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Al Mushrif School

Monday 22 January 2018 (UAE)   

Al Mushrif School, Abu Dhabi

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List of Al Mushrif named schools in Abu Dhabi

The school called Al Mushrif School in the ADEC directory is a public government school, however, confusingly, the privately run Aldar Academies school also call themselves Al Mushrif School. ADEC directory listing is for the Aldar school is Al Mushrif Private School.

Al Mushrif School - could refer to either one of two Al Mushrif named schools existing in Abu Dhabi. Or to one of the other schools in the Al Mushrif district of Abu Dhabi.

  • Al Mushrif Public School - government school for UAE nationals, called Al Mushrif School by ADEC.
  • Al Mushrif Private School - ADEC directory name for Al Mushrif Primary School, a private school operated by Aldar Academies, a subsidiary of Aldar Properties.

Other Al Mushrif named schools (or with similar names)

  • Al Mushraf School - probably incorrect spelling for old Al Mushrif School building on 24th St (Al Karamah Road) (ADM97). School in that location is now called Al Dhabiania Model School.
  • Al Mushref School - old or incorrect name for school building in Al Wahda Girl's Secondary School or Al Qadeseya School (Al Quadisiya, ADM97) location, in Al Muroor or Hadbat Al Zaafran district.
  • Al Mushrif Kindergarten - references seen to a KG but doesn't exist, at least not under that name officially. Might be a reference to Al Mushrif public or private school pre-school sections.

Al Mushraf School, Al Mushref School, Al Mushrif School

Al Mushraf School, Al Mushref School, Al Mushrif School are similar names which seem to get mixed up, and might refer to one or more of a number of schools. The two Al Mushrif schools according to ADEC information (as of October 2013) are:

  • Al Mushrif Private School - also Al Bateen Secondary School in ADEC directory. Is the Aldar Academies private primary school in Al Rowdah district (Al Rawdah). Called Al Mushrif School or Al Mushrif Primary School according to Aldar and the school.
  • Al Mushrif School (ADEC name) - or the Al Mushrif Chinese School. A public government run trilingual school (Arabic, English, Mandarin-Chinese) for UAE nationals. Located in Hadbat Al Zafranah district. Has no connection to the Aldar Mushrif school except for the school name.

Any other Al Mushrif schools (or Al Mushraf, Al Mushref, etc) in Abu Dhabi city don't exist anymore, have been renamed as something else, or are references to one of the above two Al Mushrif schools. Other Al Mushrif schools you might find in directories or maps are likely to be one (or more) of the following schools (not necessarily in the Al Mushrif district of Abu Dhabi):

  • [Update]*Al Mushairaf Model School
  • [Check, update]*Al Mushraf School - unknown, marked on some maps (GM) in same location as Al Dhabianeya School (AEZ, GPS, public, girls). But was Al Mushrif School previously (ADM, 1998)?
  • Al Mushref School, Hadbat Al Zafranah - unknown, listed in some directories and maps in the same location as Al Qadisiyah School (AEZ) (previously, also, or incorrectly called Al Wahda Secondary School in some directories, unknown if it really was called Al Mushref school at some point).
  • Al Mushref High School or Al Mushref Secondary School - unknown but listed in some directories as a school, probably a reference to one of the other Al Mushref schools. Marked on some maps where the Al Bateen Secondary School and Al Mushrif Private School (Aldar primary school) are located in Al Rowdah district.
  • Al Mushref School for Girls (or Girl) - unknown, some maps have location where the Al Qadisiya School is (AEZ, GPS) in Hadbat Al Zafranah (Hadbat Al Zaafran), which is a UAE public senior girls school (G10-G12). Other maps or directories list the Al Wahda Secondary School in the same place, which is, or was, also a secondary UAE public girls school (?) but is not in ADEC school directory. Two schools in the same location?
  • Al Mushrif Kindergarten School (AMKS) (GM) - unknown, not in ADEC directory, which lists Al Ehsan KG in location marked as AMKS on other maps.
  • Rawdat Al Mushrif School - Al Mushrif public school in Hadbat Al Zaafran, not Al Mushrif private primary school in Al Rowdah.
Al Mushrif Schools
  • Al Mushrif Primary School (private) - Aldar Academies school for KG-Grade 6 students, opened in September 2011, shares campus with Al Bateen Secondary School in Al Rowdah until it moves to its own new campus when completed (planned for September 2013 but delayed, location not provided). Listed in ADEC directory as "Al Mushrif Private School (Aldar)" (Feb 2013).
  • Al Mushrif Primary School (public) - Cycle 2 girls school Grades 6-9, about 400 students, in the PPP program (in 2010). Location unclear - is (or was) in Hadbat Al Zaafran sector 1-21 or Al Mushrif sector 2-40? Listed as "Al Mushrif Primary School" in ADEC public schools directory Mar 2010, not listed in ADEC directory Sep 2013. Presumed closed or renamed (Al Qasidiya School or Al Wahda Secondary School?).
  • Al Mushrif School (unknown, ADM 1998) - location sector 2-40 district Al Mushrif. Renamed or closed and reopened as Al Dhabianeya School (AEZ), Al Dhabianiah Primary School, Al Dhebianeiah Girls School. Location on map marked as Al Mushraf School (GM).
Schools in Al Mushrif district or area
  • Al Mushrif School (unknown, ADM 1998) - location sector 2-40 district Al Mushrif. Renamed or closed and reopened as Al Dhabianeya School (AEZ), Al Dhabianiah Primary School, Al Dhebianeiah Girls School. Location on map marked as Al Mushraf School (GM).

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List of schools in Al Mushrif

School name Founded   Tel    Level  Curriculum Qualifications School fees Reviews
Al Dhabiania Model School      +971-2-4479003   primary  Arabic, UAE MOE, Cycle 1, Girls G1-G5   
Al Jazeera School      unknown       
Al Manhal International School Abu Dhabi      +971-2-4477208   K-12  Arabic, UAE 7,700-14,600   
Al Nahda National School Girls   September 1983   +971-2-4477600   K-12  UAE, UK, US MOE, A-levels, IGCSE, SAT 19,800-24,000   
British School Al Khubairat   1968   +971-2-4462280   K-12  UK A-level, GCSE 35,076-61,075  BSAK reviews 
Choueifat Abu Dhabi      +971-2-4461444   K-12  Choueifat SABIS 19,178-35,090  CAD reviews 
Elite Private School   1992   +971-2-4475800   K-12  Arabic, US HS Diploma, SAT, TOEFL 15,000-22,000   
Hamoodah Bin Ali School      +971-2-4478333     UAE   
Khalifa Bin Zayed Secondary School      +971-2-4473663   secondary  Arabic, UAE UAE GSEC   
Rosary School Abu Dhabi      +971-2-4452035   K-12  Arabic MOE, DELF, TOEFL 6,400-14,100   
Sherwood Al Tawan School IGCSE   September 2006   +971-2-4474406   K-12  Indian, UK IGCSE, O-Level  SATSI reviews 
St Josephs School Abu Dhabi   1967   +971-2-4463646   K-12  Indian CBSE 3,600-7,200   


Last update 27 October 2014
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