not provided.
Other Ambassador schools planned in the UAE
  • Ambassador School in Sharjah (and kindergarten?) - possibly according to job advertisements seen in May 2013 for principal and teachers in the UAE? And July 2013 for KG teachers?
  • No information or plans about an Abu Dhabi Ambassador School, or any other locations in the UAE except for Sharjah and Dubai.
17 August 2014 (update supplied)
  • Head's name updated to Dame Naila Zaffar (Zafar), previously Headteacher at Copthorne Primary School, UK (retired July 2012). Previous head of ASD was Winston Gomez (Principal). Dame Naila took over principal position at ASD in April 2014.
  • Curriculum information changed to ICSE only. EYFS and IB programs no longer offered or under consideration?
  • New website at new.ambassadorschool.com. Old website still at www.ambassadorschool.com.
10 January 2014 (update supplied)
  • Name changed to Ambassador School (previously was called Ambassador Education). Date established given as 2010, which was when the school opened as Global International School. It didn't start operating as Ambassador Education or Ambassador School until April 2013. Ambassador Education group was established in 2012 according to school brochure.
  • Email contact updated to admissions@ambassadorschool.com. Email address adm@ambassadorschool.com or aadm@ambassadorschool.com also valid. Previously was enquiry@ambassadorschool.org, unknown if still valid.
  • Admissions open for KG1, KG2, Grades 1-8. Unknown if that means places are available for Grades 9-10 or not, check with school directly.
  • School offers Indian ICSE curriculum however other nationalities are welcome to apply.
  • Tuition fee information updated for 2014-2015.
  • A new Ambassador School is opening in Dubai in 2015? Or the current campus is relocating? School brochure has picture of a new school campus saying "Ambassador School, Dubai - Opening April 2015".
22 June 2013 review
  • Name of school is Ambassador School (AS) according to website and press release, but Ambassador Education (AE) according to email received 17 June 2013.
  • Ambassador School operates in the location previously occupied by the Global International Indian School (GIIS) which will reopen at another location (opening date and location unknown).
  • Founding date of school is April 2013 or April 2010 depending on your point of view as to whether it's just GIIS renamed, or a new school using the location, buildings, facilities, students, teachers, and principal (Winston Gomez) previously operating as GIIS. The AS website says "Building on our decade long education service excellence in 2010 we started our first school – Ambassador School."
  • The GIIS website says:
    This notice is to inform the general public in Dubai, that the old GIIS school in Dubai, Global Indian International School, located at Mankhool, is operating under a franchise license to Mr Kamal Kalwani, and the franchise agreement has already been terminated as of 16th July 2012.

    However for the convenience of parents / students, the school was allowed to complete the academic year 2012-13 and continue with the name "Global Indian International School" till 31st March 2013.

    From 1st April 2013, the school will operate under a new name and will have no relationship or connection with the Global Schools Foundation (Singapore). The franchisee is aware that legally, after 31st Mar 2013, they cannot use any of GIIS' Intellectual properties / study materials which are owned by GSF.

  • Franchise holder of Ambassador School continues as ScorePlus as far as we know (was previously the franchise holder for GIIS Dubai).
27 November 2012 review
  • A ceremony was held on 25 November 2012 to announce the new school, or the new school name, and the group behind it - Ambassador Education.
  • The press release (27 November 2012) said "A dynamic new academic body enters the educational scene in Dubai this year ... the founders have now established Ambassador Education. ... Ambassador School (formerly known as the Global Indian International School) was launched in 2010 in the Emirate of Dubai. ... The school will be rebranded and acquire its new name - Ambassador School in April 2013 ..."
22 April 2012 review
  • Ambassador Education is apparently the name of a new school being established in Dubai by Score Plus Education (in Dubai) as a result of the dispute with Global Schools Foundation (GSF, in Singapore) over the Global International Indian School (GIIS Dubai) (more information about the dispute on the GIIS page).
  • Opening date expected to be April 2013 ... unless ScorePlus and GFS resolve their disagreement.
  • Location, contact details, website, email, not supplied. Try either Global Indian School Dubai or Ambassador Kindergarten for more information.
  • Actual school name not clear (newspaper reports said Ambassador Education but that just sounds odd).
  • Website not supplied or found, checked www.ambassadoreducation.com - is spam, www.ambassadoreducation.ae - is not available.

Schools in the same area as Ambassador School Dubai

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Last update 09 March 2016
General comments - might not apply to Ambassador School Dubai
  • Many popular schools are full for 2018-2019. New schools in Dubai might have places.
  • Allow extra for books, extra-curricular activities, uniforms, trips, etc if not included in school fees.
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